Don't fret, this guitarist excels me

The fact that Antonio

Forcione has Supponed

such illustrious cheesemeisters as Zucchero and his Satanic majesty. Phil

Collins. should have \ OU /

scarpering fOr the hills

before someone thrusts

a ticket in your palm. Hold on a minute. th0ugh. because you might be about to miss something a bit speCiaI.

Fair enough, ForCione may start off wrth an inoffenSive brand of Latin-derived folk-Jazz. but his playing lights a match under the genre and blasts it off into space. Flashily drumming on the body of his semi-acoustic

gwtar. tapping typewriter

SOUnd effects on the strings and engaging in an uproarious gurtar/tambourine face-

off With his percussionist

Adriano Pinto, Forcione is quite possrbly the most ungodly talented player you will ever see. And Phil's not fit tO polish his plectrums. (David Pollock)

I St George '5 West Church, 225 7408, unti/ 25th Aug. 8pm,

53 7 f—E 72.


You can buy the CD. too «0

Led by a hulking and danger0usly paSSionate brute. Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen showcase their ihUSical inusmgs. carnal craVings and

longings for love through

a dozen or so Spirited waltzes. tangos and


NYC retro punkfunk says ‘Hi!’

Two of the finest exponents of the recent New Wave revival. both groups take their cues from people like Gang of Four all the way through to £86. If you want some required listening for this. surely one

of the most promising gigs of the T on the Fringe line-up, then you could do a whole lot worse than check out Radio 4’s recent album Gotham or the Rapture’s stunning - and soon to be re-released -

debut 12” ‘House of Jealous Lovers’. But, as Rapture frontman Luke Jenner informs us, its influences

are a lot more up to date than you'd imagine: ‘Yeah, I was staying with this guy who had this really great house collection; a lot of old Chicago stuff like Marshall Jefferson. I found myself connecting

with the whole punk-rock rawness of it - but we didn‘t have a drum machine or a 303 or anything, so

we had to try and recreate this sound with our crappy guitars and stuff. In our naive way, just vibing

off the spirit of it.’

Graduating from their San Francisco-based origins as a bunch of guys ‘in white ties and white belts

- sort of like a pre-Hives thing, but into dark stuff like the Cure’s Pornography‘, Jenner and partner

Vito Roccoforte decamped to New York. where they’ve recorded their forthcoming debut LP Echoes

with the DFA. ‘We’ve used a broad musical palette for it because we didn’t want to give people excuses to ask things like “why are they only using drum machines now?” on the second album.’

explains Jenner grandly. ‘For me, though, I prefer the ballads and the songs that have a feeling of love - it’s easy to say “fuck off, it’s my angst” when people criticise the darker stuff. but a lot harder to say, “well, this is me, and I’m trying to express my feelings here.”‘ (David Pollock)

I LiQU/d Room, 0870 I

(59 0700. 25 Aug, 7pm, HO.

WIN T ON THE FRINGE TICKETS The List and T on the Fringe have a pair each of tickets to son the Rapture anti Lhr- lmryphuim

Spree to give away. To win simply email your naini‘: and a daytime telephone llllliliil‘l' by not in I‘ll Friday 22 August in promotions"?

polkas. That the chorus

of one song runs

‘Sodomy is not lust for

the animals' gives y0u an idea of what kind of dark

territOry these 'gentlemen' plunder. Looking like they might have been thrown Out of

a carnival somewhere in Eastern European. these besuited bad. sad men band together with soiieezebox. Clarinet. fiddle and double bass to tell tales to make yow mother weep.

(Miles Fielder)

Fri 29- Sun 31 Aug Pilrig Park

(off Leith Walk)





Mela Bazaar Kids‘ events Bollywood Night Bhangra

A Scots Umbrella + lots more


Info : 0131 5571400 of the best me/as in UK... world class Eastern entertainment... Scotland on Sunday entrance and most events are free




The perfect place

to chill out at the end

of the festival season


70 THE LIST FESTIVAL GUIDE 21 Aug-.1 Sep 2003

I Gilded Bauoor‘. .‘w; Vern/e. 226 (’3 ’3? ’. 2:1 Aug. SIR/'7!) 9:7 1’5‘7_:3(}~-{~7.:’:(}. CONDUCTOR’S CHOICE

Garry Walker. one of Scotland's most celebrate conductors. puts down his baton to recommend five choice shows to see over the rest of the Festival.

John Shuttleworth’s Pillock of the Community Peasa"'.o': Corrga'a. 2:": Aug; {Y'T‘XJES "(3 5% 7“} fit" '."

'V‘ "\l")y‘l" l ‘1‘ r; 7“! '7 (1

S_/\l. {V K.) ‘- E. (1, ,'. .

The Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester Hail, Sat; 2‘:'-’-

(20"8’83671’. . :ireaf -A

Rich Hall


to go see. . . Bamberg Symphony Orchestra

Sincere/y epic sounds

MUSIC is spelled with capital letters in Bamberg . . .

It‘s not all humourless. though

" (.. t if r , tit it. ‘i"-‘ r {p t. l'ff- \ 1; Mii!‘ il 3" Hi- i’“

In fact, it's kind of hilarious law-raw; a“: {i't'tfiiii’i a i' 0"." tr, ilfr."lti’. t ;i(.'v""":iiin I: { zf"”‘i{i.'\ ’Y’J'ii, N.” n' ."1(‘.".‘..\'“.(:l\l£t: l'l‘iliflliftfi' t: .'.'2'

.>',"I'i‘.. '1‘}.',’|(:"-,/i

"l Eir'tzifii l’wt'w l".’. ‘5'

his 'irrriir: :71 That ryeat iviaahzrze I, r/ 'w: i. (ifififlif: itzil“1"f‘.f:,". ',’)"‘.(:f; up an i autism; l'i/ia". lieim‘at Laughing Man’s Nunc is an absolute masterpiece Smurf it" for: transnat ","itizi::it;’;" o‘ Tf’."'vi;’1".f:. ‘iute "Lak- .‘Ui’i‘: ':"";;v :2'1'1 (,i’h’test'a. ".7; :i of erg? :r'ogrx'tio'r. that imam?“ a'v :iii‘matue Etll’i (t‘3i’1l‘i"3'lll‘.{]i. beauti‘ti‘ (gym!) 3'07"} [Irv] ifflf not. it": 'Y‘ialr: .07.- ’;i",ir scavi'i i")! no"; ili“: a fir/wig, of ‘.'.’e ‘r'i Marlon-r3 ‘1 Since we're on the subject of epic proportions the, 're aisr. parry; Straits? Alp "e Sf. rap/‘01:. .'."‘~';" is one 0‘ the biggest an“: longest piece ever mitten vSara l/loi'r-Pzetscn Usher Hall. 4 7 '3 2000. 2-4 Arr}. 363—2").