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Few artists get in the way of their work as much as Julian Schnabel. With three decades of building a reputation as a self-aggrandising twerp behind him, Schnabel’s image threatens to occlude his primary career as painter, sculptor and photographer.

At lnverleith House, this conflict between practice and persona seems to be addressed directly. First there is a trio of paintings. All three are painterly to the point of being showy, their surfaces a mess of stitched tarpaulin. Next come huge Polaroids of dogs, with the chemical swirls of the developing process framing each image. Upstairs, there is a series of illustrations of hunting scenes, overpainted with big crude purple splodges. Schnabel seems pretty keen to expose the mechanics of making here.

More Polaroids show life chez Schnabel, like aspirational advertising for a wonder product that can turn puny gallery-goers into international art titans. These images are littered with the works displayed downstairs. as if they can only be truly appreciated when mediated by Schnabel’s own gaze. At this point, the undergrowth of irony becomes so tangled it is impossible to tell who is the butt of the joke.

Whether he is laughing at himself or not, this is an eloquent exhibition on a subject close to Schnabel’s heart: himself. (Jack Mottram)

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