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For a weekend in September, you will be able to see inside some of Glasgow’s most amazing buildings - many of which are either not usually open to the public, or charge some sort of entry fee. Glasgow’s Doors Open Day 2003 runs for the weekend of 20-21 Sep. Here’s a taster.

Mitchell Library The Mitchell is Europe's largest reference library and houses a book stock of over 1.5m items. Join in one of the tours and see the various rooms and the vast archive section. As well as showing you the astonishing collection inside the Mitchell, the tours also give you a chance to explore its stunning architecture. Tickets for the tours are available from the library entrance on Kent Road. North Street, 287 2999. Sat 20 Sep. 7 Dam—4pm. Free.

Alasdair Gray Mural Visit this private residence (pictured) and see Alasdair Gray's restored mural of Jonah and the Whale. It was only discovered when the new owner of the house was doing some DIY in the bedroom, and came across the work under the wallpaper. Access to the mural is limited and admission is by ticket with a maximum of two being allowed per household. West End, Glasgow, 227 6061. Sun 27 Sep. 70am—4pm. Free.

Glasgow Central Mosque Built in 1984, the mosque is still an amazing sight on the south bank of the River Clyde. As well as being the Muslim place of worship, it is also 8 Religious and Educational Institution, a Socio Cultural Centre and a Welfare and Advice Centre. This is a wonderful opponunity to see inside this impressive religious building. 7 Mosque Avenue, Glasgow. Sat 20 Sep. 70am—4pm. Free.

98 THE LIST 18 Sep-2 Oct 2003

Glasgow, Sunday 21 continued

Other events

Merchant City Festival Various yenues. Merchant (it). 341 0844. See Tliti IX.

Cutting Teeth s3 'l‘mngaic. 077} 3456345. Noon. Free. See Thu IX Horror on the Streets Tourist Information ('entrc. (ieorge Square. DH” 8402. 9pm. £7. See Thu 18.

Doors Open Day Various \enues. 321 606]. Free. See Sat 20. Horse-Drawn Cart Rides Merchartt Square. 71 73 Albion Street. ()0 (‘andlcriggs 553 5908. 2pm. £2. Sec Sat 20.

Edward Martin Draught Horse Shoeing and Shoemaking Competition Mtiseum of Scottiin (’ountry Life. Kittochside. Fast Kilbride. 01355 22-1le. |0ani 4pm £3 l£|.50i. See Sat 20.

Craft Fair Merchant Square. The (’ourtyard. 71 73 Albion Street.

l0am 4pm. Free. See Sat 20.

Homes Overseas Exhibition Sli(‘(’. l-‘innieston Quay. 0870 040 4000. 10.30am 5pm. £3 lchildrcn under 16 free). See Sat 20.

Cactus Day (ilzlsgow Botanic (iardens. 730 (ireal Western Road. 334 3423. 10am 4.45pm. Free. A display and sale of. cacti in the Kibble Palace.

Big Word Performance Poetry Workshops 'l‘ron Theatre. 63 'l‘rongale. 552 4267. Noon 4pm. l’cr week £20 l£l5l. Anita (ioyan and Rob (ice work with budding performance poets on technique. performance and writing tips. Flags of all Nations Prayer Ceremony (ilasgow ('athcdral. (‘astle Street. 552 MW. lpni. Free. ('clebrate International Day of Peace at this prayer ceremony and hear the (iospel ('lioir. l’ur! oft/re l‘i'.\'!it‘(l/ (if/’(Ylfl’.

Street Theatre & Entertainment Merchant (it). Bell Street. 1 4pm. Free. The Merchant (‘ily is closed to traffic and there will be street games. entertainment and music. I’ur! oft/re .llt’l't‘hurll (‘in- I'i'slii'ul.

Autumn Equinox: Druid Celebration (‘lyde Mtiirshiel Park. Mtiirshiel ('entre. 01505 842803. 2 4pm. Free. (‘elebrate the Festival of liars est with the local druids.

Mugdock Memories Mtigdock (‘ountry Park. (‘raigallian Road. Milngayie. 956 6100. 2~4pm. £1. Join local historiart Doug Stewart for a walk around Mttgdock and discover its wealth of amazing history.

A Fictional Guide to Scotland 83 Trongate. 0773 3456345. 3-—5pm. Free. ()peiilnk editorial board discuss their project and what it is like to operate as a small independent press in Scotland.

Other events

Creative Writing Group Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 5.30pm. Free. Alastair Paterson hosts a writing group open to anyone interested in deyeloping their creative flair. New members always welcome.

German Language Cafe Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 5.30pm. Free. A chance to improve your language skills with other German speakers.

Tuesday 23


Carry on up the Jungle Hunterian MUseum. l'niyersity of (ilasgow. 82 Hillhead Street. 350 4221. l2.45pm. Free. Maggie Reilly gives this ten-minute talk on Graham Kerr and the fish that breathed air.

Whistle-Stop Tours Hunterian Art Gallery. L'niyersily of (ilasgow, 83 liillhead Street. 330 543l. 1pm. Free. Half-hour highlight tours of the Hunterian's Whistler displays. Part of ii'hixller 2003.

Other events

Science Fiction Discussion Group Borders Books. 38‘ Buchanan Street. 333 "00 ~pin lrcc Discussion group illustrated by .i selected science llcllitll litmk

Sound Workshop 'llie '\itnc\c. Slcwar‘tulle Strccl. 553 M ll " "pin L1. l’clcr' (ioxait leads this workshop on the e\lraoidinaiy \ocal technique ol ()\crtoiie singing l’tiir of It \i'l'iiii' or l’t'u‘l i'

Screenwriters Group limiters Books. I“ Buchanan Street. 333 "00 "_ ‘sllpni l'rec (ict ad\ ice .iiid support about the art of w tiling tor the screen lroin othcr like-minded people

Wednesday 24

Book events

Ludovic Kennedy Royal (‘ottccil Hall. 3 Satichiehall Street. ‘5‘ .\l ll )0 lpin. £3.50 in ad\ance. [4. l\ presenter and best-selling author l.udo\ ic Kennedy is iii com ci‘salion with lain Anderson discussing his latest book. See pi'c\ icw


Artists Astray l’aisley Museum tk Art (ittllcl'lcs. High Street. l’atslcy. bx" ilil llillprii. Free. A short talk on ll'.t\ cl paintings.


Ten at One Talks lltintetran \tt (ialleiy. l niyctstly oi (ilascow \: Hillhcad \lteel. “ll 51:] 1pm ltee

lcn nirntite talks on selected works from the lltlnleiiaii's \\ histlei displays l’m.‘ "

H r:;\"_'(r :flfl‘i

Othm exents.

Drawing and Painting Classes l’ollok llotisc. I’ollok ('otititrs l‘aik. .‘llhll l’i‘li\‘k\ll.l\\\ Rikki. "ll‘ “*1 l"

lllain lpiti :8 learn diawinv and painting techniques in the pitttiiestitie surroundings ol l’ollok llotise

Thursday 25

Book oxonts‘

Terry Brooks lioidcts Books. .‘\‘\ Buchanan Street. 333 ""00 hpiii liee Sci li kin}: signs topics ol his new books. limit; Kim and \I”’.'l .'.'N.'i \ flu

\Iii'L'li “4 'IA', \ Talks

Friends of Glasgow Museums Talks \ch c||.in (ialleries. .‘ ‘0 Satlcltichall Street. 505 4100 Iptn ltcc \ talk on ltiiiiei's Hot/t n: /:t;.'\. [In l’rtlt Iti'll

Kenny Hunter in Conversation with John Calcutt H" \. Ni Satichiehall Sheet. ‘53 4000 “pm lice

Get ready for some fearsome poetry slamming at this fast-paced competition. 15 poets will be performing their work in front of the judges and M05 Rachel Jury and Anita Govan. Expect furious humour, feisty creativity and rapid-fire rhymes. If you think you're hard enough and want to take part contact 07811 394 058 or

I Big Word Poetry Slam. Tron Theatre, 63 Trongate. 552 4267. Sun 28

Sep. 8pm. £4 (£3).