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Illusions, hippos and dada

Dean Gallery Just opposite the National Gallery of Modern Art. the Dean Gallery is entirely devoted to 20th century art. Formerly an 19th century orphanage. it houses a large collection of work by Eduardo Paolozzi. as well as outstanding works drawn from the National Galleries' dada and surrealist collections. The upper galleries are given over to temporary exhibitions. Check out Art listings for a full rundown of events. Belford Road. 624 6200. Mon—Wed 8 Fri—Sun 70am—5pm; Thu 70am—7pm.

Our Dynamic Earth Our Dynamic Earth offers an innovative and fun way of exploring the planet through interaction. You can see the big bang as it w0uld have looked from space. feel the shake of an earthquake. dive into the ocean in a submarine. experience the chill of polar ice and experience a tropical rainstorm. Ho/yrood Road. 550 7800. Daily l0am—6pm. [41.95—58.45

Camera Obscura Visit the Outlook Tower and Camera Obscura. among Edinburgh's oldest attractions. for a uniquely entertaining experience. Try lifting a car or a bus onto the palm of your hand as y0ur' guide gives you a fascinating 360 degree tour of the city. And explore the wonders of light and illusion in the wonderful Magic Gallery. Castle/rill. Royal Mile. 226 3709. Daily 70am—5pm. £4.95 (£2.50)

Edinburgh Zoo Widely believed to be one of the finest zoos in Britain. there's plenty here to take up an afternoon. or even a whole day if you take your time. There's a wonderful range of animals on show. and you‘re even allowed to play with some of them. It's wonh going to visit the 200's newest recruit. Lizzie. a baby pygmy hippo. Corstorphrne Road, 334 9777. Daily 9am—4.30pm. £7.50 (£4.50); family ticket 222.

100 THE LIST 18 See J Oct 2&3}

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Car Free Festival (ieorge Street. (352 5040. llam 5pm. l'r'ee. Ax part ol the (L'lt‘hrtlllillh lot‘ lauropearl (.al' l-r‘ee Ha} NW5 head to the \k e\l ol (ieorge Street and take part in the ('apilal'x \er} (M ii (’ar l'ree l'estnal. offering )ou a unique opporturlit} to e\perienee \\ hat a ear-tree ell} uould r'eall} be like. [our e\eitmg loiie\ name!) 'Krd'x‘. ‘llealth and Relaxation. Shopping and 'lidueation' eome replete “llli ear‘ouxelx. health} eating. boune} eaxtlex. eratl markets. litnexx demo\ and load\ more For a lull timetable of the da}\ exenh eheek out \\ \xxx.edinbur‘gheeeom. Antiques 8: Collectors Fair Roin llrghland ('entr'e. lnglixton. 335 (Col). See Sat 20.

Book events

Niall MacKenzie (’it} Bar. Market Street. 336 05bit. 7pm. £10 line book i. ’l'hr'ee timex British Super'bike ehampion MaeKen/ie launehex the paperbaek \erxiori ol hix autobiography


Guided Tour of Boyle Family National (itdlt‘l‘) of Modern .-\rt. 75 Behind Road. (r24 (i300, l3.45ptll. l'r‘ee. l.eetur'er and writer Bill llare givex a tour“ ol‘ the Boyle liamil} exhibition.

Wednesday 24

Other events

Legend of the Saltire and the Lion lidinburgh ('astle. Royal Mile. 335 08-10. £8 (£2 £6.25). Hear how Seotland'x national flag came into e\i\tenee and tilt} the Lion Rampant is the Royal flag of Scotland in this Living lll\tor}‘ pr'exentation.

Fine Antiques Lyon & 'l‘urnbull. 33 Broughton Place. 557 884-1. l lam. liree. .»\n arra} of" antiques on display to

brim \e or hit}.

Book events

Selected Works: Neil Astley Seottixh Poetry Library. 5 (‘riehton'x ('loxe. ('anongate. 557 2376. 7.30pm. £5 (£3 l. The founder of Bloodaxe book's celebrates 25 years in the hustliesx u ith readings of some of hix favourite pieces from Blooda\e publications.


After Hours National (ialler) of Scotland. The Mound. (324 6200. (rpm. l’r‘ee. See 'l'hu l3.


Ladies at Lunch: Venetian Women at their Toilet by Paris Bordon National (iallery of Scotland. The Mound. (r24 (i200. l2.45pm. Free. .-\rt historian .-\i\la Turner dixeuxxex thi\ \xor'k b} l’arix Bordon.

Other events

Doors Open Day Assembl} Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 22043-19. 10am 4pm. Free. Sneak) peak behind the doors of the Assembly Rttollh ever} half hour (ix part of Doors Open Day.

Book events

Jess Smith Borderx Bookx. [hit 36. Fort Kinnaird Retail Park. ()57 40-11. 3pm. Long forgotten stories of the trmelling people from the bestxellirig author of" Jenie'x Journey. as told in her latest book Iii/es 1'77"" The 7271!.

Other events

Scottish Classic 8. Performance Car Show Ro}al Highland ('entre. lriglhton. “5 (Coll llam l‘ree See

\ mtage ears from paxt deeadex at llll\ rall_\. \\llil lots of entertainment and ilelllolhllallolh thrown in

Doors Open Day \or‘th l'dmbiirgh _\rt\ Centre. 15a l’eriinuell (hurt. H5 3 l 51 lltam 5pm l~ree \ l\ll the llt‘“ I} opened North lzdmburgh \rtx ('eritre. designed b) /oo _.\rehiteel\ ax part ol l)oiil'\ ()pen l)a} featuring tour\ of the building and \kot‘k\ltop\

Doors Open Day .\\\embl} Room\. 54 (ieorge Street. SSH-1U” lllam ~lpm l'l'L‘L‘. See ill :0

Sunday 28

Other events

Scottish Classic 8. Performance Car Show Roin Highland (‘entr'e. Inglixton. U5 bllill. llam. l'r'ee See Sal

Doors Open Day Br‘unton ‘l'heatre. Lad)“ ell \Va}. \ltixxelbuigh. oo5 33-10 llHtlam 4pm. l’ree. :\ guided tour of the theatre irieludmg children's \Hil'kSllUPS. lighting and \ound tlL‘lllollxll‘allolh and per'l’or'maneex b} )outh drama and dariee groups.

Monday 29


New England and Auld Caledonia National Librar} ()i Seotland. (ieorge l\' llt'ldge. Ill) 4551. 7pm. Free. Suxarr Riee. ehiel’ e\eeutr\e ol' l.|o}dx lSB dixeusxm the \\ol'ld ol buxinexx in Seotland and the [S “ith ;|\\ill‘tl~\\llllllll}_‘ linaneial |Ulll‘llitll\l .'\lilUlllil Sxxinxoii.

Other events

Blood Transfusion Service Awembl} Rooms. 54 (ieor‘ge Street. 221) 434‘). lllam 4pm. Free. Find out more about the Blood ’l'i‘aiixl'mion Serxiee and hou )ou can go about donating blood.

Tuesday 30

Book events Amu Logotse - African


Storytelling \oth l dirrbiirgh \rt\ (‘entre. 15a l’erirt_\\\ell ('ourt. §|5 2l5l lit Warn. 1 Wpiii. noon t\ ipm Ll \ge\ J 7 .\ So lrailrlional \lrrtarr tales and tables eoiiibinetl \\ ith lllll\l\. song and artuotk \\llll \irlti l ogoxte Robert Harris ()ii.ik.rr\. 5“ (it-urge Street. 335 -1-1"5 “pm Ll lhe hext \ellmg author ol [memo and \,(ll(i’1'\"ivl\‘lk\ al‘otit lll\ lle\\ e\t book l’onr‘rn ll. \et at the lime ot the Roman lamprie

A Reading By Peter McCarey Seottixh l’oeti} l ibrai}. 5 (‘riehtoii'x ('loxe. ('arioiigate. 55” :SWi " zllpiii L5 till \ rare opporturiil} to hear the (iene\.i haxed Seotthh poet piexent ltl\ work He \\ ill .ll\i\ be \ll\\‘ll\\lllj..' lll\ large \eale ongoing pioieel llie S_\ll;ib.ii} t\\\\\\ thegllabar) eomr

Other events

British Quiz littlilt'h Honky

l'iiit 2o. l'ort Kiimaiid Retail Park. id" -lll~1l "pm i'lllll lll\l.l night \\llll loatlx oi pi'i/e\ to eelebiate the lauiieli ol the I.Iri \t Iii/lulu: ()l “HIM/l Ir/nr

Wednesday 1

Book events

Gordon Ramsay \\\t‘lltl‘l\ Rooirix. 5-1 (ieoi‘ge Street. SSH-1H" "-ptll [5 lllt' l't‘llo\\tlt'tl lV ehel lillk\ .lltillll lll\ latest eolleelioii ol reeipe\


Peter Cattrell National Portrait (ialler'). l ()tleeri .Sllt‘t‘l. “2-1 “3”” llel5pm. l‘i'ee. laridxeape photographer (‘attrell goes a talk on “US e\hibition oi battleiieldx.

The Kilted Kiwi National I.ibiai_\ ()l SL‘ollillitl. (it'olgt' IV illlilg't‘. 3:0 45H 7pm. l'r'ee, Rugby international and All Blaek Sean l.ineeii lalkx \\Illl broadcaster .loliii Beattie about lll\ mm e to Seotlarid and ill\ peieepliorix of rugb} and \pol‘t here.

Thursday 2

Book events

Donna Tartt ()iieeir'x llall. (‘leik Street. ()er Itll‘). 5'. illpm. £5. See photo caption.

This enigmatic author inspired an almost cult-like following with The Secret History in 1992. which depicts the murder of a student at a small college in Vermont by his fellow Greek classics classmates. With the publication of The Little Friend in 2002. Tartt proved she is no one-hit wonder. Here, in collaboration with the Edinburgh International Book Festival she waxes lyrical about the books that cemented her reputation. I Donna Tartt. Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. 668 2019. 7.30pm. £5.