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Eat out, drink up

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.t' Caledonian food, ,r ,r. Donald Reid become trendy rrt both NYC e and LondOn but gratefully z .. . . . a . i. I 1,, Monster Mash doesn't bore f ., I ., ,p ' . .2 , .,U punters Wllh strange I,. _ ‘j l 5 P 1' “V | ' , ‘i‘ in: flavours. It offers a selectroh 3. My f...” my. 3,” ,, , i.“ , : ll _ t of four: one darly sportral. . H I H. ( H ( g H 1"" v I . such as cheddar. another " " " " f " " “’ ' ' wrth cream and butter. a T(ll/1‘7" i'V'tl -'-'7' 7" "* "1’ " t" «' '1 1 7 t' '~' " ‘grarny mustard mash' and Aberde n Angus beef ‘champ mash" wrth spnng Whirh L‘. f.’i'l "‘~ '5 " " : AM onrons. Sausages are made

The '.‘.'t)r'r(f. urrr aw: 1w tz' : re: 1" for them by Cronrbres. Monster Mash. xia l‘orrest Road. 0131 22:3 706$). ()pen

fer breakfast and untrl 10pm


on Glasgow’s Southside is featuring a special tasting of Spanish foods and wines on Friday 26 September from 7pm. Tapas-style dishes will be served. as well as cheese. cured meats and olives. Gift boxes full of delicacies will also be made up for sale. Tickets are £10. For information, call 0141 638 7123.

I DECO rs THE LAT rsr marketing gambrt from Kronenbourg. berng pitched as the ‘modern interpretation of two of France's most iconic drrnks'.What’? Champagne and Burgundy? Cognac and Claret? Nope, A bottle of KronenbOurg 1664 lager and a shot of absrnthe

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all oxer the ' ’l'. Wild venison A irte street mac "n; f'w l l tour" 2% it“. In: ; wt ’9' the st, butrlyou'reatleer fat .. more pleasrrrr; r ft f'ta‘. .r-m’f. 2: t r-TTM a .' ,rmrr‘rg; It the rttralrty of rrregr‘. :5, a s "tr ;a"re: a. The fz'rte Raspberries

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frurt. After a lorxr; hot flll'lillrtrl the rasrrs a'e rr'hl.

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trretl the 7000‘ ‘.rhta;;e. .'.e srrrrnrest r14 F mu 0 ysters HIGHLIGHTS

We could have chase." : f'w sm‘rl‘ tr";;',»..sf"les. Farmers’ Market, St Enoch Square, Glasgow loch l yne and other "(mks ,r: (‘5: nest’ 20 September, 10am. that we sard =.'.’hat The shock and tr'zlerezt another half (lo/err. Celebrate the aunch of the |s|e of Mun Cheese SCWIN‘ I 00” ()llllltlhm lhere are lots of {treat artasar‘. cheese r“»akr.-'s o Scotland. gastronomrc extravagan/a by sarrrplrng the fare at a var'rety of stalls .r‘. thrs specral market. \'.’lll(1l‘ rncludes a cookery demonstratron at l tam by a

scallops or lobsters twat ’,‘,ste's are s1; exatrrs'te. and Those ‘rom

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but we chose thrs lo‘.e‘.. ::'ea'r‘;\,. tarrrr. hard cheese as our grarrde frorrratre All that lozelj, llet>rrrlea" an. and the Hearles of l;)t)errrror‘~. had the good sense to rrrrlk rt. Porridge

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East Lothian Food Festival leaves the opor s'trorr flourtrlerrng. As long; as rt's made (45% ABV) actual“!- 22_28 September. properly lhat s ‘.'.rrth good oatrrreal. water and salt. No Kronenbourgrs brand lovely countrysrde. lovely food. corresr>ondehce wrll be entered :nto on the subject. director says. .The clean-

f \(Hllf; throughout the area erl Arbroath smokies refreshrng taste of SHUWCHSO Willi WOUUCO Hrck Stern says: 'I taste the reassurrr‘rr mood ‘rre (Lllll‘lftfk‘, rr‘- them I Kronenbourg 16611 "W‘U‘mtl(3(1thYOUVOW" enjoy the .‘.'a‘;. the cured flesh parts from the bone rr‘; opal .'.'hrte. complements the absrnthe

l.)rnner' at Markre l'rsherres. [Last 1 rrrton 1.01690 827 9.82). Tallsker Skye a Lochalsh Food 8. Drink Festival

9. 18—21 September

l'rflh annual lestrval hrghlrghtrng

and completes the Deco drrnkrng experrence.’ Yes. and you get sozzled. too. Currently sold at Bar 91. Cottrers and Buzzy Wares rn Glasgow and soon to be

waxy frllets and feel a jolt of realrsatror‘ that l'rr‘ tastrrrr; a world class delrcacy irke camar. buffalo 'lto/Xd't: :a o' the harns r'rade frorh acornfed prgs on the lberwar: pertrr‘srrraf Nrcel, pct. Hrck. Tatties

Some of our top tattres lrke a Mars Prper or Ke"'s Pr'tk fur/'2

V" mo area-5; “mule produce Wlih the tertrle sorls of Ayrshrre. E ast l othrart or r‘xl;<:r:leerrsltr'e rolled out In Edmburgh- , m =;(}af()O/\H1rghonflycagenda' n are unbeatable. lhet rrrake haggrs oaratatgle. you ma“, (lo . u _. ' you can afford rt. the Three . SlOyres. shepherd's pre or sour). lhe .'.'or:: o't the street rs ' Chrmrmys restaurant rs ofterrng ' that they‘re rrurte tastj. rt :‘rrt rr‘to r>r>lortgrs and deer; frreo. " , I "l a sexencourse banduet ‘VISII Herring F" : \V\\"~‘~’-3l\\’0l00(1-(30-UkfOlmmel The srlver tlarirngrs. \'."l‘-at a great nee T'rsl". Rae." r" ali tt‘e

" Tombme sm°k9h°use at right Omega 1-} a1", t'rrrrgs. ‘,(;;.(:£it1(:£t‘r Tlit?’7‘- s’casefl.

"'4 Perth Races: by Abefle'dy pickled. rnarrnated. salted. sr'rokett. krrgperert. ‘rer' lt's‘ ' 24-25 September.

The wonderful wond of smoked

food. Partrcular speCralrtres to

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travesty llléti h0""‘s? 1" oatr'real set our r‘afer‘a :i s". Heafierhgney c “'5 blirp!(3‘g'0l‘5$~ 73"”1-“1' sliass cchs. 1t's f"e ra'tilu'o t/

‘Effl. is s .zrks :thrryona. “If: a toast boar: p smoked lamb. yenrson and drqv t ( < “v i ‘1 V N afld tradltionai honey . COlfll‘lt, (,tr‘i. ., U a! \‘r x, b\ It .1 r. ti“ tit... .. til, (,.,t<1r. roasted smoked ham r0188? L

820 127r. lean Fergust List readers can win two nights at the Highland Food & Drink Festival, lnverness, 2-5 October. See page 9.


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