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Seatood Specialist: lobster, Shellfish, Salmon, Prime 8 Exotic Fish

Wholesale - Retail

Fine dining

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Order a starter and a main course from Cafe Hub’s fabulous

a la carte menu between 6pm and 9pm and we’ll make your meal complete by giving you

a free dessert, coffee and

a liqueur.

Please bring this ad along with you. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer ends 29 November.

Join the nation in celebrating the

best of Scotland's regional produce

To find events in your area or find out how to participate in Scottish Food Fortnight, go to


or contact the Events Office on

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Events Office Clare Valentine. SCA. Royal Highland Stiowgrowc. East Gate. Inglistcn Edinburgh EH2 BNF

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A celebration of fine food and great hospitality, amidst beautiful coast

and countryside.

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throughout East Lothian.

Events include tours at 800nm Brewery a ‘Glenkinchie Supper' at La Fbthiere ad a flurry evening with local author ‘Peter Kerr'.

For a full programme olemts. please cont-ct Economic Development on 016% m 282.

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