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hiqhfive Awards DO come easy to me

The handing out of the Perrier Award opened the floodgates to a season of gong-giving. We‘ve just had the brouhaha of the MTV Music and Video Awards and gut-wrenchineg moving speeches from the Kerrang! winners. And this fortnight, the Mercury nominees are put out of their misery and the Booker shortlist is announced. We like nothing better than indulging in soft-focus fantasies. so here are some made-up awards.

ark Rae, DJ, musician and founder of Grand Central Records chooses his top / albums currently in production.

1 Kate Rogers Her supreme soul vocals. as featured on the last two Aiin LPs. finally find their spiritual home.

2 Niko A stupendous clash of punk, hip hop and jazz. Featuring production duties from Mr Scruff and the Nextmen.

3 Riton Riton's second workout features lots of fresh vocal talent wig. 5;; Willi Siinian, the Fabrics and 2 7‘" Jonathon Case shoWing up among some of the most off-the-wall

lHE JFK US futuristic music you Will ever hear. I». T (t Li, llZl ‘iLOR “titles i i ’ulwillL 4 The Nudge Salford superstar | DU WriRD Bimiii AWARD

Woody and Bruce Willis lookalike Rick Walker combine to clash the Stone Roses with Eric B and Rakim with a healthy dose of Philly soul

, goes to goes to y‘. goes to goes to thrown m’ Jennifer Donald Beyonce ‘Three Daniel 5 Mark Rae Now nearing Lopez Rumeeld tomatotes afnd a Kitson coriipletion and featuring Veba. Pete cucum. er or Simpson. Zel) on vocals. this is the _ dllmer culmination of what I've been trying Knowles

to do since I started making music. Watch out Ahha . . . I'm coming.


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