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So, what’s the first thing you do when you get your new floor in and redo the decor in your living room? If you come from the Changing Rooms school of suburban one- upmanship, you'd no doubt be getting your friends round to take their shoes off in the hall and massage your ego with polite comments, wouldn’t you?

This isn't bland, brain-numbing telly we're talking about here though, and the folks at the Venue know that the best way to christen their newly refitted main dancefloor level is to put on a storming club and let everyone come along to stamp all over it. In fact, why settle for one club? Why not just go for three established names at the same time? And let's forego any ‘one-off special event' nonsense. Let's just make it weekly.

For the frankly astounding price of a fiver, 30’s debut night offers action from Edinburgh hip hop grandmasters Scratch, popular midweek soul’n’groove night Motherfunk and drum & bass from Rogue State. There’s no hanging around waiting for your favourites, either - with one club running on each of the Venue's three floors - you can just pick your poison and stay there all night.

Promoter Stewart MacKinnon explains further: ‘It‘s very hard for clubs to make money at what they’re doing as it is, but having three clubs together with one generic flyer and one poster cuts the costs down for everyone. Plus, no one’s competing with each

other for the same Friday night trade. Having said that, though, we’re looking to push the individual identity of each club involved at least as much as the whole

concept of 30.’

To that end, MacKinnon is looking for clubs to complement each other, while still emphasising the variety. ‘We’re trying to avoid overdosing on techno and concentrate on funk, hip hop, drum & bass and more eclectic types of music. Plus, with our new dancefloor, bar and toilets and a soundsystem that‘s twice as large, I feel I can honestly say we‘re now

Harry ‘choo choo’ Romero

Gino and Fryer (Motherfunk) proving that three can indeed go into one

properly equipped to put on a top quality night out.‘ The next two nights have already confirmed appearances by such established and up-and-coming capital clubs as Manga, Tokyoblu and Messenger (19 September), as well as the long-awaited Edinburgh debut of Glasgow's electropop titan Optimo on the main floor (alongside Headspin and Obscene, 26 September). With some clubs already expressing an interest in returning or even establishing an irregular residency could we be witnessing the birth of an institution here? At that price, surely no one can resist. (David Pollock)



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IN OUR EXUBERANCE TO promote the new Glasgow Fabulous Annual, we jumped the gun a wee bit, but it is now currently available at branches of Fopp and 80rders. And of course, we can't recommend it highly enough. 13.2mm: 1‘“

RADIO MAGNETIC HAS YET more exclusives on the way through September. The Live Sessions schedule includes the Majesticons, 10 September, J- Live, 17 September and Souls of Mischief, 24 September, all at 2pm, with even more to come throughout the rest of the year. Check to catch the action.

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