Male psyche uncovered

This Connor McPherson play brought him some acclaim in London during its initial production at the Bush theatre, setting up the young writer for the tremendous success of The Weir a couple of years later. Since then. it has remained unproduced until this fringe, so a revival seems well in order.

McPherson's capacity as a storyteller is quite evident here, in a trio of interweaving monologues told by men of different ages and experience. A teenage boy recounts his experience with a school mate who he hero- worships - a lad of rough and rebellious background who proves not to warrant admiration. Meanwhile. his older brother plots revenge against the local bookmaker, who is extracting painful repayments from a loan given to their father. A third man is the boyfriend of their sister, a misogynistic and arrogant university lecturer with a philandering nature. The three are brought together by a crime.

There's no shortage of humour to this performance, and although the narrative tension dips on a couple of occasions, there are enough surprises to keep you interested. McPherson’s insights into the male psyche are legion, and one can‘t help but admire the sense of detail in his descriptions, which bring alive the suburban Irish world described. Well performed and cleverly realised, this is well worth the admission

(Steve Cramer)

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at the raw physicality of sex would be a mistake llo‘.‘.'e\.'er. A float/rig Brothel is not rust a shoy‘r about prostitution. As an 18th century ship transports a rabble of ‘.‘.’ll()l(}f§ and ‘drsoi'deiiy' y'ronren to service the needs of the colonies. the reai story lies in therr fast approaching futures: giyeri another chance. desperately Il()lll(?8|(7k. searching for lost love. lhe alternating soiiloguies of three banished y‘romen take us through their journey into the unknown And it is in these captivatineg personal histories t ‘.£lI the snoy'r's strength lies. not in the endless scenes of bump and grind. i(1oiiieMillsi

I [heat/e l'./orkshop. i’l’b‘ 33-195). uritrl.’)-1Aug. times van; S‘r' ri‘fir.



Who cares?

If this three handed chamber piece was any more worthy it would be sponsored by the Scottish

l X(}(lell\.’(?. l’ootball fan .Josh ll)ayid Williamsl is blind. incontinent and wheelchair-bound. lle's looked alter by his younger brother Cyril (\JUIIIUy Mayhem. a \‘y’l/(TlleI husk of a man who has neglected his own life to be at .Josh's side. When (if) yearold spinster Alice (Janie Booth) forces her way into this claustrophobic brother act. something rnust give. At its best. .Julian Garner's script is reminiscent of Ronald llarwood's l'he Dresser bothplays

are about love hate relationships. like l'lanivood's. .Julian Garner's script is distinguished by a

80 THE LIST FESTIVAL GUIDE L" Aug ~~1 Set‘ 3003

stark, iinsentimental (ZIllllElX. But not even that. and a strong performance from Williams, can dispel the pervading atmosphere: it's as musty as a row of charity shop fitllIf‘). lAfIllélll Turpini

I /’/eas.'rnce Courtyard, 5:56 (3:350. uritr/ 2:3 Aug. :1. lop/n, 5‘85‘9 415.50 f‘r'.:')()r.


You couldn‘t invent it.

Strange to see this the viiorning after a power failure blacked out New York. Nikola lesla came to New York from Serbia in 1884, bringing With him his design for the alternating current motor. which led to many of the ?()th century's technological advances. It was one of many extraordinary inventions including a death ray: when Tesla's

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the facts. In the hands stolen r7, l<:r~.‘ i” w; l' 1'" °°' i' ' «' . of Vancouver's l lectric {lieesea a pertra..i f"at H Um l..': Company, hoy'rey'er. .'.‘lf;(tl‘y stee's Clem I “mist.” o

the inyentoi's tale r'tpersoriaton 'i"e'e (I. 'r" becomes a was a filil)""‘f?., f. " An; ‘." Promethean fable lowers ine'nenf .'.".e" :"i 'r :‘M r'

about how ‘.’lf;|()ll£ll\, idealism is cornpro'nised by commerce. Jonathon Young excels as the phobic. tortured. pigeon fancying lesla. but this is iiltirnatel, a group show from a company that is as ‘.()lI)£l|l", assured as it is I)Il‘,’f$lfiiill‘, dextrous. Brilliant. iAdnan IllllHlli I (3 Central. {)él/(l ft)? :3 70."). uritr/ 9-: Aug. 72.30pm, .‘k‘i‘x'ifl




A complex chap man

Adrian Poy/nton's two hander may (Il‘.'|(I(} Monty Python fans from those who aren't which should leave most of the audience happy. As the John Cleese character 88th early on. gesturing (IlSllllSSl‘Jely' at the audience: 'The, should know all the words.’ We are in familiar ‘tears

Cyril‘s Little Moments of Weakness and Strength