I)“ ,3'.‘ 7'. I:»‘- I' MANGA V SCRATCH

Buckle up and prepare for impact at this bank holiday special

Fighting the drum & bass corner we have Manga, and representing the capital hip-hop collective is Scratch. It's a tag-team event with heavyweight guests Ed Rush and the Scratch Perverts also weighing in for

the contest.

If Tony Vegas of the Perverts makes it, that is, because The List‘s first attempt at an interview has to be aborted when he misses a plane to Aberdeen. Ali’s well in the end, though, and Vegas is now on the line and full of chat about the new, slimline Perverts (himself, Prime Cuts, Plus One), who have just celebrated the release of their latest LP, Badmeaninggood.

“Yeah, I couldn't be happier with the band musically now but that‘s no disrespect to the guys who left [the Perverts used to be an eight-piece]. I mean, those boys helped build things up, I had my reasons for letting them go at the time, but ultimately I think it was a selfish thing to do,‘ he says. ‘There you go, I don't think I've ever said that in an interview before!‘

So how does the new line-up compare musically? ‘Well, all three of us are pretty eclectic,’ says Vegas. '80 we play everything from drum & bass to the White Stripes. The whole thing has slowed down a bit now we don‘t compete, but we still put on a show and make sure every element’s well done. We just want to represent ourselves as best we can musically, just

like always.‘ (David Pollock)

I H24) VOW/t), 771/37 (Xi/ton Hour]. 557 3073. Still 84/4419. ' 7r1i"‘-’3<’1’77. 510(57‘3/

I The HOT Club at (iilded Balloon.

l 5am. £5 £lii i£5 Ni. 23 Aug only. See 'l‘hii.

I Thee Jailhoose at ‘l'hee l'nderyyorld. 0.30 3am. l‘ree. Weekly. Retro heayy metal and old school rock. 'l‘hink big hair. think spande\ and you‘re there. l’rincess ('laire. 'l‘hee cRYl’tmeister and a re“ mystery guests take care of the rockin‘ action.

I Joy at the Venue. llpiii 3am. £l() (£8 members). 30 Atig. .\lonthly. l'p-l'i'oiit. dirty house grooy es on the main floor from Alan tk .\laggie Joy and llrett King to yyork you up into a lather. l’lus 'l'rendy Wendy and Sally l"'s cheeky liil\ of soul. lunk and chart in the doyy nstairs suite. Note that Joy is a club for gay people and their l'l‘lelids.

I Just Jack at the l'nderbelly. Ill.3l)pm 4am. £8 U”. 23 Aug only. l‘rban sounds from the streets of London from this former [)1 and lyrical. poetic .\l(‘.

I Luvely at the Liquid Room.

lllpm 5am. £l2 i£lll members). 23 Aug. .\lonthly A saucy soiree. geared toyiards a gay /mi\cd croyyd and featuring a music policy of lull-on. driying house from residents 'l‘ommy ls'. (il’. Neyyton tk Stone and Jared. 'I'ransatlantic theme and \y ith special guest the (i'5" drag queen that is ’l‘asty ’l'im yyho‘ll be gracing the main stage.

I Majestica at the Venue. ltlprn 3am. £lt). (i Sep. .\loiithly Down and dirty house night featuring residents l)a\ id Amos. lid l). 'l‘reyor (i. Bruno i-ZK and Ryan lillis. Also in the house is quartery resident Lucien l‘oi't and Aristin l.eeds. I Messenger Sound System at Bongo (‘liib llpiii 3am. £7. 30 Aug only. llass of boyyel-shifting proportions as the mighty .\lessenger Sound System Masts Uttl the liesl Ili righteous roots and dtib reggae \yith regular .\l(‘ lshii. Time to shed a tear as this is the last 0 cr .\lessenger at News Street tdinnae yyoi'i'y lhotlglt ll.” be back in Oct at the litingo's neyy .\loray llouse residencei.

I Mission Jnr at Studio 24. 7 ltlpm. £5. Weekly. (ioth. rock. punk and of course all that nu metal stuff that the kids cray e so much. So if you ey er yyondered where all those black clad youths from the top of (‘ockburn Street yyent after dark look no further. the best and original under IS's metal gathering in town.

I Mission at Studio 24. l lpin—3ain. £5 (£4 members). Weekly. .\‘ight of metal mayhem. goth rock and more from the darkside a real Edinburgh institution. I Mothergroove at the Venue. lt).3()pm—5am. £l2—£l4. 23 Aug only. .\lotherfunk and L'ltragrooye once again join forces for an almighty party encompassing the best in funk and house. And to take things up a notch they haye some stellar guest to compliment the

Telephone Book“; Book Festival 0131 624 5050 Fringe 0131 226 0000

Intemational Festival 0131 473 2000 Military Tattoo 0131 225 1188 Film Festival 0131 623 8030

impressiye resident roster culled lorm tyyo of lidinbiirgh's l'ayourite clubs. Joey Negro adding a touch ol ‘disco diist' to l'ltragrooy e's real deal house action. Whereas |)l lioi'mat brings a lunky b-boy stance to proceedings.

I Moving Through at (‘abaret Voltaire. midnight 3am. £5 belore midnight; £8 1%) alter 23 Aug. .\lonihly A tree lloyyin' jam that pits the “us of drum a bass ja/l tunkers l)y ad against the turntabilism antics of lleadspin nut-

jobs. the Resonance. The Resonance

hardly need any introduction round these here parts. l)yad haye yyorked as the backbone ol Kultl's Ja/I Joint yyith the Jabba (‘ollectiy e Taking on Sneaky (bass player in l‘ingathingi for a full on jam or double bass. funk genius.

I Nuklear Puppy at ligo. l lpm 5am. £3 (£7 members). 23 Aug. l-"ortnightly Residents Jason (’orte/ and Phil York took on 'l'idy ’l‘ra\ last fortnight and rims they square up against Recoyer. Recharge is Retek Records. :\s label boss Simon liye mans the decks as yy ell as a three hour back to back session of the best in hard dance frorii Jason and Phil theinselyes.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge.

ltipni 3am. £5. Weekly, |)aye Shedden With his lill\ of disco and lunky house tracks.

I Progression .ii the|tlltl Room. llpm 5am. £l5. 30 Aug. l)erek .\lartin. (iay Grant and Alan l)obsoii iiiyite Sander Kleinenberg and Scumlrog making his Scottish debut. Willi pre-club session at (‘ity ('al'e from 3pm. See [’I't'ilr’it.

I Redemption at 'l‘ey iot Royy l'nion. lllpm 3am. £2 t£l membersi. l .\'o\. (ioth and industrial club from lil)(i&R. I SiLENCiO at ('ounting llouse. 7.30pm 3am. £(i i£5i. 30 Aug. .\lised bag of performances. music and lounging. .\l(‘ Ali and DJ Daniel are joined by yarious theatre. spoken mud. and comedy performers.

I States at .\larco's Leisure Centre. l()pm—3arn. £4 before midnight; £5.50 after (£2 yyith tly'eri. Weekly. See Fri.

I Sophistitunk at City: Edinburgh. llpm-3am. £7. Weekly. Resident l)ls playing chart remixes and funky home in the main club and Tokyoblu in Bar (i yyith their deliciously different blend of house & garage.

I Spinning Wheel at Teyioi Rim L'nion. l—5am. £7.5()--£S.5ti t£(i.5()—£7.5()i. Weekly. See Thu.

92 THE LIST FESTIVAL GUIDE 21 Aug—‘1 Sex: 233.3

I Stereotype at Berlin lliei‘haus ll).3llpm 5am. £5 belore midnight; £o alter. 30 Aug .\lonthly lluggy lluigei Queen returns in his neys guise .it Stereotype. bringing home the best house around. And it‘s time lor their ‘luck the lestiyal here‘s Stereotype' party just to remind you of all the tip top local talent around that sometimes get lost in the l'estie rush tNeyyton «k Stone. Warner l’oyy ei's and Paul l‘inlay son l.

I Tease Age at (‘itrus ('lub.

llpiii 3am. £5. Weekly. ‘l'his indie stalyyart dishes up eyerythmg lroin syyinging (ills hits to baggy .\lanchestei layes as yy ell as a host ol current .\Illl. chart botherei's.

I Ultragroove at ('ahaiei \‘oliaiie llpiii 5am. U”. 30 Aug. l'oi'tnightly. l'ltragrooy e residents specialise in real deal house action from (iareth Somery die and ('olin ('ook hosting another llacaidi llllar special \yith tropical tech tlayouis lrom Parisian jock 1)] Gregory. to round till the lt'\ll\tll.

I Vegas at ligo. 10.30pm 3am. £9 i£" in lancy dress). (i Scp isee bcloyy for Ocean 'l'erininal dater .\lonthly. llep daddy syyiiig. country classics and slea/y listening With your high-kicking hosts 7 Frankie Sumatra. lliigsy Seagull. l)iiio .\lartini and the stunning Vegas shim girls And do try to make an ellort yy ith the fancy dress code. eh

I Vegas at ()cean 'l‘crniinal.

l().3llpni 3am £l2. 30 Aug only. l~iankie Sumatra. lliigsy Seagull. l)ino .\lartini and the Vegas shoyy girls host one ol the best parties In toyyn month In month out. btit lactor in the Ocean 'l'crminal .iiid you hay e a “hole neyy leyel ol high |lll\ as

yy ell as the best in big band. syy iiig |.l// and more in their oyyii inimitable style.

Chart & Party

I Cavendish/Diva at (‘ayendish'l )iya lllpm 3am. l‘ree belore 1 1pm; £(i alter Weekly. The lully relurbished space hosts a night ol all the grooyicst hits hour the (ills ‘Jlls. \yith current chart lay es on the top lloor. (her 25s only.

I Disco at Jongleurs at Jiiligletll‘s. midnight 3am. £4 i£3i. 23 Aug. See Tim. I Edinburgh’s Biggest Party at .\lood. 9pm 3am. liree before I lpm; £3 after tfree to mernbersi, Weekly. ('hart. party and soul hits from D] Martin.

I The Party Continues . . . .ii Peppermint Lounge. ltlpin—3ain. £3. Weekly. See Hi.

I Shake It at L' Attache. lt).3()pin~3arn. £4 before 1 1pm; £5 after. Weekly. Party music from the (iris right tip to last \yeek. plus loads of drinks promos to yy ash it all doyyn \s ith.

I Supernova at Reyoluiion. l().3(ipm—3am. £6 before midnight; £- after i£4—£5i. Weekly. (‘hart and party hits all night long.

I Why Not? at \\ hy \ot' alin 3am

£3 beioic l lpiii. £5

St't‘ i‘ll

<o .illci Weekly

Edinburgh Sundays Club

I Audio Tourism .ll I’iy.» Hai ('liiiy ‘lpm 3am l'iee Weekly S \ige .iiid laniie lluchanan play out .i selection ol beats

I The Bongo Club Cabaret .ii Ilongo (‘liili alni 5am £2 £.\ '15 t ‘I 24 \iig only See lhii

I Boogie Express .it (‘it_\ lihnbiiigh llpiii 3am £5 Weekly (iet iiti\\ll. Iieak out at this glittering disto party night like no otliei lhess tip it you dare

I Bootylicious at lloneytonili

lti 30pm 3am I'iee beloie midnight. £3 .lllt‘l “t‘t'kiy \ llilt't' «leek ilt'.li\\iltl\\ l‘i Rtkll .i cappellas t iit tip and st rah lied oyei hip hop breaks from Rithic Riitttone and l.yley noys housed .it its new yeniie the Honeycomb

I BootyLUSHous at l.go llpiii 3am £2 \\eekly \loie ol .i Sunday Sot ial than a lull on glam allaii \yith l).| |)a|e I iish and occasional guest Supasta's mi\ing up RAH. soul .iiid lurik Drinks lioiii t.l 5“ all night iric \odka. beer .iiid altopos Siiiiillt'h Li

I Chocolate Sundae .ii iallil iloinicily \\ilkie llousei llpiii iain 2.4 it"! “eekly lhe RAH and hip hop Sim session ietniiis \yitli Ill Paul ’I o\y' |o\ back in charge

I La Clique .tl lilt' \[Ht'g‘t'ilt'lll

llpiii 3am £10 MN: 21 \ug only See 'I'hu. but u ith spet ial guests Salsa ( ’cllita I Dazed .ll iglt iii‘lll iallt LA Weekly “llil .i liye l’\ liom l’huturc ll llll\|ll‘.' up contemporary dance loops \‘.llil eyciythmg lioni classit soul and lii\\" to pop and rock snippets to create an original and tlilta danceable lusion. batkcd up by lokyoblii With a slightly more raucous house llll\ than usual

I DKY .it Sttidio 24 l 1pm 3am

U 5” L: “t't'kly “Ki slllilt's conlidently into its third year yyitli resident l).ls Jordr. (iaieth and Date play ing iot k. goth. metal. industrial and punk 'l heme nights and tree gilts combine to keep things interesting. yycek in. neck out

I Fleamarket Funk at ('oiiiiiiiig House. "pin 3am. £5 «£3 50: 24 Aug See 'l‘hu.

I Fresh at l’riye ('ouncil alin 3am £3 Weekly Wind doun your yyeekend in style Wilii lidinburgh's purest urban spot for RctB and hip hop on another leyel. troin the rotating 1)] team l-‘abiilol. lzasy ll. \aeem. Ambassador. Richie Rurttone. .\l(' Hoyt. .\lr \igel and more.

I I Love Music at ()pal Lounge

noon 3am. i'rce beiorc liipiii. 3 Weekly (iareth Sommeryille il‘ltragrooyei hosts an all-day session that crosses the middle ground betyyeen clubbing and chilling.