Personal .


VI saw you NOT“ colum- nist. u larger that) life rich dark truffle. We botiglit ilour w hilc they repaired the watcrbed. Now I can only think of bea- gles ears. llo\ No [i 477 5‘). VI saw you beige leather tacket. short dark spikey hair. llulf utider chin. w earing black. [It l-ury .\lurrays on Io Aug. Yoti. w itli drunk friends thrown out. Me. long dark. dark\ious to meet. llo\ .\'o l‘ 477 60.

VI saw you I.()\'l-. )‘(it' BABY at the (ill. Wed 20th Aug. Yoti were the asiaii guy iii the queue with long hair. I was It) the door. ('osnio cafe coffee

llC\l tilltc',’ llt)\ No l. 477 ()l.

VI saw you Borders. It) Aug.

llippy angel looking heavenly in lilac shoes and skirt in \ ide- olatid. Wish I had done more than talk to your mum. Please look me up. llt)\ Ni) [I 477 ()3. VI saw you working in the l3th .\'otc ('afe. I think your name is Jo'.’ And I think you're lovely. l‘rom a female fan. BM Ni) [' 477 ()3,

VI saw you working in the iron restaurant » the new Atiiericaii barstafl'. You can serve the a portion anytime cowboy? HS X. llo\ Ni)

[' 477 ()5.

V I saw you residents of (ilasgow. Aug. You

ne\ er offered me it place it) stay for free. \Vhy '.’ What went \yt'ong'.’ llo\ No [' 47766.

V I saw you artsy -fat‘tsy fella on a sunny 'l'hursday. You'll be my Jean-Paul. I'll be your Simone... llos No [' 47767.

V I saw you I wear black oi) the outside. because that's how I feel on the inside. SJl’ lookalike - I love you. lfl seem a little strange. that's because I am. Btu NU [' 477 ()3.

V I saw you blonde-haired cutie iii 'l'inderbos. I sat beside you and ate the leftover cake from your plate. Yoti got up and left. btit I know it turned yoti on. Is your name Sarah-Lec'.’ Bo\ Ni) [' 477 6‘).

V I saw you ('atherine. on Wed 20th. You ran down Byres Rd to l’artick X. then into the burnt). (‘locked each other sc‘y - eral times. Remember you from years ago. Make contact please. (‘ \. Box No [I 477 70.

VI saw you 'l.ady 8' you make me wanna do dirty things to you all night long??? xx. Box .\'o [' 477 7 l.

V I saw you in 'l'inderhos and yoti sat at the same table. we talked all day and I never ever tell you how much you mean to the. Box No [' 477 73.

V I saw you tlte delectable Mr I)? Been so long but seems

st) short? I love you you're the one for me says .\lishka. You MR7 Bm No [' 477 73.

V I saw you ('hris Q. work- ing in the Note. You're hot. Hm No [i 477 74.

VI saw you working in the Stand. tall shaven-head guy? Spin me another line. love busty liltindel W“ No [i 477 75.

VI saw you monkey ?7 You look so cute when yoti wake tip. with hair up to the sky ??? Love you still your nionster. Bo\ .\'o [' 477 76.

VI saw you at (iary & Jim's BBQ. Kevin. what those side- burns do to me you sexy thing?? Me cute Spanish chick - want 3 meet tip & catch a movie some- tiiiie \x. Hm .\'o l’ 477 77.

V I saw you underground then later green eyes taking in mother. Your beauty left me in awe. Still reelin' with that heav - enly squeelin' feelin' 7\. Box No l‘ 477 78.

VI saw you Renovation girl seeks baked potato man? ['

Kiw i'.’ .\le...soon 2 travel? Want 2 meet 4r a pint'.’ Box No

l‘ 477 7‘).

VI saw you Julie 1, working behind that classy bar in

Mary hill. You are beautiful. I love you xxx. Box No

l' 477 80.

VI saw you in Brel. You; lovely with long dark hair. red top with flow er motif. skirt + black boots - You with very attractive friends. Me sitting by door jeans + t-shirt. You said bye - shame? Box No [7477/8]. VI saw you listher with the atigelic voice. see you (a the place where we are - luck (' x. Box No [' 477 82.

V I saw you you's three in \‘odka Wodka's ya wee steamers drinkiii' yer l.-l-l-'l'. I want to siiog you's David. (‘olin and ('raig. Box .\'o [' 477/83.

V I saw you cross-dressed iiiohaw k. witness room of Sheriff (‘oun July. Me. black uniform - let's get it on. Box No [' 477 84.

V I saw you at Young Adam at the (il’l’. You. balding. blue shirt talking about diving. I'd like to know you. Box No

[' 477 85.

V I saw you in the Scotia. l‘riday night. Long hair. leather jacket. think your friends call you \Vado. You're groovey‘. See you again. Box .\'o [' 47786. V I saw you in the Barras. red hair. driving a black haknee. with yer wee midget boyfriend ya skaiik ye? Wee love you real- ly. Bo\ No [' 477 87.

V I saw you in Vodka \Vodka co/ that's where you work. If you'll be my blond adoiiis. I'll be your god of love - the clues

in the name: yours is Kippy M. Box .\'o [' 477 88.

V I saw you double wrap my w the and anchovies. Are screw - tops a habit I should cultivate. or would I be better off at the Belt for some cold turkey ‘.’ Box .\'o l' 477 8‘).

V I saw you red 'lis‘nin work- ing in “(QM (ilasgow. I was very embarrassed when security alarm sounded. dark hair face same colour as your shirt s. Box No [' 477 90.

V I saw you in 'l'ron Bar looking very hot indeed? Viva la Wee llelen fae the 'Well - by the way. are they real'.’ l.uv K x. Box No ["477y‘)|.

V I saw you on Arger Street looking like da bomb. Blonde hair. brown eyes. Would you purr for me Kat'.’ Box No

l' 477 ")2.

VI saw you Willma I) with your curly braided tresses - let me caress them. Box No [7477/93.

VI saw you shiny boy with your cucumber pack on hee hee. Box No [3476/69.

VI saw you in twain goglle eyes by the river Tuesday 2pm. Be good. Box No [7476/70.

VI saw you small bleck. don‘t leave a long broon on her ain x. Box No [7476/7].

V I saw you Doug W, you look so line? With those non- alcliy good looks and geeky exterior. I want to make you mine??? Lucy xxxxxxx. Box No [5476/72.

V I saw you Neil 'l‘. you sexy beast. I love your chinos and your shack-esque t-shirt. It gets me hot??!l Love rue. Francisxxx. Box No [7476/73.

V I saw you Brian. you're sooo hot? I think I love you. That t-shirt is da bomb. I know you've seen me so speak to me. love. Sarah. Box No [f/476/74.

V I saw you Alan at bar in (‘ube on 12th August. Still fancy you but had forgotten you stood me up til next day. Do you still have my iiumber'.’ Box No [7476/75.

V I saw you and your lovely salamander on your am) serving me & my pal ice cream in bai‘)l. You are the most gor- geous barperson in glasgow. just thought you should know. Box No [7476/76.

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I Attractive, profession- al feminine female. 40's. (iSOll. enjoys eating out. wine. cinema. travel and more. Seeks genuine female for fun times and possibly more. (Box No: P/477/l)


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