PEACHES Arches. Glasgow.

Peaches. the potty-mouthed

Canadian princess of sexual-electro-

punk-rock is back . . . with a beard. Yes. the cover of her charmingly

named second album, Fatherfucker.

reveals Peaches, aka Merrill Nisker,

sporting the sort of facial foliage that

Fidel Castro would envy. It’s perhaps a deliberate contrast to the sleeve of

last year's Teaches of Peaches. which features a close up of her crotch in fuchsia hot pants.

‘It was because the first album was

such a sexy cover.‘ she explains. ‘This album is more about being female and male. I wanted to show that. I got a lot of comments about hairy armpits and the hairs coming out from my bikini line so I just wanted to highlight that.‘

She expresses pride but also some

surprise at the success of her debut.

especially given how madly difficult it

was to track down before its re- release last year. ‘lt‘s such an insane corporate

dominated market. bands like Atomic Kitten or whoever have so much money behind them, but people found out about me through word of mouth. I didn‘t have any videos

on MTV or adverts in any papers.‘

Her success cannot be attributed to her record alone: the notoriety of her blistering live performances must be noted too. She's a one-woman moshpit who uses her sexuality as brazenly as Atomic Kitten but without the naivety or artifice. Her hooker/evangelist theatrics more than make up for the fact that there‘s no band on stage. This flourish of success has transformed Peaches into something of a style icon too: she has been photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, while Vogue screeched about how ‘everyone in fashion digs Peaches’. Her response to that

was: ‘That's not really my thing.‘

But they continue to fawn, unabashed. Designer Luella Bartley‘s used her lyrics on T-shirts and an understandably pissed off Peaches reveals: ‘She gave me a jacket that has some of my lines on it, but I was never invited to any of her

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More fruity cock and bull stories

fashion shows - l was like, “come on.“'

And as for Madonna being a fan, she says: ‘She never invited me anywhere either. She did that play in London, Up For Grabs, and she used my music in the intermission, and when she performed in Spain she played my album before the show.‘

But it's not all take, take. take from the adoring hordes. One famous fan who actually seemed interested in giving a little back from New York’s latest icon was Iggy Pop. The pair duet on ‘Kick It‘, a suitably raucous barrage which is one of a handful of songs that signals a move into more rocky territory on Fatherfucker, away from her electro


Despite the infamy, fantastic fans and funky facial hair, Peaches promises she's just the same as always.

‘It was a lot of work growing that thing, I drank a lot of beer.‘ But there’s no fear of the hot pants being hung up for her legendary live performances. ‘l have a lot of pairs.‘

A nation sighs with relief. (Carolyn Rae)


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