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Receptionist/Researcher t5] :3 CLEANER (Maternity Cover) ;

The List has a vacancy for a receptionist/researcher for T H E our busy Edinburgh office for an initial period of 6 months. K I N G's For light cleaning Of We are looking for someone who is highly organised. G L A S G O W house just Off Royal effluent and has an excellent telephone manner. Speed. r - - - . accuracy and versatility along With strong keyboard and Press or Mlle m Edmburgh 8 research skills are essential. as is a knowledge of (\‘atcrnih. Cover gi‘ “mulls. Old Town. Microsoft Office. The successful candidate should have a , r ' I I ' keen interest in the Cultural scene in Scotland and be able lmm early November 2003) Also some ironing to write in a clear and conCise manner. , . \\ c i1i'cd .1i1 ii1di1idu.1l lii t'iiiii'iliimlc Hlll' i11c1li.1 .ltll\lllt‘\ Five hours per Th's '5 a fu” I'me DOSI- 'n't'ally for a S'x'momh per'Od to lill' .ll'lllllltl \l\ inniiihsli‘iii11c.1i'l\ \ii1t-i11l1t‘i‘3llll3. cover maternity leave. . . . week on a week- lllC \ut't'csxlul t'.llltll\l.llt' must l1.1\c pit-xx .iiid l'R Please apply "I WF'I'ng W'Ih CV stating typing Speed and L‘\PL‘I'IL'llL‘C irigctlici‘ \\ llll (\ccllcnl t'riiiiiuiiiiituitiiin and £7 per hour-

Currem salary (If appl'cab'el to iii-giminmiii skills. 11.1. \iill tit-ii “iii. .1“ .ixpmx 1,1

ESESSST; 14 mgh Street’ publicity ll'Hlli liaising \\llll lllt‘ pit-xx l()()l':.1.llll\lll}l lll‘\l Please call or emaifp’ersonnelélist co uk iiiglux pliatnmlls .1i1tl crinipctiliuns. Ynii \\ill need in i

prioritise .ici'im .1 number ril‘pi‘riiu‘is in .1 high l‘l'C\\lll'L'

Deadline for applications: __ _

. l‘lll \IL'JIHL' Cll\lI()lllllClil. Friday 19 September 2003 (semi-21mm llc.1sc send .1 letter at .1pplitxilirii1xiitl1 lull u [(l

TH L LA i“ N

Duncan .\l.11'. llc.1d (it .\l.1i'kc1iiig & l)C\'L‘l()plllClll. King‘s 'l'l1c.1u'ct E Assistant Manager

. . 297 lidlll SIl'CL'I. (ll.l\g()\\‘ A H you can new US we'duke to he|p you! Glasgow C'ty Gu'de (losing date: l‘lltldi’ 26 September. .'.’e'er;\i'e;1"e"t't.s;istr,Mime

{IC'SIW 010' 7).} 31145, ltd" I)":- C .(1

We are looking for an Editor for The List‘s new pocket H. I . I , THEM“ cater "r; ei:;e'e"ce f?5$f:"fa ' .' r l" ) )' n1 ‘« c P‘C‘f'11‘1'élilf‘INt c‘ 3' :r: "x

Sized gUIde to Glasgow which Will be launched in March I l H ‘1 , GROUP l f.‘ ) S I 2004 i'qrm/ rip/)rn'rrinrru'i‘ (HUI/Hill) "e 9 “’9” "“

' l‘ ,o.. .201. r: ire tr, ‘r‘r: out "",'r:

831) , ‘0' 3.". S ()ij ‘. 'l" :3 088‘: The successful applicant should have excellent local “73' 5'35 2?" ’4' '0 knowledge of the city and experience of commissioning, 2:"czmh'1"fgu7:; calm cm

researching. writing and editing. The work Wlll be 3 mm , Edinburgh , “6 6m undertaken on a part time. freelance basns between ' October 2003 and February 2004.

in the visual arts New ca

Universny research prerect seeks;

Scotland Development Coordinator volunteers for Video (tricurrienlriry

Please apply in writing wrth CV and two examples of relevant published work to

" L; l k :‘I‘I’ r

R b' H d engage IS a key arts organisation in the UK and abroad smd’ 01H!" M" 1‘ mm W I)

o m ° 99 lie'ir lever r‘uffee or tear about your p bl. h Promollng education and access in galleries museums and arts ' ' " '

u '5 er l'ivuurite rate and how it fits Hill) The List centres The post, funded by the Scottish Arts COLJH(_Il supports ' H 14 H‘ the engage Scotland programme, pravrding training and not low (WW 1"

Igh Street For more infer/nation contact

working seminars as well as member support Motivated tree

lancers wrlh an active interest in the VlSUOl arts and gallery edu cation are invited to apply 2 days a week 0131 447 8518 07855 351143 /

Edinburgh EH1 1TE or email:

Em: Laurier

For application pack contact

info@engage,org elaurier© Deadline f0r applications: or 0207 244 0110, SCUM“ 0/ 3:11;);:rgezii'rfizgiier] Monday 22 september 2003 DeOdIme IO' Opp'lw'ms 2" 599' Arts ( ouncil dynamic/cafesite/indext.htm