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CHRIS EUBANK has allowed cameras into his humble home in another Osbournes-style look at ‘normal’ celebs. But what are his views on canes, dancing and flies?

Do you miss hitting people for a living?

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What’s your favourite punchline? To a joke. l‘l(?llf‘,’.)Mll'V‘/"i\./1."1"‘.,'i_i" .<:l. Who’s the best dressed British celebrity?

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What do you aim to achieve with the series?

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How has it proved to be so?

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When did you last dance?

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Female boxing: good Idea or bed Idea?

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Are you a cat or dog man?

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What lengths would you go to in order to protect your family?


ould you use your cane?

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What lessons do you pass on to your kids? llll2l(;:;5;<)l1(;<>wz inkirilllf; in: wan- n‘ " ‘l‘! " .- pmclmz- of Integrity, liar: pmmtww '4' mm x" : flue pr;l(:l1(:(2 of fovglxérmmr, in twmu of (l "mu!" :. .' goals. il':; {)’)lll(] l<) l:(> fr>’,;lf;. (1‘1‘)l|(:ll'.""‘- is": l)(‘:’f$lf§i(}ll(i(: Ami ll ‘.'./ll' mgr-r clump: l ,' «M,- I A! Home WIN) flu.) I HIM/ilk}; 1:; (m ,‘lw. 8pm,

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Comma, new mum?

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