Diamanda Galas (iott) and Adrian Howells are glad to be Gloogayi

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iamanda anti pearls

Glasgay! celebrates with another top notch line-up. Words: Jane Hamilton

t's time to dust down your sparkliest tops and practise your

best prance as Glasgayl returns for its tenth year. It is now the

biggest gay arts festival in the UK. and we can exclusively reveal the November event's highlights.

After the hype of Annie Sprinkle in 2002. it would be hard to out- do everyone's favourite pom star but this year boasts 16 world and eight Scottish premieres. three of which have been speCially commiSSIoned for Glasgayl. They include the ama7ing mice of Diamanda Galas in her Show Frenzy: A Concert Dedicated to Aileen Wuornos. Ursula Martinez in OAP and Adrian Howells. who washes yOur dirty laundry in Adrienne '3 Dirty Laundry Experience: The Ultimate Soap Opera. In the dance section is the excellent Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo who \Nl” be performing their own unique brand of drag ballet.

Play nicely, boys

Celebrities take time out to club together for peace. Words: Ruth Hedges .‘V

‘l was very pleas“: zi‘i’ r':'“f;'i "" :‘ .‘. f" "k this; i [)avid Leddy. Despite mac». 0‘ We xix: ""L‘f'ff: "'n‘ "d "’ "'..°.“~.l(i(}

year we've surpassed ':.,'s(,>'.'<:-‘1.' '- Scotland. 1 eddy ‘s «("0" ": e“’\"..'a;:e ::r-":, r: river from Edinburgh To do '." s. (‘i asga.’ '1 .' w: :a l Hzt‘nr; and a Boybus. two bases " (:“‘.<; {i .' 2 by live perfonwrs and a [)J I; rent; '1'

.'l"' entertained mi". to a show

This is just Cm“: c‘ the ‘2 """'Z‘:“~ "r; if: audieme and showmg that .t's rot gust ‘c' C en‘s a”: the gay community Audience figures that as e' as " ':" We audience being ethnic minorities. and the majorfy be no, the age of 34. One

third were heterosexual. So the sca'k'es are ‘c' everyone. then.


ith the bile-fuelled football

season well underway. the

beautiful game can still thrive in some parts in the name of peace. love and understanding. On Sunday 14 September at Partick's Mansfield Square. Real Partick take on the Lismore Lions. COmpriSIng stellar names such as comics Phll Kay and Ian McCall (pictured). ex- Rangers captain Richard GOugh and Celtic midfielder Neil Lennon plus actors Gary LeWis and DaVid Hayman.

One Side Will be dressed in green and white hoops. the other blue With a hint of Orange and there are rumours that GOugh and Lennon may swap shirts. Pre-match speakers are talking ab0ut anti- sectarianism. while half-time entertainment Includes belly dancers and cheer leaders. And if that doesn't put Old Firm battles to rest. what Will?

The match is part of a Wider Festival of Peace that coinCIdes With International Day of Peace on Sunday 21 September and Involves the first International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Glasgow With screenings at the UGC in Renfrew Street and a series of events wuth filmmakers. JOurnalists and those who have suffered abuse.

Also that week Massn Cafe Bar hosts a variety of events With Mono Restaurant Bar starting an initiative called Talking Shop. ‘There's a great Scottish tradition of putting life to rights in the pub.‘ says Christine MacLeod of Spirit Aid. 'So we're usmg the festival as a launch for Spirit Aid Talking Shop With four nights of people speaking and kicking off diSCuSSions.'

I Celebrity Football Match. Sun 74 Sen. 2pm, Mansfield Square, Part/ck. mvw. spiritaid. org. uk

4 THE LIST 4—1.8 Sep 2‘03

Demetri Martin labs it up

I Provmg that no spin— off is too ludicrous. Jack Osbourne is getting his own Channel 4 show. Cameras will be following him around LA as he Surveys his beloved home town with a “Brit's eye View'. It's to be called Union Jack (clever, eh?). Expect the horror to descend sometime in November . . . But. as if to prove that wunners can also find a place on C4, Perrier hero Demetri Martin will be part of the next amusing set of experiments in The Comedy Lab . . . Despite admitting to having problems with st'ff limbs in his old age. Harrison Ford (61) will be jumping back into the saddle as Indiana Jones. The fourth instalment will start shooting next summer . . . An indie movie of another kind sees Ja Rule joining Ving Rhamea for Back in the Day. set in and around the gangs of Puerto Rico. We're not sure about Ja's next two film moves though: he's starring with J-Lo in Shall We Dance and then cropping up in Scary Movie 3. But hey. we all make mistakes.