Talented female

xxith some experience xxithin

modeling (backed b) recog- nixed modelling agenc} l music & drama. is looking for ’Iixtra'

xxorlx' in 'I‘\’ Iiilm. I’Is contact Hazel on 0131 447 1314

or mobile 07814 979


I Unknown comedy chaos slor'x xx I'llei‘. also corned} adxell lure. romcom. light drama. amer‘ican rural drama. and con troxersial lor hire. Want to krioxx more'.’ 'I‘lien plioric Ill-II 573 (1277.

I Edinburgh based \Iiilltl tip comedian seeks xx ritiiig part ner, .\'o experience riecccssar'x. lnlluences include llill Hicks and 'I‘ommx (’ooper. Please email example ol _xotir xx tiling to grandiour‘l‘flu hotmailcom

I Are you a M.E. suffer- er or do _xou care Ior someone xx Ilii ls'.’ II M) xxiitlltl )titl be interested in participating in a photographic based proiecl that aims to educated the public bx dem) stilx mg the taboo that stir rounds the illness. l’lease con I;th Zoe: 07973 287 (I73, l’rolecl liinded bx ('liase .\Iilleriiiim (‘ommissiorr

I International pen friends - ages X lo fill all ox er the \xorld. Details l’rom: I.I’.I-'. llli Nexx ('it_x Road. (ilasgoxx. (i4 9l)li or Ii—mail gillraem hol-


Book-keeping services. Charities and small businesses. Payroll, VAT returns, management accounts, SAGE training. Arts sector specialist. Contact Nada Hudson T:OI3I 466 Ol36 Em I 2 I I6 I


small flat move specialists

Movrng boxes. bags and a bed?


friendly dependable stress-tree

0131 229 8361


C\I.II\I Islletl I 9‘):

Platform beds. cupboards. and joinery. For a free estimate phone Gordon Russell

01383 416 265

Edinburgh and File

Don't Miss Out on Fun Dinners and Events for

Single Men and Women with

|.;\l II 'I. 5 0141 333 1321


MNIM xi‘iNr. :2er r l !‘

Complete from design to construction. Quality, affordable and reliable. References available. Serving the Glasgow metropolitan region. Michael C. Froschauer

07736 341 198 cellular 01294 832 708 home 8 bus.

_ ivc ,

- adventure sports 0 parties 0 pub-nights 0 dining 0 hill- walks 0 films 0 theatre 0 dancing 8: lots lots more.

Glasgow 07050 248164

Edinburgh 0131 332 1342

120 THE LIST 3" tin". ' Matrix! .


I Classes In Tal Chi, Yoga. Chinese Medicine. Arornatherap}. Relaxation. First Aid. Excellent teaching. facili- ties and prices. Free parking and cafe. \Vester Hailes Iiducation ('entre (ll3l 442 220].

I SEED. The School for Experiental Education, ilidinburgh liranchi otters indi xidiial boilxxxor'lx treatments in Shiatsu. ('ramosacral 'I‘lierap}. I.)lllpilllx‘ Drainage Massage. .'\l'Hlil;IlliL'i';l|)_\. l’rolessional training. \\(lI'Ix\IIUP\. courses in Shiatsu. 1‘... ('hi (‘hiian .\onemenl and ('reatix it}. ('onlact .'\litllc'lili Ill .‘\| 55" 5950 xx xx xx

I The Shiatsu School lzdiiibiirgh is noxx enrolling lor 'xears one «k txxo ol an accredit cd prolessional training. Starts September 3003. Inlormation and boolxing contact

xx xx xx .tliesliiatsuscliool

email: adminm tlieshiatsii schoolediiibiirglicoul. lel .-\tidicia: 0| 3| 557 5950. 'I'amsin1013l 555 lb'75

I Reflexology. Reflexology relaxes. r‘edticcs tension and stress. rex italises. enhances bod) s oxx n healing resources. strengthens immune s) stem. and improxes both health and lite. Ian (i.S.S.R.. .\I.S.I.R. 0|3| 55o 3383

I Frustrated at work? ’I‘urn sour career around xx ith a (‘ar‘eet‘ ('oach xxorlxshop. ('aII 07957 377 oo4 or email

rostn tor xour free brochure. In Iidinburgh & (ilasgoxx.

Sahaj-Marg .

IIeart centred meditation. A natural path of transformation from within that balances spiri- tualitx xxith C\‘CT}’dii_\ life. .\'o fees. ()pen to all regardless of

background or persuasion. Contact: 01875 830 358

(Edinburgh) or 0141

579 5926 (Glasgow).

School of Sufi teaching. I)e\clop profound intuition to get spiritual insight through axxalxenirig the heart. xx ith the help (ll til illetlllaiioll. Weekl) lllcellllgs.

Tel: 01259 740 300 or mobile: 0775 170 7741.

I Counselling. Katlnka Harrison. Tel: 0‘21: 594 123. Full) qualified. Edinburgh based. Free initial complemen- tar} session.

I 1 to 1 phone coun- selling. I'se the phone tor quiclx and conxenient access to protessional help. 01%| .\‘90 ‘39 or \isit

xx xx \\ Ito l phonecouiiselling co m l'iee initial lialt hour consul

Person-centred counselling can help _xou to understand and change lile problems. depres sion. abuse. stress. relationship dilticulties. and ber‘caxemerit Ring Marion Osborne in Glasgow on 07931 527 243.

Sheila Hartley LLB, trainee ('oiinsellor .iiid l’sxcliotlierapist lll ladinbtiigli lladdingtoii. Sale space to explore sensitix e l\\llL‘\. Sliding scale. Call: 01620 829 574 for a free phone consultation.

Winefride Daly B.Ed Trainee Psychotherapist ICounsellor \xor‘lxing at 'l'eamxxorlx lidinbiirgli, Sale siippor‘tixe space to explore issues and en able change. Sliding scale iiego liable.

Call 01620 824 152 for further details.

I Are you at the cross- 708118? Need support xx III) xxorlx. relationship bereaxement or alcohol dependence dilliculr ties‘.’ Ring 07949 194 724 or 07803 475 (388. Sliding scale. The Salisburx ('entre Iidinburgh.

Dramatherapy - Boost confidence and coping strategies Using storytelling. roleplax and drama games.

New group starting soon - Introductory session only £5. Call 0800 093 8350 or

visit www.

Lite getting you down? let Il}pll(llllc‘ritp} change that? II_xpnotherapx can help xx ith manx ol lilc"s problems: plio bias. anxict). nerx es. For further details call 07971 299 583 (Edinburgh).

To advertise in The List call

0131 550 3060

Property to let


Furnished one bedroom flat axailable trom I September. Stockbridge. (ias combi heating-hot xx ater Kitchen Il\- mg room. £500 pcm + one month's deposit

Tel: 07790 330 896.

I Newington. Exceptional quiet one bedroom tlat. llll lll\Ilt'xI. Ix \ I‘x‘xl. .tII lllxNI culls \xitliiii traditional period design \\.ii' Sept orixxaids. \ iexxirig liiglilx recommended LIN! pun lel llq‘llli ll5.\ ‘Ni.\'

I Edinburgh city centre llat. one double bedroom. lounge. separate kitchen and bathroom L100 pt m l’lione I‘slllx'l III-II II,‘ 5 IN“ \il l).\\ I Gorgie fiat ioi it-ni Double bedroom. Il\ mg

rm kitchen Recentlx reliii bislied to hiin stiid (‘lose to bus routes and exc amenities riearbx I; MI) pcm iiioii smoking llal l. lel Ill ll 030 0.‘ Ii


I.i\\L'I} illlt' I‘etlliiiilll llal l.i\ ingroom. separate lxilcheii. double bedroom \x llll excellent

storage I'ull (i(‘l|. Idlectric shoxxer in bathroom l'iee parlx mg. I0 min xxallx lrom citx cen tie and on excellent biis route.

L435 pcm

Tel: 0131 478 1120.

Leith “ell presented lullx ltii'riislied llat. I double and I single bed roorii. large Il\ ingroom and sep arate modern lxllx'llx'li Izlectric slioxxei in bathroom I'ree park mg. Immediate eritr_x it required. £445 pcm.

Tel: 0131 478 1120. I Leith - one bedroom

flat xxith large dining kitchen axailable noxx. .\'exx I} decorat ed. sanded floors throughout. £450 pcrn + bills, (‘all 077789 (357 283.

I Large bright newly reti- oxated flat in Strathearn Road. Marchmont for rent. Surtable for 4 5 people. Rent £990 pm. Licence pending. Tel: 0771 | 281 9] I.

I Central fully furnished

flat. I double. | single bed-


Attractive. self— contained ground floor office available for rent in Tweeddale Court.

14 High Street. Edinburgh just of the Royal Mile. 550 sq it plus kitchen and toilet.

For further details or to arrange viewing, please call Robin Hodge on 0131 550 3050.