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Rock, pop, jazz, folk, world, classical and opera


Amassed voices are victorious 0...

Monday evenings rarely see such hyped-up. sell out shows during the Festival. Perhaps even rarer is being subject to aggressive looks from people who don‘t have tickets while you clasp your own to your bosom and gently finger “999’ on your mobile - just in case.

So what's the fuss? Soweto Gospel Choir are a dynamic 24-strong South African choir that don't restrict themselves to Americanised gospel hymns. As explained at the beginning of the show, 11 separate regions of Africa are represented, all with their own indigenous dialects. It results in a diverse, but accessible. show that's been painstakingly put together. The gospel is politically aware, but it isn‘t limited by it.

The act can seem a little contrived at times, but that is the single criticism of a show that otherwise can do no wrong. Even the proceeds from the CD sales, and all donations to Soweto Gospel Choir, go to HIV positive mothers and their children in South Africa. Yay! (Rowan Martin)

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Your final course of sonorous specialities from Edinburgh


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Junior Senior Their incandescent glow wull undOubtedly be snuffed out to make way for Girls Al0ud's new prog-jazz direction in six months time. So in the meantime go and ‘m-m-m-m-m-move your teet' with the only camp Scandinavian faux-hip hop kids worth knownng. Liqurd Room, 0870 169 0700. 26 Aug. 7pm, 870.

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra Scottish pianist Steven Osborne, renowned for his moving and insightful interpretation of Messraen, jouns the 880880 and the National Youth Choir of Scotland to perform some of the French composer's most beguiling work. Usher Hall, 4 73 2000. 25 Aug. 6pm, 26—25.

. Interpol T on the Fringe packs 'em in this fortnight with more Yanks. this time it's moody. intense indie rock magic. Liquid Room, 0870 769 0700, 24 Aug. 7pm, E 72.50.

m Cauld Blast Orchestra A welcome return for this sizeable collective of Scots musicians who indulge in a gleeful mish-mash of Celtic rhythms and out-there jazz

o I L: I I ' songwriter (£1 1).

Gary Lightbody (below. right) the singer songwriter in both Snow Patrol and the Reindeer Section, picks his top five must-see festival events.

r Soweto Gospel Choir See review panel, left. St George 's West Church, 225 7048, until 25 Aug, 6.30pm, ElO—ll (29—70). The Rapture and Radio 4 Another two of New York's

Ar:- 'l'st fl‘ “1.; :2: '-:;~.::;""“e":t is; Ross Noble - Unrealtime Assembly .28 Aug . (:05; i‘e's t'te funnest 'nar‘ heard. That tyne

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ganging up to blow our mind with their infectious, scratchy grooves.

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' figs.» .27 .‘w r"...'..'e so there's z‘x":>the' great reason 1;; groan-:1 see tl‘e" See preview. Liquid Room. 0870 . ,1 .:-¢-" " ii,- . .;:: arr: see Hot Hot Heat i, did Per/n. 2‘ Aug. 769 0700. 25 Aug. 7pm. {‘70.

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:3..:‘:‘3:;~;-.:'. (,1? excel emf. Paragon Ensemble Garry .i'eaa’. :;;=."f: s Grandaddy . (turd Recn‘. 23 Aug They niaké: walker leads these two informal .gk '3; .i::.'..:" '~:;-:;::':::; Li"il t"<:- as? we I saw then‘ at the OM) " nights at the EIF showcasing the '3: 3:3); '.'»::, '23:: I. cake-it as; were e'ycnng the'r‘sel‘4es. The, .ised great and good of new Scottish 3.x '.-:.- "-:,-"..;..:;, :7" stag-:2. std '.:. .: 'em, goou time to see contemporary music with an ,‘ , H D . . I- h, f 7 , r \ chance to hear from those writing ..:-.,- .~.:. -.-.. -.,- .. aniel Kitson Pu... um! 28 Aug. Hes a' and performing the music first .a:::;.‘ ..‘.-.,- genus. arm: "'5 ::O"‘e:1. c; 4..:‘,‘. so LICK-,0... "e doesn t a S'Tll a::....: :t".t:3;:. r‘ '3»:- "cest ..::ss 1, r,- a":i he's cc‘. areal inteorrt. are: hand The HUb' 473 2000' 28 8 "‘rat's D" 11s.."'7st:;"-;3 I V v I 29 AUg' 8pm' Free (“Cketedj'

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