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HOL lSL PROGRESSION The prog prince

They’re calling it a ‘Festival Closing Party', but let‘s face it, Progression‘s third August date has very little to do with the Fringe and a whole lot to do with getting a couple of cracking guests to light up a time of year that, in clubland at least, is often not quite as exciting as it could be. Dutch DJ and producer Sander Kleinenberg is a fine figure behind the decks, happy to keep it dark and dirty but never afraid to drop some eclecticism into the mix. His accomplice for the evening, meanwhile, has worked with Kylie and Bowie. wowed Miami’s Winter Music Conference and is slowly but surely hopping his way to the big time.

The Scumfrog released his debut album, Extended Engagement, last May. Tracks from it have already been played out by the likes of John Creamer and

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‘I chose to gradually shift into the live performance thing' Scumfrog

Roger Sanchez. Jesse Houk, as he is otherwise known, plays a range of instruments on the double album, and he's incorporating more and more live elements into his DJ set. ‘I chose to gradually shift into the live performance thing, rather than switching from DJ set to live all of a sudden,’ he explains. ‘I still advertise and market myself as a DJ, but I incorporate more live stuff each month. Right now I play percussion and do vocals during the set, alongside the samples, 005 and vinyl.‘

Houk raves about the New York buzz (but complains about its music scene) and the business class beds on Singapore Airlines (‘da bomb', apparently). He sounds pretty keen about playing Progression too. ‘l‘ve always heard great stories about Edinburgh and the festival,‘ he says. ‘We‘ll have a blast.‘ (James Smart) I The L‘Uu’U Ron": r.‘ H " .'

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I Soul Biscuits Surer one of the most intriguing l(?St|\’£ll (‘ltlb nights of 9003. Not only do they NIH) Russell Simmons [Jet .larn Poet Somety. but the hip hop setree l8 hosting the after party for Party Monster wrth cast and Crew dropping by. Please. please. please. Martaulzr, Culkrn, make those rumours come true and spin some tunes. Cane/er l./r)/t.'rrre. .y‘h‘ (l8 Blair Street. 220 t; r .‘e, H Aug}, lt)..’>‘(.)prn Gain, .“k'.

I Luvely Things get even saucrer at the sexy house social as 6'55" she-male Tast‘, hm graces the stage, Astoundznu. The L/utrr.‘ Floor". FL: ixlttu’xr Sireet. 22:3 BFit’I-I. 9"} [wt]. ltlprn»:3gtrrr. 5‘72 0' '(l "'r,”".’)r,"';3

I Mothergroove If two of Edinburgh's coolest cluhs coming together. Mothertunk and Ultragroove. wasn't enough in itself they've drafted in Joey Negro and DJ Format. l—‘urm, ,r;l housey all in a single i}(,‘"~.'ll‘.l_’l. [he Venue, IF-Z’ (Ia/fort Heat}, {:53 (5073, Sat Bis/lug. ’t,‘ fitlp'r‘ i‘i.?-ifl-1.

I Sativae Recordings Rounding off the ?(;S!I‘~.Ztl with one of their array too rare ‘JlSllb to the capital. Prepare for ,our head to be well and truly screwed by the hes: techno known to than or beast. Ego. 7-1 Pu’;rgar:;;,/ Place. 478 7434. F" 29 Art}. 7 70m Sam, I The Doves: Disco DJ Set A new nzght from Apocalypse Enterprises lll‘-,’lllllg indie lungs the Doves (pictured) to do ther thug on the wheels of steel lalortgisrrle a few local bands domg rt Hut. The ‘v/errue, 77-27 Carton Roar}, 5‘27 3073. Sat 30 Aug. ’rrflrt-a’hm. S 72 I Stereotype Nov. this IS the kinda attitude that ‘mns respect here at US! Testers as Stereotype present ‘Fuck the testwal here's Stereotype, The best house arOund from the local maSSr~;e, Ber/tn Ber/tees, 3

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