Sculptor Kenn) llunter discusses his ('('.-\ commission. Ira/hurl Limp \l. ith John (‘alcutt

Other events

Women’s Fiction Discussion Group Borders Books. 383 Buchanan Street. 333 7700. 7pm. l-ree. Next discussion group starting \Hlll Jane :‘sUsten's Pride and I’re/iri/i'i e.


Peace Conference (ilttsgim (‘aledonian l'niicrsit}. (‘oncadilens Road. 553 6| 1 1. 7pm. .-\ tiso-da) conlcrence looking at all aspects ol peace and tillelitled h} peace \soi‘kct's. politicians. \\ riters. spiritual leaders and commiinit) representatncs. l’ur! o/ the I'estiiu/ of I’eur'e.

Book events

Books at the Botanics (llasgim Botanic (iardens, 730 (ireat \Veslet‘tt Road. 334 3433. lllam 4.30pm. lice. .-\ popular book market in the llopkirk Building.


Peace Conference (ilasgmi ('aledonian l'nii‘ersit}. (‘ois caddens Road. .553 (il l l. 3pm. See Fri 36.


CCA Talks and Tours (‘(‘.’\. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 353 4900. 3pm. Free. See Sat 30.

Influence to Icon llunterian Ari (iallcr). l'nis'ersit} ol (ilasgois. 83 llillhead Street. 330 543i. l l.45pm. l-‘ree. An illustrated lecture inxestigating Whistler's lamous portrait ol liis mother. x‘lrmneemenl in (il‘('\‘ (1an Blink .\'u l with Whistler scholar Dr Margaret l’ MacDonald.

Other events

Laughter Day (‘iii ('entre. l-‘ree. .»\ day ol street theatre and laughter workshops throughout the city. I’ur! or the Festival (if-l’t'tlt’t’.

Get Your Hands Dirty Mugtloek (‘ountry l’ark. (‘raigallian Road. Milngaiie. 956 6l00. l0am noon. Free. Join the Mugdock ('onsenation Volunteers and help tid} up the grasslands.

Farmers Market Mansfield Park. llyndland Street. 387 3000. |0am 3pm. Free. A chance to buy lresh produce direct from the farmers.

Lomond Craft Fair (‘oiiier 'l‘heaire. ()3 95 llyndland Street. 357 3868.

l lam— 4pm. £tbc. ('ralt lair.

Model Seaplane Displays (‘asile Semple (‘entre. ('lyde Mtiirshiel Regional Park. ()l505 843 883. | lam 4pm. liree. See a variety of aircralt l'rom all ox er Scotland flying over ('astlc Semple Loch. The Big Birthday Bash llunterian Art (iallery. L'niversit} ol (ilasgoss. 83 Hillhead Street. 330 5431. 1 3pm. l‘ree. As part of the Whistler 3003 programme. design a birthday card lor Whistler‘s Mother as she celebrates her I‘Nth birthday

Laughter Workshop The Annew. Stewartx'ille Street. 553 6| 1 l. 1.30 3pm. Donation at door. Bell} laugh )oui‘ \\a} to serenit} with Margaret McCall}. l’arr (if-I'i'slii'u/ ofl’r’rtt‘t’.

Writing Workshop for Women The .-\nne\e. Steuarh ille Street. 553

61 l l. 6~7.30piii. Donation at door. Jo} ce Faulkner ol Ri\ er (‘it} leads this humorous and empoiiering session lor all budding writers. l’iirr of Festival of l’euee.

Sunday 28

Book events

Books at the Botanics (ilasgim Botanic (iardens. 730 Great Western Road. 334 3433. “lam—4.30pm. l-‘ree. See Sat 37.


CCA Talks and Tours (‘(‘.»\. 35o Sauchiehall Street. 353 4000 3pm. lirce See Sat 30.

Other events

Waterfall Day Scottish Wildlile 'l'riist Visitor (‘entre. 0| 555 665363.

I lam 3pm. l‘ree. See the hills ot ('l_\de in lull tlrm as )ou \ialk in the tootsteps ot Rabble Burns. Sir Walter Scott and William Wordsisorth.

Big Word Performance Poetry Slam 'l‘ron Theatre. 63 'l‘rongate. 553 4367. 8pm. £4 i933). l’oetr} as competition is chees}. unsound. unorthodm but also a great mght ol “ll. humour. cream ll_\ and lllll. See photo caption

Monday 29

Book events

Robert Harris Borders Books. 33.3 Buchanan Street. 333 7700. 6pm. l-‘ree The best-selling author of Iznieniii and xlrr‘ltunt'r'l signs copies ol his tie“ est book. I’oni/ieri. set at the time ol the Roman limpire.

Other events

Creative Writing Group Borders Books. 383 Buchanan Street. 333 7700. 5.30pm. See Mon 33.

Multi-Cultural Picnic for Peace Kelvingrm e l’ark. ()tago Street. 553 6111. liree. A da) in the park \sith [Us l“ itch i()ptiinol and guests. I’m! or the l-i'iriiii/ rt! l’r‘ui'r‘.

French Language Cafe Borders Books. 383 Buchanan Street. 333 7700. 7pm. A chance to improxe )tllll‘ language skills \\ ith other French speakers.

Tuesday 30


Whistle-Stop Tours llunterian Art (iallery. l‘nix-ersity ol' (ilasgim. 83 llillhead Street. 330 543l. lpm. l-‘ree. See Tue 33.

10 Minute Talkllunterian Miiseiim. l'nixersit) ol (ilasgois. 330 433l. l3.45piii. liree. 'l‘en-minute talk.

Other events

Crime Fiction Discussion Group Borders Books. 383 Buchanan Street. 333 7700. 6.30pm. Free. Next discussion group looking at the birth ol the modern crime novel. and illustrated b} The lire Sleep b} Ra) mond (’handler.

Play Piece Tron Theatre. 63 'l‘rongate. 553 4367. 6.30pm. £4 (£3l. Theatre tliscussion group.

Wednesday 1


Birding Abroad RSPB Nature Reserie. Loch“ innoch. 01505 843663. 7.30 9pm. Free. Frances (iatens giies an insight into the wonderful birds she has seen in places such as the Mediterranean and (ioa.

Other events

Drawing and Painting Classes l’ollok House. l’ollok (‘ountr} Park. 3060 l’olloksliii\ss Road. 616 6410. l0am lpm. £8. See Wed 34.

Cafe Flicker (ilttsgou' Media Access (‘entre. 3rd l-‘loor. 34 Albion Street. 553 3630. 7.30pm. £1. Submit sour timshed film to the (EMAC and the} \\ ill slit)“ it at this lixel} e\ening of film. discussion. advice and debate.

Friends of the Earth l-‘rientls or the liarth Scotland. 30 llillhead Street. 334 i050. 7.30pm. Free. Montth meeting of the environmental group.

Thursday 2


Friends of Glasgow Museums Talks McLellan (ialleries. 370 Sauchiehall Street. 565 4100. lpm. l-‘ree. Talk focusing on Strang's [Nth in the Red Hat.

Edinburdi life



A Roch Wind Blawin. 27 Sep. Leith Academy. 9.30am. £54318

Terrorist threats and the mental state of George Dubya may have been hogging people‘s thoughts in recent months, but stalwart institutions like Friends of the Earth Scotland continue to provide us with solid reminders that environmental problems are not solving themselves. Along with co- organisers from Ecuador, radical campaigners Accion Eologica, Friends of the Earth is holding a full day of conferences in the capital, covering environmental justice and ecological debt.

Friends of the Earth Scotland spokesman, Judy Kelso, says: ‘lt‘s an opportunity to look at what we’ve been doing over the last couple of years in environmental justice, a chance to support our community activists, and have a look at where we want to go in the future.’

The conference features guest speakers from around the world. including representatives of the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Scottish Executive and leading academics such as the ecological economist, Professor Joan Martinez Alier of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The responsibilities of industrialised nations towards the rest of the world and how ecological debt relates to financial debt will be among the subjects covered. Also on the agenda is an analysis of more local issues such as how Scotland can learn from the environmental practices of other countries and how this helps communities in Scotland improve their


A full programme of talks, discussions and workshops, as well as a presentation ceremony for graduates of Queen Margate University's Environmental Justice course, are also planned. All this will be followed by a ceilidh and banquet. Strictly vegetarian of course. (Ewan Fergus)

I FOI more (fetal/s contact Friends of the Earth Scot/arid on (2 Mt 55:34 0077

Events are listed by date then type. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to, by post or by fax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Anna Millar.

Thursday 18

Book events

Alexei Sayle \\';iiersione‘s. I38 Princes Street. 336 3666. l3.30pm. Comedian. actor and all round obsei'\;itioii;ilist. Sa}le discusses his lirst no\el. ()i'erliiki'n.

Talks Modern Scottish Women Poets liruitmarket (ialler). 45 Market Street.

Marsack. director ol the Scottish l’oetr} Librar} and l)oroth_\' McMillan. editor ol .lloi/ern Storm/i Women l’oeti lead a discussion on the \xork ol Scottish lemale poets. \iith readings b} Anna (‘roii e. Kathleen Jamie. (’hristine dc Luca and Tessa Ranslord.

After Hours National Portrait (killer). l Queen Street. 634 6300. 6pm. l‘rec. The (ialler) 's doors sta} open just that little bit later tor a progratmttc ol talks. milsic. readings and. ol course. art.

A Ralf-Century of Being Scottish National Librar} Of Scotland. (ieorge l\' Bridge. 336 4531. 7pm. President of the National Association ()l British Pakistanis discusses \\ h) he came

to Scotland 50 )ears ago and his insolsement in local politics.

Other events

Nurse Recruitment Fair Assemth Rooms. .54 (ieorge Street. 330 434‘). 9.30am 5pm. l‘ree. .-\ recruitment lair for nurses.

Saturday 20


Boyle Family - Informal Talk National (ialler) ol Modern :\rt. 75 Bellord Road. 634 6300. 3pm. l'ree with ticket to exhibition. The Boyle l‘amil) talk about their \sork.

Stills Shorts Stills. 33 ('ockhurn Street. 632 6200. 3 3.30pm. l‘ree. Photographer Robin (iillanders ilichsses the work ol the shortlisted artists ot the Archibald (‘ampbell and llarle} Aiiiird.

Other events

Antiques 8. Collectors Fair Royal Highland ('entre. lngliston. 335 6300. Illam. l‘ree. Brimse or buy lrom a wide range ol antiques and collectibles.

Other events

HBOS 8- Macmillan Cancer Relief Family Fun Day Royal Highland ('entre. lngliston. 335 6300. l0am. l‘ree. Take along the whole lamin lor inn and games in aid ol Macmillan (’ancer Reliel.

7?: Sew-.2 02°. 29’)“, THE LIS'I' 99