I The Pilates studio is now open! One to one lessons. qualified instruction. matvvork & equipment. introductory offers? 'I‘el: (ll-ll 952 973l

I General yoga for health & remedial yoga for acute & chronic health conditions/ prob-

lems. Backpain. stress. pregnan-

cy. digestive. cancer etc.

Posture. breathing techniques. deep relaxation. flexible rates. call Iilaine on (ll3l 667 6l26.

I SEED. The School for Experiental Education, (Iidinburgh Branch) offers iridi- vidual bodywork treatments in Shiatsu. Craniosacral Therapy. Lympatic Drainage Massage. Aromatherapy. Professional training. workshops. courses in Shiatsu. 'I‘ai-(‘hi-(Thuan Movement and Creativity. Contact Audieia 0l3| 557 5950 wwvvaudicia.corn.

I The Shiatsu School Edinburgh is now enrolling for years one & two of an accredited professional traitiirig. Starts September 2003. Information and booking con- tact wvvwiheshiatsuschool email: adminCatheshiatsuschool edinburghcouk

'I‘el Audicia: ()l3l 557 5950 'I‘amsin: ()l3l 555 l875

I Classes in Tai Chi, Yoga. Chinese Medicine. Aromatherapy. Relaxation. First Aid. Excellent teaching. facili- ties and prices. Free parking and cafe. Wester Hailes Education Centre 0I3| 442 2201 .

I Reflexology. Reflexology relaxes. reduces tension and stress. revitalises. enhances body's own healing resources.

contact nouiasiiui T: 0131 226 7601

122 THE LIST 18 880—2 Oct 2003

commitments?! iiioiiiillsts. lllllllll I rant and much. much more I mimstalls- me talk: , / ILIIIIIIII - 5.3lllllll. Illlll: £3.50 [£2.50 colic] :

strengthens immune system. and improves both health and life. Ian - (i.S.S.R.. .\I.S.I.R. 0l3l 556 3383

Relax Refresh Loosen tight muscles and joints. Iiase stress. aches atid pains. Improve sleep. circulation. digestion. Connect to your body. Therapeutic massage. Janet Bremner 0131 661 7738

School of Sufi teaching. Develop profound intuition to get spiritual insight through awakening the heart. vs ith the help of of meditation. Weekly meetings.

Tel: 01259 740 300 or mobile: 0775 170 7741.

I Sahaj-Marg . Heart centred meditation. A nat- ural path of transformation from within that balances spiri- tuality vvith everyday life. .\'o fees. ()pen to all regardless of background or persuasion. Contact: 01875 830 358 (Iidinburghl or (ll-ll 579 5926 ((ilasgovvi

I Robert Stone Therapeutics novv has vacancies for experienced ther- apists to join the team. Large. beautiful practice rooms avail- able from £7.00 per hour. (‘all Rob: 0l3l 557 3806.


can help you to understatid and change life problems. depres- sion. abUse. stress. relationship difficulties. and bereavement.

“no Gasgmvon07931527243.



III“: Eililfllfl III" 158 :ll" III“ I. I'll ll IIIIU

I Counselling. Katinka Harrison. 'l‘el: mm: 594 133. fully qualified. Iidinbtirgh based, liree initial coinplemen lary session.

Dramatherapy l‘ltitisl confidence and ctiplllg‘ strategies tising storytelling. roleplay and drama games. \evs group starting soon Introductory session only £5. Call 0800 093 8350 or visit www.wildgoose

Sheila Hartley LLB trainee (‘ounsellor and Psychotherapist in lidiiiburgh Iladdington. Sale space to explore sensitive issues. Sliding scale. Call: 01620 829 574 for a free phone consultation.

Winefride Daly B.Ed Trainee Psychotherapist /Counsellor vvorking at 'I'eamvvork Iidinburgh. Safe supportive space to explore issues and enable change. Sliding scale negotiable. Call 01620 824 152 for further details.

I Therapy for trainee art therapists. Iixperienced ther- apist offers a creative approach to personal therapy incorporat» ing dreams and artvvork. for free introductory half hour. (‘all Iilaine 07903 Ill) 980

Counselling Caring. Structured Support. Whatever your problem. vve can vvork together to find a resolution and empovver you to move on. Janet Bremner 0131 661 7738

Life getting you down? Let hypnotherapy change that? Hypnotherapy can help vv ith many of lifes problems: pho- bias. anxiety. nerves. For further details call 07971 299 583 (Edinburgh).


in: ii. lioaiitii iiniliicts. Ls



Flats To Let

GLASGOW I Merchant City.

Attractive. light. lully tttrnislicd tlllt‘ dtlllblc bedroom Hat. .1” mod—cons. dotible gIa/ing. ('Il . still pl'illcssltillaltsl. L45“ l’(..\l + bills + deposit. 'I'el: ill-ll 553 sow or ti‘sl-t "l3 4‘)“

I Mount Florida - 'l'vvo bed room llat. fully furnished. close to train station. .'\\;lll;iblc I3ih Septenilwr. £495 pcm. ‘l'el. Ill-ll 04‘) 7.04 or 0“.s'.s' s04 I42.

I Bright clean 2/3 bed room flat in (ilasgovv \Vest l'.nd. Lounge kitchen vv itli modern appliances bathroom. .-\vailablc end September £530 pm 'l‘el' 078]? 625005.


spacious bright flat opposite park. Lounge. three bedrooms.

kitchen diner iall appliaiicesi bathroom vv itlt batli and sliovv er. shovv cr'ooni. (WM. [650 pctn.

Available October 4th. Tel: 0141 956 2830/01770 840 276.

I Pollokshields scllvcon tained garden flat in listed villa. .\' S professional £450 I’(‘.\l all bills included. Broadband access. 'I'cl: Ill-ll 427 (5.3L

I Hyndland beautiful two bedroom flat furnished to hiin standard. 2 double bed- rooms. inodern kitchen. dining room. lounge. immaculate condi— tion. parking £650 in. Available novv.’l‘el.07t~<l79l2 l5l.

I West End, beautiful spacious 3 dbl bedrtxmi flat vs ithin converted vvareliouse. vi. ith stunning v ievv s on to (ilasgovv l'niversiiy and (ilasgovv‘s West Iind. Fully furnished. \\'.\lll. secure entry system. parking. pi'i vate access to svvintnting pool. fitness snooker room. jacu/Ii. sauna steam room. Suit protes- sionals. immediate entry. I; 995 pciiifl‘el:01786-150635

I Attractive modern 1 bed flat near Maryhill Road. “C”. “III (ititids, Iilectric Shovver. l)(i. l’arking. Suit professional single cottple. Available mid October. £400 pcm. 'I‘el: 0l4l 560 3192 U77l3l86677

I Flat to Let Strathblane, by (ilasgovs. 3.5 mins frotn (ilasgovv. Stirling. Loch Lomoind. Beautiful open aspect to ('ampsie llllls. I-‘oriner shovv house. Luxury elevated furnished ground floor flat. ('lose to all local amineiiities. Luxury Kitchen. Lounge. 2

B Rs. bathroom. (iIlS. door entry system. parking. £600 pcin + (' 'l‘av. Iintry Mid ()ctober. l’honc “I360 770 I35

I Sunny and Large l-‘Iat to rent in (mind (ilasgovv i(iarnethilll. 2 3 bedrooms. lounge. ditiiiig kitchen. all mod

cons. non smokers. {900 per month l‘el 079W 37.3 oil or ill-1| 33_‘ ll57

I Anniesland Stunning ivvo bedrootn tlai furnished to high standard Iirigltl modern iitteiioi vs itli beatittttil open plan lounge kitchen I).lllt\ \IUUI\ in panic” I’arking (525 ill l‘el 0" “’6 (Psiitvs


Quiet one bedroom .\'evv 'l'ovvn tlat lot rent vsitli spec tactilar vievvs fully furnished \Votild stnt ii s professional coti ple. L510 pcttt pltis bills

Call 07967 323 328.

I Gorgie flat for rent Double bedroom. II\ 013;

mi kitchen. Recently ieltit blsllcd in lilg‘ll sllid (low to bus routes and c\c .ttnenities nearby f 360 pcin Inon stiioktng llati. 'l‘el 0| 31 620 03 33

I Easter Road: Superb sunny llai. great vtcvvs. H. l single bedr is I double ciistiilc Would suit pi‘ol. .-\vail Sept LINN) +7 bills i ("It lcl (li'llm‘ 33s 05*).

I Newington, close to Kings Buildings. fully ltti nislied stunning 2 dbl bedroom flat. 'l'i'ad, I’ertod lcaltiies. (i('II combi boiler. dining kit and living rm. £650pcin t bills lnnnediatc enti'v avail. 'I'el, 077ss (vzsstvti '

Hewington .\lacl)ovv all Rd. 3 dbl bedroom. lovely spacious flat l)lllllI_L' kitchen. bay lounge. ( i( 'll. door entry. qtiiel yet close to all amenities. Stiit prol cotiple. small lainily or 3 students. .'\\;tll lit)“. L650 pcin + bills

Tel: 07703 324 321

I term central 3 bed room flat. available I l0 H3 333 ll 03, £600 pcin, I'tilly tttr‘ ntslied. spacious. attractive. llillsidc area. 'I‘cl: 0| 3| 557 0050 or 07739 ow 237

Gorgeous Stockbridge flat to rent. Beautiful Stockbritlge ('olony. I dotible bedroom flat. Slaindoor colony vs ith private garden. spacious lounge vvitli lireplace. iievv 3 piece batli. mod erii kitchen vvtth \\'.\l. gas hob. I' I". (i('ll. bovrooin. cellar. lrec parking. I'urnished. .-\v ailable novv. .\ltist be seen. £550 I’('.\I Call 07766 99 54 54 or email

I Modern Flat to Let. 2 double bedrooms. large In in groom overlooking park. iully furnished vv ith vv idescreen 'I.\'.. 2 parking spaces. £600pcm. 'I‘cl Jamie: 0|3l 4-15 I996

I Stunning Outlooks from Marchmont flat for ivvo non-smoking professionals. £740 pctii. Includes (‘oucil tax. Bills extra. 'I‘el: 073D. l25 069 or 01383 X73 413 after 8pm.