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The Front

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2.“ A; ,A - , a v wouldn’t say I was :3 V f ,, if V a ladies’ man, I " v just get on with women.’

‘She could kick all our butts and still be home in time for dinner.’


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retur to the open mic

‘I’m a mad shredder. I get these bibles sent to me saying “repent now” and I shred them.’

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H ( , , ., i\ a 1' ‘I went to stay at Elton rl ' :, ' . '

John’s in the South of France with mum and Jack. I spent the next two days throwing up everywhere.’

‘lmagine the losers; you went to that and you still didn’t get famous? Oh buddy, now you’re really screwed.’

‘I wanted to be like her, that’s why I decided to dye my hair.’

‘Is there, like, do you even know if there’s, like, maids for, like, celebrities?’

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Sean's show

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