Beyond reason

The 'Spree struggle to get to grips with the random Scottish weather

We’ve never had to justify our love for Texas’ finest export since the Ewings but just in case you weren’t convinced of the god-like genius and New Testament-style outfits, here it is from the horse’s mouth 22 reasons to go see the POLYPHONIC SPREE by the Polyphonic Spree one from each of ‘em.

1 '1 et us; help you forget about the daily grind.‘ Bryan Wakeland ~ trap set

2 ‘It may change your life, religion, and/or your sexual preference.’ Rick Nelson - strings

3 ‘You may fall tI()‘.'.'l‘r, you may (:lztp your hands or you may even get pregnant and start to (littt(:(>.' Mike Melendi percussion

4 ‘We may not be gentle, but you will enjoy it.’ Audrey Easley - flute

5 Because it you don't. your friends went like you anymore.‘

logan Keese trumpet

6 'Because if your friends think you’re mad, you can point at us and say “not nearly as mad as this lot” and be correct.’ James Reimer - trombone 7 ‘lteo‘ 'f; the (tolor of rorrtartr:e makes; me want to dance. Kelly Repka (:hoir

8 ‘Fashion. style, dance, dance. (German Techno)’ Jennifer Jobe - choir

9 ‘Bertause n‘x mother is a fishf John lalvlonica choir

10 ‘I will let you hold my beer while I kiss your girlfriend.’

Joe Butcher - pedal steel/egg shaker

11 “Because Ilfl‘.|llt) fun ‘.'.’Iil|(‘, you're ‘.".’{lI(iIl|llg other people havrng fun is really (:hoir

12 Because there are 22 reasons to see the Polyphonic Spree.’

Ryan Fitzgerald - guitar

fun. And so easy Mirtlrael Turner 7

Kellock, left salutes Smith


13 'Because life is worth twing' Jennie Kelley choir

14 ‘Because you could always not go see the Polyphonic Spree and who wants to do that?’ Jesse Hester - piano

15 ‘Because I'm your mother and I said Evan Hisey keyboards

16 ‘Why not?’ Julie 00er - choir

17 “To see the ClaSSICSI bums on this srde of Antarctica."

Ricky Rasura claSSical harp

18 ‘Where else can you hear a copperphone in a live setting?’

Mark Pirro - bass

19 ‘Because of all of everything that never and eternity too}

Toby Halbrooks thereiriinv’tamhouririe

20 ‘Because it's a musical phenomenon - very serendipitous.’

Melissa Crutchfield - choir

21 ‘It's an excuse to sing WlIhOUI inhibition in front of a thousand people. and ye on stage.‘ Andrew Tinker French horn

22 ‘Because you will be loved and cherished.‘ Tim Delaughter - lead singer and founder.

I Corn Exchange, 0870 769 0700, 24 Aug, 7.30pm, £75. Check out our for) the Fringe 2-for- 7 pint deal on the offers page.


Scot's jazz award winner is back with a tribute

Brian Kellock will have to extend his mantelpiece at this rate. The pianist picked up the Best Instrumentalist award in the BBC British Jazz Awards last month to add to the Best Album prize he shared with Kenny Ellis and John Rae for the trio's Live at Henry '3 album last year.

This new Fringe presentation focuses on the music of Willie ‘the Lion' Smith, one of the great names from the golden age of stride piano, and the latest player of that vintage to get the full-on Kellock treatment. It follows his acclaimed tribute to Fats Waller, but Kellock says that it will be more experimental in approach than the Walter show, and the material will not be exclusively limited to the Lion.

The core group will be the pianist and drummer John Rae, with different guests popping up through the week (or not, as the case may be).

(Kenny Mathieson) I Henry's Jazz Cellar, 467 5200, 24-30 Aug, 8.30pm, £9.