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The 205 are for you, a wise old CAM” SHOW“ “A owl once said. The pesky " ~- '- ~ -- now restrictions of responsibility “mm‘ ' "mm loom large, while the exuberance of youth burns brighter with experience and burgeoning wisdom, untainted by wizened cynicism. And so it is with Cruise, one of Scotland's most successful shopping institutions. Set up in 1982 as a boutique shop on Edinburgh’s High Street, the company has grown to encompass a chain of designer label stores in Newcastle, London, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Blending the best of boutique eccentrics with something as close to competitive pricing as an exclusive retailer can provide, it’s a company that is still very much in its prime.

The anniversaries of Jenners (165), House of Fraser (154) and Harvey Nicks (one, bless its over-priced socks) come and go with little interest. But when Cruise comes of age, the 21st birthday bash could render Wills' soirée humdrum.

Entitled ‘TwentyOne', the celebrations will be held at Strathclyde University's Barony Hall. Normally reserved for graduation ceremonies, it will host a simply fabulous catwalk show - focusing on the autumn/winter collections - in addition to a reception, charity auction and after-show party. Needless to say, the Glasgow glitterati will be out in force.

Event organiser Kelly Cooper Barr says the items on the catwalk stem from a series of strong

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there’s the younger, more street designs by Buddhist Punk, Tickets are £25 and all proceeds will go to Children's oki-ni and Y3.‘ If your credit card is up to the task, all of the Hospice Association for Scotland. ‘With an event like this it items showcased will be available to buy. feels very glamorous but you want to give something back,’ In a marketing masterstroke, Cruise has enlisted Moét & explains Cooper Barr. ‘People who come have a bit of money Chandon to add a little sparkle to the proceedings. As to spend and we ask them to give something to charity.’ champagne sponsor of London Fashion Week since 1997, So who does she expect to turn out to toast Cruise’s they aim to bring a little touch of that glamour to the Scottish anniversary? ‘It will probably be Cruise customers; everyone fashion-buying public. Lizzie Cunningham of Moét Hennessey from college kids who save up every penny to buy that item says fashion and champagne go together like cookies and from Y3, right through to very wealthy ladies who can afford cream. ‘For Moét to be involved in these events reinforces our top of the range Marni. The common denominator will be a commitment to and involvement in fashion. London Fashion love of fashion. And champagne, probably.’ (Maureen Ellis) Week is a closed industry environment but it‘s such great fun; I T/C/(GIS can be purChased from Cruise [/7 G/asgor.’ and it should be experienced by more people.‘ EOUlDL/fQ/l, or from 074 7 229 4036.

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