Pacific Quay, Sat 13 Sep

For the first time ever, Glasgow hosts the BBC's Proms in the Park. Already, London, Cardiff and Birmingham have held similar events, with thousands of people listening to an outdoor evening of light classics. Maybe following Scotland's unparalleled summer of hot and dry weather, Glasgow is seen as a viable proposition, but something in the region of 7000 people will be hoping that the rain continues to stay away from Pacific Quay

come 13 September.

‘lt’s a major coup that Proms in the Park is being held in Glasgow,‘ says the evening’s presenter, Jamie MacDougall. ‘It’s a great location too, a contemporary venue right on the banks of the Clyde set in a wonderful juxtaposition of old and new architecture.’ The BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra play from what MacDougall calls ‘the biggest gazebo in town'. They appear with two conductors - John Wilson for the lightest moments and chief conductor Ilan Volkov for Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, with pianist Kenneth Osborne as soloist. MacDougall, who enjoys an increasingly successful career as a singer and broadcaster, is also joined by soprano Lisa Milne and Karen Matheson of Capercaillie. ‘I’ll be doing a duet with Lisa, ‘Almost Like Being in Love’ from Brigadoon,’ he says. ‘And Karen’s singing some Scots songs with orchestral accompaniment.‘ Young performers are involved too. The National Youth Choir of Scotland, fresh from Messiaen at the Edinburgh Festival, now turn to ‘O Fortuna’ from Carmina Burana.

At the time of writing, all 7000 tickets have gone, but a precious few can be won by tuning in to MacDougall’s Grace Notes programme on Radio Scotland on Sunday afternoons between 3pm and 5pm. And, of course, the event is televised, with all the Proms in the Parks linked up for a grand finale which is broadcast all over the

world. (Carol Main)

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I Hundred Reasons (izirugc. Glasgow. 25 Sep.

I Frank Black Liquid Ronni. Edinburgh. 26 Sep; (izirugc. (ilzixgmx‘. 28 Scp.

I Rancid Burro“ land. (ilusgim. 25 8; 26 Sep.

I The Rapture QMI'. Glasgow. 27 Sep.

I Stiff Little Fingers Liquid Ronni. Edinburgh. 27 Sep.

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Ilan Volkov conducts the Proms while Jamie MacDougall (inset) charms the crowds


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