5 (‘rlclttottis ('Iosc. ('ationgatc. .557 2870 .\Ion I‘I'l Illain (ipm; Sat

noon 4pm.

Poets’ Portraits 2 l'ntil Inc 2 Sep. The second in a series of three annual exhibitions of new photographic portraits of Scottish poets. taken by students from Izdinbtngh (‘ollegc of Art


the Mansfield 'l‘raquair (‘entre

l5 Mansfield Place. 556 3882. Sat .\Ion |0ain 5pm.

Diverse Perspectives Sat in

Aug Mon I Sep. Young photographers explore their life as minority ethnic women in this exhibition of black and white photographs.


Reiach and Hall Architects. 0 Darnaway Street. 225 8444. .\Ion Hi 2 5pm. Ben Nevis l'ntil III 5 Sep. ('Iaudc lleatli takes an unconyentional approach to drawing In the past he has drawn unknown obiccts blnidlolded. In lien .Vi’i‘ly he has created wall draw iitgs from aerial photographs of Ben Nexis. \iewing o\ct‘lappittg shots through a slel'eoscope. See in iew.


58 Ratclille 'I‘errace. (io7 l9(i(i. .‘ylon liri 9am (ipin; Sat l0ani 5pm.

Art from India l'ntil I‘ri 29 Aug. An exhibition of contemporary Indian artwork featuring paintings by leading Indian artists including abstract painter. Viswam.


23 l’almerston Place. 225 (i293. Daily l0am l2.30pni & 2 5pm.

104 Pairs of Shoes t'niil Thu 21 Atig. Organised by the YWCA Scotland. this poignant touring exhibition highlights the issues of domestic abtise and \ iolence against women featuring l04 pairs of shoes which have been donated by prominent women in Scotland. representing the number of woman killed in a year.


St Stephen Street. Stockbridge. 558 3853. Daily 10am 7.30pm.

The Great Arc Exhibition t'nul Sun 24 Aug. £5 03). A state-of-the-art exhibition celebrating the bicentennial of the mapping of the Indian Subcontinent.


23 (’ockburn Street. 622 (i200. Daily

I lam (ipm i'l‘hu till 9pntl.

Festival Times l'ntil Sat 20 Sep. Stills reopens after a period of redeyelopment with its new season of exhibitions and special participatory eyents. I-"irst up is the .'ll'(‘/II/’(l/l1 ('uni/iln'll mn/ Hurley “'5' Photography l’risc 2005‘ featuring the work of the six finalists Martin Boyce. (’laudine Ilart/el. l.ucy I.e\ene. Alexander and Susan .\Iaris and James 'I‘hornhill.

Stills Shorts Sat 23 Atig. 3 3.50pm. Lawyer Kenneth Dunbar discusses the work of the shortlisted artists for the Archibald (‘ampbell and Ilarley' WS award.

Stills Limited: Celebrating Creativity Publications Iiri 29 Aug. 4 opni. The launch of Stills Limited publication which documents the diyersity of projects and partners to date and the first two years of the Stills (‘hildren and Young People Lottery programme.

Stills Shorts Sat 30 Aug. .‘s 3.30pm. Artist ('altittt (‘oly itt discusses the work of the shortlisted artists of the Archibald Campbell and Ilarley Award.

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Photography by John Reiach on show at the Faculty or Advocates


2| l.isiiiore ('rescent. Parsons (Ireen. 620 3344. The (iallery is closed between 2 I2 Jul.

Bob and Robert Smith t'niil Fri 29 Aug. Round nine of the Tag Team Iixperiment features work by London- based Bob and Roberta Smith (an imaginary couple created by Patrick Brill). The piece is called .Wt’lt are Women and (ii'r/s are Burn and has all association with performance and Joseph Beuys.

TALBOT RICE GALLERY l,'iiisersity of Iidinburgh. South Bridge. (350 2210. Mon Sat 10am -5pm'. Stiii

2 5pm.

Keiko Mukaide: Spirit of Place I'ntil Sat l3 Sep. (ilass artist Keiko Mukaide creates a commissioned three- dimensional sculpture for the gallery space comprising a woven spiral form of metal with suspended fragments of reflected glass. See review. Lunchtime Talk Mon 25 Atig. lpm. A lunchtime talk on the work of Keiko Mukaide.

Catalogue Launch Wed 27 Atig. 5.15pm. The launch of the accompanying catalogue for Keiko Mukaide's Spirit of Place exhibition. Lunchtime Talk Wed 27 Aug. lpm. A lunchtime talk on the work of Keiko Mukaide.


36 Dundas Street. 556 (i366. .\Ion»l"ri l lam~opmz Sat lt).30am~(ipm.

The Glasgow Society of Woman Artists l'ntil Wed 30 Aug. The Torrance (iallery‘s I-‘estiy'al exhibition features paintings by members of the (ilasgow Society of Woman Artists including works by Lil Knox. Shelia Macmillan. Margaret Ballantyne. Anne Donald. Josephine Graham and Irene .\1c(‘ann.

Sheana M Stephen t'ntil Sat 30 Aug. New jewellery created by Sheana .\1 Stephen on the theme of black and white.


('afe Bar. l0 (‘ambridge Street. 228 5383. Daily l0amv~midnight.

Peter Leghorn lfntil Sat 6 Sep. Recent work.

Dazzle I'ntil Mon 25 Aug. Dazzle‘s annual exhibition of contemporary jewellery featuring over 3000 pieces by m er 50 designers/makers from the I'K and abroad. Scottiin makers include Shona l‘idgett. Nicola Becci. Anna (iordott and Dot Sim.


44 Mortonhall (late. (372 2345. Mon Fri l0am 6pm; Sat & Sun noon 5pm. Thirteen Ways to Do Blue t'nul Stiii 3| Aug. New Iidinburgh gallery. T- Square showcases an exhibition of Scottish line and applied arts with the symbolism of the colour blue being the uniting theme. Featured in the show are textiles and fashion by Mairi Brown and Roobedo. jewellery by Teena King. glass by Inge I’anneels and ceramics by Sinclair Wilson.


In South Fort Street. 478 78“). Mon—Sat I lam—l 1.45pm; Sun

1230—] l.45pm.

Mair Soul Reflections tintil Sat 6 Sep. Paintings by Subie Coleman.


4 Dundas Street. 558 9544/5. Mon—I‘ri 10am-«6pm; Sat 1 lam—4pm.

A Scottish Panorama L'ntil Sat 20 Sep. A rare collection of satirical prints circa I790 and recent works by Joseph Maxwell Stuart.

ldlnburgh Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions.


The Mound. 529 I288. Mon—Fri l()am—4.45pm.

Bank of Scotland Museum on the Mound l‘ntil I'Tl 29 Aug (closed Mon 25 Aug). A display of banking memorabilia spanning 300 years. including Scottish banknotes. famous customers. forgeries and a l"tli century iron kist.

THE DRAWING ROOM GALLERY The National 'l'i‘tist For Scotland. 28 Charlotte Square. 243 93b5. Mon Sat l0am 4pm

Through lllustrators’ Eyes t'nnl Sat 0 Sep. 'l‘he Illustration ('upboard presents a witty selection of original illustrations by some of the I'K's best- selling illustrators ot children‘s books iiicltidiiig Anthony Brown. “lllt works for sale.


Ilolyrood Road. 550 7800, Daily

l0am (ipin. £7.95 (£4.50).

Myths and Monsters t'nnl Sun 31 Aug. 'I‘his touring exhibition‘s only Scottiin showing explores the w eird. wonderful and scary world of monsters mythical and real from the fiery breath of a dragon to the roar of the three metre hiin hairy yeti. with anunatronic exhibits and giant robotics.


42 High Street. 529 4142. Mon Sat l0ain 5pm.

Scraps! I'ntil Sat 27 Sep. An exhibition of picture scraps collected by children and adults in Iiurope for m er 200 years.


New'hay'en Ilarbour. 55l 4105. Daily noon 4.45pm.

A Tribute to Fishermen t'niil Wed 3| Dec. An exhibition focusing on the working liy'es of fisherman. featuring ceramic and textile designs created by students from Victoria Primary School and Iidinburgh's 'I'elford (‘ollege


2 (‘hambers Street. 247 4219. Mon Sat l0am 5pm (Tue 8pm); Sun noon 5pm. l‘ree.

Millennium Clock A chance to \’IC\\’ Rtissian mechanical sculptor liduard Iiersudsky's millennium clock. a kinetic sculpture. measuring nine metres high.

Mao: Arts for the Masses 1950-76 l'ntil Sun 4 Apr 2004. The formation of ('ommunist ('hina is brought to life through a priyate collection of masterpieces made between I950 I976. acquired during and immediately after the ('ultural Revolution.

Dino-Birds: Feathered Fossils from China tintil Sun 7 Sep. £4 (£3); under 12s free. An exhibition featuring the original 124 million-year-old fossil that has enabled scientists to unrayel the mystery of how birds ey'oly‘ed. on loan from the (ieological MUseum of (’hina. Picture of a Nation - A Record of Life in Modern Scotland Until Sun 28 Sep. A major new photography award organised by The Scotsman and the National Museums of Scotland which documents through photographs contemporary life in Scotland and features the winning entry of Julie Adams.


Lady Stair's House. Lady Stair‘s (low. 529 4901. Mon —Sat 10am—5pm.

In the Heart of the Wilderness L'ntil Sat 20 Sep. An exhibition exploring the life and work of John Muir. the letter-writer. poet. storyteller and scientist and looks at the influence of writers like Burns and Sir Walter Scott on his work

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