Food & Drink

A continental touch

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A welcome Warnation

ASIAN RESTAURANT BUDDA 142 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, 0141 248 7881

Budda has been reincarnated. Now, instead of hosting a club upstairs, the space has been converted into a restaurant. Tthe bar dominates the room, but all around it are spacious booths, faux rustic Trader Vic-style tables and chairs. Asian sculptures provide decoration, while one of those ubiquitous liquid screen W5 is affixed to an exposed brick wall.

Most notably, Martin Teplitsky has been hired as executive chef from St Judes. The Australian has long had a fondness for Asian influences in his cuisine. The menu here offers a slew of accurately. if less than

evocatively, labelled ‘small dishes': Thai beef salad, soft-shell crab, ,, " ~' 7 __ Japanese seaweed salad. Additionally, there are meals designed for two, _ ’2'”? 13 «c such as red chicken curry or prime rib of Aberdeen Angus. .

Below the restaurant bar Budda remains. DJs are featured from Thursday to Sunday, while a bar menu runs daily from noon until 5pm. The whole venue, linked internally by a rear staircase, is licensed until 3am. (Barry Shelby)