This week’s underage entertainment

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ROUND UP Last days of child’s play

Roll up. roll up. come read Our final kids' misswes of the festival.

Dude. Where’s My Teddy Bear? (0... ) Little Maxie has lost his teddy and feels very lost without him. but his loss turns into a big adventure that he'll never forget. Breaking away from remakes of over-flogged CIaSSICS. this new and original script by mUSiCian/songwriter Jonny Berliner and his mates revels in its own mad extravaganza. Full of dancing. prancing, happy, madcap antics and witty songs. this delightful show can't help but sweep you along in its enthLiSiasm. Oh and don't forget your teddy bear. (Susannah MCMIcking)

Tommy Tiernan's Original Stories for Children (.0 ) It's a good idea and yOu want him to win but this one is all gomg a bit wrong. Shouty Irish comedian, Tommy Tiernan. has deCided to write a show for kids. telling one long. Winding stery about a boy called Jake who goes on a big adventure after fighting With his sister. The audience get to be animals in the Jungle. the Wind through the trees. strange creatures and anything they happen to shout Out. TrOuble is the shouting takes over and stOry goes bye bye. In the end Tommy is struggling With probably his toughest crowd yet and with hecklers who can out-shout even Tommy. (Ruth Hedges)

Charlotte Square.


The Big Time (0.. ) Toy Story colliding head on With the CIaSSic rise-and-fall rock'n'roll fable may seem like a peculiar meeting but Seattle's Left Coast Theatre brings the two together admirably. A sock. a lamp and a vacuum cleaner have fun when the humans are Out so starting their own band only adds to it. AlthOugh Suitany silly to appeal to over threes The Big Time moves guick so the little ones might not follow it all but there are enough good songs to get everyone bobbing along. (Mark Robertson)

My Uncle Arly (O... ) A frenetic array of mad. colourful and utterly conVinCing characters tell the story of Uncle Arly's pilgrimage to the Gromboolian Plain and all the weird and wonderful enc0unters he has With his enthusiastic travelling companions. the Curious locals and Dongs With luminous noses. Aptly recreating the paradees of travelling abroad. this mix of song and rhyme. ingenious puppetry and irre8istible tomfoolery is a stomacl‘i-achingly funny theatrical feast from start to finish. (Susannah Mclvlickingl I Dude. Where '8 My Teddy Bear. C Venue. 08 70 701 5 70:3. until 24 Aug, 70.20am. £5.50 (€4.50); Tommy Tiernan's Original Stories for Children, St George '3 West Church. 225 7048. until 27 Aug, noon, £6 (£4); The Big Time’. Greyfriars Kirk House. 225 65 75. until 2:3 Aug (not 24;, l lam, 576 (5)4); My Uncle Arly, Assembly Rooms. 226 2428. until 25 Aug. 1.35pm, [IO—£77 lf6—flOl


Pack up your troubles

Here's Kitty on her way to SeVille to follow her favourite football team. Well. OK, not really but it is nearly time to pack yOur bags and say ‘Adios' to the lovely Book Festival. Just before yOu do. though. make Sure you catch a few

of the highlights still to be found in the tents and theatres dotted about

Kitty's creator. Bel Mooney. is around to tell yOu all about the little lady and her friends while the much-loved Jacqueline Wilson arrives to share her latest books. Lola Rose and Girls in Tears. FOr yOunger ones Homd Henry makes a return and his creator. Francesca Simon. reveals what he's been up to With his underpants while Axel Schetfler. illustrator of The Gruffa/o, leads a couple of workshops on book illustration. For the final treat. though. the biggest sweetie Jar rests With Carol Ann Duffy and The Good Child Gurde to Rock'n'Ro/l, the extraordinary poet's latest collection for children,

I A Workshop With Axel Scheffler. 22 Aug. 2pm 8 23 Aug.

70. 30am; Kitty and Friends wrth Bel Mooney. 22 Aug. 5pm;

Jacqueline Wilson. 23 Aug, 70am; Horrid Henry With Francesca Simon, 23 Aug, 70. 30am; The Good Child's Gurde to Rock'n'Ro/l wrth Carol Ann Duffy. 24 Aug. 2pm, all events £3.50. 624 5050.



Ghosts. dwarves and poets what more could you want?

I The Echo Chamber Spooky. spooky Victorian ghost tale under the pretext of a guided tOur of the musty Underbelly. Doors slam. screams shrill. wind moans and a little mu5ic box ballerina twuls round and round and round. It really is scary so the over-eight recommendation should be heeded, but older kids will love this. And it's funny. too. 0870 745 3083. until 24 Aug, 70.45am, £647 (EB—E4).

I The Good Child’s Guide to Rock ‘n’ Roll with Carol Ann Duffy Poet with the witty and deadly beautiful pen reads from her new collection for kids. Charlotte Sgt/are. 624 5050. 24 Aug. 2pm, $3.50.

I The Snow Queen Simple. spare and deeply affecting. this retelling of the Hans Christian Anderson tale by C Theatre holds audiences spellbOund in icy suspension. C Venue. 0870 707 5705. until 24 Aug.

77. 75am, £36.50 (24.504560). I Jacqueline Wilson This lady knows what it's like being a young girl: not easy. Join her as she discusses her new books Lola Rose and Girls in Tears and ask her any questions you may have about her characters and inspiration. Charlotte Square, 624 5050. 23 Aug. 70am 8 24 Aug. 7.30pm. 83.50.

I Rumplestiltskln at the Fairytale Laundry Have you ever wondered where all those odd socks get to in the washing? The Fairytale Laundry. of course. Join Ailie Cohen for this charming one-woman show about the funny midget who covets the miller daughter’s baby among a load of old socks. Assembly Rooms. 226 2428, until 24 Aug, 7 7 am. £6 (E4).