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Life before Young Adam

With all the hype over the release of Young Adam, it would be easy to forget that director David Mackenzie produced anything before it. But his debut feature, The Last Great Wilderness. makes for an interesting predecessor: a low budget and experimental piece that was written by him and his

brother Alastair (of Monarch of the Glen fame).

The story follows Charlie (played by Alastair), a hapless character on a journey to Scotland to seek revenge on the pop star who stole his wife. A chance meeting with Vincente, a dishevelled gigolo who is being pursued by the husband of one of his clients. diverts Charlie from his mission, and the pair end up stranded in the Highlands, finding shelter at an eccentric wilderness retreat. A bizarre series of events ensues and the two men gradually become inextricably entangled in the life

and tragic past of the community.

Although Mackenzie’s two films are very different in terms of content and setting, Alastair describes how they both share his brother’s ‘trademark darkness’. He says The Last Great Wilderness was inspired by their childhood in the Highlands and the feeling of “potential lawlessness‘ in such remote areas. ‘We always imagined when we were walking in these places that it would be easy for a shepherd or local loony to have his gun trained on us. It’s a kind of foreboding

place, but at the same time it's very beautiful.‘

The film certainly shows off the Scottish landscape at its most bleak and magnificent, but it's the rich portrayal of an isolated community that really steals the show, exposing the loneliness and despair alongside the warmth and humour. (Rachael Street)

"1 8m; 1/ 0'] .’/’:’,’t THE LIST 109