I Cycling: Pedal for Scotland (icoigc Squaic. h“ J “Ii "am "pm L 10 It‘i \iiniial \Il\[‘I.t} oI pcdal pom‘i \\IlIl [\tlllcll‘allh c_\c|in:_' Iiom (icoigc Sqiiaic III (iIa\j:i‘\\ to I dniiiuich Scc

\\\\\\ [\‘tIaIIUl\u‘IIalItI oi; loi \IL'I.III\ I Football: Celebrity Football Match \Iaiixlicld \tllidlt'. I‘aitick *5: M I I 3pm I icc Rcal I’ailick lakc on lhc I I\IlliiIt' l It‘lI\ ax pail oI tIic Spiiit \id

I cxtnai ol I’cacc I’tilhiig on thc chcIiiiu

‘1 .'r‘" I

scomnos's BIG WEEKEND Football and rugby collide on big Saturday

It’s a tale of two cities in the world of sport on Saturday 6 September. In the red corner of Hampden is football: Scotland plays host to the Faroe Islands in a crucial Euro 2004 qualifier. In the blue corner at Murrayfield is rugby: Scotland make their final preparations for the World Cup in Oz with a match against Ireland. You’ve television to thank for the staggered timing (1.30pm for rugby, 3pm for footie), but will the countrymen be riding high on national pride or holding their heads in shame come 4.45pm? We check out the comparative vital stats.

POPULA IO 5 million 4 million 47,000 LAND AREA 78,772 sq km 68,890 sq km 1,399 sq km BEST-KNOWN Haggis, fish and chips Potatoes, soda bread Fish FOODSTUFFS and Guinness

EUROVISIOI‘I SONG LUIU. 1969. Won seven times,

CONTEST '{RL‘ICK ‘Boom Bang-a-Bang’ hosted moretimes than n/a RECORD - heady days indeed was economically Viable

NATIONAL SPORT(S) Football, shinty Hurling Rowing GREATEST SPORTING Matt Busb leads Reachin World Cup

MOMENT (ACCORDING Man U to uropean uarter inals in n/a

T0 CHANNEL 4) Cup glory | aly 1990


Jackie Stewart, racing car hero

Packie Bonnar, legendary goalkeeper

Regin Vagadal, world‘s strongest man


Crashing out of Ar entina World Cup

Six Nations Wooden Spoon winners in three

Yet to reach a football or rugby World Cup. Normally source

,. . successive years, of embarrassment EMBARRASSMENT "‘ 1996-98 when beating higher ranking teams Willie Johnston, sent ROY Keanev sent the WORLD CUP home from Argentina in :mm mprea'aia 3" m 02 n/a DISGRACE 78 for failing drugs test or ca mg m

McCarthy names


Tartan Army embraced world over, triumphant in defeat

Jovial Irish support, known for good craic

Only the hardiest supporters makeothe arduous round-trip to

mainland Europe

Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication. Sports listings are subject to change, so please check in advance. Listings are compiled by Maureen Ellis.

Thursday 4


I Basketball: Scottish Rocks Pro-Basketball Team Open Trials Kclxin IIaII Intcrnalional Spoi‘tx :\I'Cll;l. I445 Argflc Sti'ccl. 5M I H0.

7 90m. I‘rcc. .-\ chancc to It} out for Scotlaiid\ onl) pro haskctliall squad. chixtci‘ in ad\ancc at \\ \\ \\.\L‘tilll\h i'ockxcouk


I Rugby: Glasgow Rugby v Cardiff Blues Ilughcndcn. 32 Hughcndcn Road. 0870 373 4400. 7.30pm. U0 L'l-l t£5 £7). ‘I’Iic ncnl) mpandcd (‘cltic I.cag_'tic gctx undcrxia).


I Football: Scotland v Faroe Islands IIanipdcn Park. I.cthcrh} I)ri\c. (ilh (i000. 3pm. {I0 [I5 IE3 accompanicd childrcn i. Scotland can't afford to dip up agaiiN a [cam tiiat hax c alrcad) prm cd dit'l'icult coiiipctition in this crucial litiro 2004 qualil') in; match.

Edinburgh I Rugby: Scotland v Ireland

Murra) ticld Stadium. Riwrxdalc (‘I'L'SL‘L‘IIL 0870 0-10 I025, [.30pm, [Tom

94 THE LIST -'~~‘5 Sot‘

U0 I {St Scotland's Iiiial \iai‘miip hct'oi'c thc \Voi'ld (up in .-\u\ti‘alia. 'l'o add to thc occaxion. Dcacon Illuc \\ III pcrlorm. 2-1 dancci'x t'i'oni I.oi'd ol llic IXIIICL‘ \\ lII IIL‘Ip \\ ill) IItt' \L'lItl till. illltl a hugc \allii‘c flag \\ iII hc um cilcd. l'caturiiig lIIttll\;IlltI\ ot' \uppoi‘t IIIL‘\\;lj_‘L‘\.

Outside the cities

I Football: Scotland v Australia .-\|iiiond\alc Stadium. .-\lmond\alc Stadium Road. I.i\ing_'\ton. 0I500 “7000, Noon. U IEI i. lntci'national \xomcn‘x I’ootliall match. lcaltn'ing no chici' than iiinc play-ix l'i‘oni IliIici‘nian


I Athletics: The Great Scottish Run (ilthgtm (ii'CL‘ll. (it’CL‘tttI) In“ SII'CL‘I. MS 000‘). ‘Iam. Scc photo caption.

I Cycling: Go Bike Cycle Meeting BCIIS lit'itlgt‘. (‘ongi'cxx Road. 07032 400003. Illam. 32-niilc round trip from (ilaxgoxx to I’alaccrigg ('ounti'} Park in ('tinihcrnauld.


I Ice hockey: Edinburgh Capitals v Fife Flyers .\Itii'ra_\Iic|d IL‘L‘ Rink. RI\L‘I'\tI;lIC (‘I'LWL'CIIL 337 (i933. 0pm. [l0 (UH; E30 l'aniil} tickct. I-indu\ (’tip icc Iiockc} match.

Tuesday 9

Outside the cities

I Football: Scotland v Italy :\Iiiioiid\alc Stadium. Almondxalc Stadium Road. l.l\IlI:_'\lUII. 0I500 4|"000. -.3II[‘III. £3i£1i.Scotlaiid\ \xomcn'x \idc pla) anothci' Ii'icndl} III lIIL‘it' dtltiplL‘tl Iitimc.


I Fitness: Jumpstart with Nike 'l'hc .'\i'c|ic\. 35‘ .-\l'_‘.') Ic Sum. 50‘ I033. I’t‘cc. but i'cgistci‘ in adiaiicc. \ikc- \[ithMiI'CtI training: t'\t‘0lllf__‘\ Itll' nonicn. Scc Shopping: and I‘L‘ghlt‘l' at \x\tu.nikcuonicn.coni/uk


I Rugby: Edinburgh Rugby v the Borders \Icadouhank Sports ('ciiti'c. I“) I,ondon Road. Nil S‘SI, ".Rllpm. U0 E1515 EM. I'.tlllll‘lll':_‘ll pla} lIicii' III‘SI Iionic gamc ot tlic ('cltic Icagnc hoping: to continuc in Iaxt \caxon’x

\\ inning \ia} \.


I Football: Rangers v Dunfermline Athletic lhrox Stadium. litllllhltill I)i'i\c. 0370 (:00 I003, 3pm. :\ IC-I'llll ol thc li\turc \ihich \a\\ Rangci'x clinch thc lcaguc Iaxt \L'thtll, \\'ill a \lIIIlIQII‘ talc Iiclall tIic I’ai'x'.


I Football: Hibernian v Motherwell I‘.;l\IL‘I' Road. I: Albion I’Iacc. (iIiI IVS. 3pm. \thncxci‘ tIic [anarkdiii'c tcam Iicad to thc ca\t cnd oi Iidinhui'in. Iiiin scoring: cnxucx.

00808 the Cities

I Horse racing: Musselburgh Races \ltisxclhurgh Racccourxc. I.llll\llCItl Road. \Itixxclhurgh. 0131 (:65 285‘). 2.05pm. L'l0 E15 H5 undcr Elm It'cct. I'IaI racing.

Mac and giccn It'ISt‘}\ \klII Iic I’IiiI I\a\. Ix’ichaid (iough. \cil I cniioii. laii \Ict‘all and l)c\ Hamilton


I Ice hockey: Edinburgh Capitals V Dundee Stars \lllll.t}llt'ltl l\ c Ix‘iiik. Ix’ixcixdalc (‘icxccnt W" 0" ii hpiii LII) IUH. {:0 laiiiil} lickcl I IlItIll\ (‘in match I Ice hockey: Edinburgh Capitals V Dumfries \Iiiii.i}lit-Itl lcc Rink. RIM'IMIJIC (It'u‘t'lli. 1“ (“I I: "I‘m {Ii It-Ii Ihc (‘apitalx [‘Ia} lIicii \ccoiid match ol lIic c\cniii;_'_ IIIIS liiiic III lhc \iittimn ('iiii

Monday 15

Outsmle the Cities

I Horse racing: Musselburgh Races \Itixxcllinigh R.t\k‘\'lllll\t'. I.llll\Ilt‘ItI Road. \ItichIiingh. 0| ;| (mi 3S“) Illlpin [III {Ii iii. undci lhx liccl I'lal racing:

Tuesday 16


I Football: Rangers v VfB Stuttgart [him Stadium. I'tllllhltill I)l'l\t" 0S"0 000 100‘ " ~I5|iiii Rangcix pla} llicii IIISI match oi tlic (‘Iiampionx l.cag_'uc. ('cltic \lultcicd agaiim Sliillcait Iaxt \t‘ilSUlI but an Ull'lttl’lll '( it'l\ \ltlt' should Iic moic than a match Ioi lhc (ici'niaiix.

Thursday 18


I Fitness: Jumpstart with Nike Ihc .'\l'\'IIL'\. 35‘ '\If__'}lt‘ Sliccl. ‘0‘ IIL‘i I'i'cc. Iiiit icgixtci in adiaiicc Scc III” | I

Great Scottish Run

Are you one in 12,000? That’s how many people are likely to pledge their support and lace up their runners for Scotland’s biggest participative sporting event. Now split into three routes a half marathon, a new 10km race and the Junior Great Scottish Run - there is something for everyone. Since its inception in 1982, the run has raised around £26 million for charity. The deadline to sign up has passed, so why not turn out and lend your vocal support.

I G/asgow Cross to Glasgow Green. 0747 248 9909. Sun 7 Sep, 9am.