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Titus out for the lads


VENUE: C Central Venue 54 u DATES: 22/23/24 August at 10pm TICKETS: £7.50 (concs £6.60) VENUE BOX OFFICE: 0870 701 5105 FRINGE BOX OFFICE: 0131 226 0000


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You can't help but suspect that Shakespeare's grim and bloodthirsty tragedy might. in fact. be something of a black farce of the very old English kind, with no brutality spared for its puppet-like and ill-fated characters. Certainly. this element of the play is brought out strongly in Xavier Leret's alternately queasy and humorous production for KAOS theatre.

In front of Sarah Blenkinsop's splendid design -— part abattoir. part concentration camp gas chamber and part mortuary - the dark farce of the story is played out. In it. Titus (Lee Beagley) finds himself ill-rewarded by the emperor Saturninus (Jake Oldershaw). who he helps to appoint after defeating the army of Tamora. Queen of the Goths (Lisa Tramontin). Tamora‘s shell» suited progeny run wild in Rome, Bringing Titus low, slaughtering his family, and raping his beloved daughter Lavinia (Jane Hartley). Bloody revenge is sworn, and taken.

Even by the standards of this play, with its array of disrnemherments and violences this is a bloody affair and its effects were not lost on its audience. who shrieked and gasped throughout. Some strong performances helped to set off the grim horror and humour of the piece. with Tramontin's randy amoral queen a highlight. lf you can take it, this is well worthwhile. (Steve Cramer)

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KID ooeo :. Third of trilogy on ; estate life


DON G - A Hip-Hopera

Mozart's Don Giovanni in South London rap style!

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