I Grange/Newington. lidtnburgh. Lovely .spactotts. sunny flat vsith 3 bedrooms. boxroorn. kitchertdining rootit. lounge. (i(‘ll iii qttiet terterttcttt vv itlt beautiful shared gardert. No studeitt or l)SS. £800 pent. Available novv. 07890 896 678

I Fabulous Family Flat in Marcltritont. 4 bedroortts (2 with split-levelst. large

kitcltert dining ~ fully equipped ittc. piaito. Adjacent (iillesptcs Seltool 8; Warrender Baths. Academic year or lortger let. fiorta.rttacalisterm excitecorn & 1ionaiitaealistcrm yahooco.

I New Town/Broughton. Beatttifitl spacious fttlly fur- iiislted flat. Large dinirtg kiteltett arid lottttge. 3 double bedroortts. Satttled floors tltrougltout. l)ishvvasher. (1(‘11. £940 pcm. (all 117870 507 990.

I Leith Walk nevv ly decorat- ed ortc bedroont flat to rent. £400 pertt. available ttovv. (‘ontact l’atrieia on 0131 556 4535.

I Sunny top floor flat for rent London Road. l-‘uel burrtirtg stove sttit prof tltdiv‘.cottplc non-smoker ettlry irtttttediate. (i('ll. £390 pent tel .\'eil 0131 229 8301


I Room To Let In Large l‘lat. (‘lose 'l'o l'niv'ersity' & l'nderground. l’rom 20th September. Sltared Bathroom. Kitchen & Living-room. Special Deal Available lior ltaliart Speaker Williitg To Talk To Landlady Wlto Wisltes To Learn ltaliart. £250 Pm Includes All Bills. lixcept 'l’elephone. Tel: 0141 9454071. (iill.

I 2 double rooms to let in spacious. furnished (ilasgovv southside flat. £280 per roont per month irtclttde bills ("II Tel: 07764 761 213

I West End, Hyndland. professional person to share fabttlotts West lind flat. gay friendly. dottble roortt. beauti- fully furnished vvifh all ittod cons. ovvtt phone lirte. £300 pertt includirtg ("1‘ + share of bills + references. Tel: 0141 357 I290 or (17980 003 471.

I Dennlstoun ideal for city certtre. superb flat. ex spacious. double bedroom. fully furnislted to high spec. professionals ortly. £270 inc all bills. - Tel 07765 258 573

I Lovely large dottble roottt available to rent irt Sltattdon. (iood on street parking. Rent £325 pent. irtclttdes ("1‘ arid bills except for phone. (‘orttact Anne 07803 855 353.

I Large Room in spacious flat irt Partick. (iC'll & all rttod cons. it s preferred. available beginning of October. £300 pent. 'l‘el : 0141 576 5416.

I City centre double room available irt fully fur-

nished luxury flat. sharing vvith 1 other. vvottld sittt professional male. (lose to

underground .\18. £250 pertt +

("1‘ + bills. 'lel 0141 429 6250.

I Southside large double room tit gay flat share. (i(‘ll & all tttod eons. £200 pent + bills + tlcposlt. 'lcl 2117973 197 218. I Dennistoun - fetttalc to rertt roont rrt gay friendly flat. shared kitchen tk bathroom. (i('ll. all mod cons. £250 pent no bills. £100 deposit. 'l'el: 07817 255 204.

I Person required to share Merchant (‘ity penthouse flat. Large fully furnished roortt. all rttod eons . £350 pertt. trielttdiitg ("1. Tel :0141 552 0846 or 07989435027.

I Dennistoun. Alexandra Parade. 2 large rooms itt freshly decorated flat to share vvrtlt 2 others. lliglt specification. ttevv furniture etc. £280 pent & £270 pent + phone. Tel: 07785 71.3 400.

I Double bedroom in large Bridgedon flat sharing vvitlt 1

it s ferttale. excellent pttblic transport parking. sky digital. rtevv kitchen. sitit young n s pro fcssiottal or student. £250 petti including bills except phone. Tel: 07901 800 900.

I Room for rent in tiice flat iii Sottlbpark Avenue. sharing vvith 2 others. liv iitg roortt. all rttod colts. available lst October or sooner. £258 pcrtt including ("12 let: 0141 586 931 l.

I Easy going flat tttate required for friendly West lind flat. vvottld sttit post—

graduate mature eat lover. 'l'el : 07973 212 338.

I Large room to rcttt in the West lind. it s preferred. £230 pcrtt. excludes all bills + £100 deposit. 'l‘cl : 07765 152 448 or 0141 334 9472.

I Nice room to let in desir- ably located Southside flat. liriendly‘ easy -going flatmates. vvottld suit student. lixcellent rail & btis lirtks only 2 units avvay. £185 pcrtt + bills. 'l‘el: (17977 842 054 or (17789 930 355.

I Room in southside flat to share vvith l otlter. excellent travel liitks to city centre. vvottld sttit older sttidertt or commuter. £260 pent. Tel: 01-11 649 7068.

I Flatmate n/s vvanlctl to share vvitlt 2 others. Big double room in Solltltsldc. flat has all mod colts & L‘\ccllettt location for public transport. £250 pcttt including ("l~ 4: bills. Deposit required. Tel: 07960 838 366. I Room to let iit sunny large period flat itt central (ilasgovv to share vs itlt a tidy. friendly professional. Lounge dirtittg kitchen (i('ll. all mod cons. it s preferred. £275 pent. Tel: 07971 37464 or 0141 332 l 157.

I Large room itt Southside. fully furnished. (’lose to station. city centre. Queens l’ark & amenities. £260 pent + bills. Tel: 0141 433 9457

I Sunny south faciitg roottt irt city eerttre flat. suit profes- siortal post graduate it s. Available for 2-3 months. £300 pcrtt. Available September. Tel:

117799 73.5 937

I Room in pleasant Partick flat. ne\vl_\ decorat ed Suit friendly . rtott freak flatrttalc :\\.tll;tl\lv' 1st October £21 10 p-‘llt. no ("1. shared bills (17887 900

I Double bedroom vv ttlt en suite. in brand nevv flat. 2 min- utes vsalk frortt city cctttre. sharing vvith 1 other vvould stitt professional female. :\11 rttod eons. available inttttcdiately. £350 pcttt + bills. 'l‘el 07870 250 679.

I Flatmate wanted to share large Soutltside flat vvttlt 2 others. .'\11 rttod eons. handy for everything. Suit it s young pro fesstonal post graduate. £250 pettt tttclttdtttg ("l' «k bills. Tel: 01414241953,

I Pollockshields large double roortt ttt gay flat share. (i(‘ll arid all tttod eons. £200 pcm + bills + deposit. Tel; 07973 197 218.

I Southside. stilt prolcssiott til. Large lk‘tlroottt for 1 person iit shared flat vvitlt 2 others. (i('ll. shared kttclteti lounge. bathroom. electric sltovv er. excellent transport. near under ground tk .\18. £237 includes ('1. 'lcl: 07890 8-18 730.

I Large bright room in traditional l)entttstoun flat. great kileltctt. large lounge. good shovv er. etc. Suit post graduate or similar. £225 pettt + bills. 'l‘el: 0141 554 9323.

I Friendly flat share in l’ollokslticltls. large dottblc south facing bedroom itt (i('ll flat. Kitchen diitittg room. lttige liv ing-roortt. rtevv ly renovated batltroortt. less than 5 minutes from bits routes & tovvn. £250 pcttt. 'l‘el: 0141 422 2269 or (17989 200 0-1

I Room in sunny West End flat sharing vvitlt 2 others. Suit it s student yoitttg profes- sional. £200 perti. 'l'el: 0141 357 1294.

I Friendly flatmate vvaltt- ed to share flat rtear city certtre & underground. Sirtgle roont. all rttod eons. nevv ly decorated. l’refer n s. professional ntature student corttrttuter. £200 pcttt. Tel: 07801 433 356

I Room in Southside flat. close to sltops tk underground. Share vsith laid back rttale. £250 pcrtt. 'l‘el: 07984 672 867.

I Double room tit modcrtt lllil. still clcart (& lltly. It s. young professional. l’ar‘king. £320 pntfl‘cl: 07754 370617 evenings.

I Bright double room in Kings park flat. Fully furnished. (i('ll. private parking. Suit gay friertdly professional. £285 pent + bills + ("II Tel: 07717 524 564 evenings.

I Double room to share in 2 bedroortted flat. very quiet area. Maryhill. 15 minutes front city. All rttod corts. £70 pvv. 'l‘el: 01419451040.

I Partick. superb double room. Sltarirtg vvith l fentalc. stiit friendly it s ferttale. £345 pent including bills. ’l'el: 07905 0.59 807.

I Modern room available for n s. (‘ar parkirtg facilities ck public transport at door. Tel: (17708 48-1 750.

I Flatmate wanted lot etty cetttrc flat Still tidy. clean it s. considerate ferttalc. profcs sional post graduate £225 pertt + ("l + bills s deposit l’el 0‘93: 002 815

I Flatshare. vv est

land llyndland. l’tofesstottal person to share superb \\ est land flat (iay friendly 11001th roont. beautifully furnished vvitlt all ittod cons. £300 pent including ("1 share of bills 1 references. 'lcl 11141 357 1290 or (1798110113 -171

I Large bright room in Shawlands. Shared facilities, \' S fetttalc prof preferred. £320 me all bills inc deposit 11 11100011. ('lose to all amenities 'lcl 111-11 0.3011981,


I Single room available in bright spacious \1arehniont flat to share vs ttlt tvvo others. l’L‘lllith preferred for mixed flat. .\'on smoking. rtott student. £200 pent + bills + ("l'. 'l'cl: 111.31 ~1-17 511211 01'117770 1.311 125. I Room to Let in Bruntsfield. Large dottblc roortt tn vv ell appointed spa cious flat. Would sitit young professional couple. £400 pcm + bills. .\'on srttokcrs only. l‘tce cleaner and broadbattd included iii bills. tel: 07974 180713 I Outtgoing and Sociable flatmate want- ed! Double room tn large. spa ciotts city cetttre flat. .\lalc pro fcssional preferred. Rent £230 pent line ("1"). (‘all 07740508628 after 6pm. I Single room vvitlt double cattopy bed 8; Use of large liv- iitg room & lovely central flat. sharing vv itlt 2 others & a cat. suit young professional. avail able lst ()etobcr. £200 pciit 4 deposit + ('l. +btlls. Tel: 0131 557 2632. I Friendly flatmate wanted for a large sunny sin gle roorrt vvitlt 2 easy going ollt ers. £245pent + ("l' + bills. 'l'el: 0131228 8341. I Friendly, sociable flat- mate wanted for single rootit. Roseburn. rtiee area. 10 minutes city centre. available 7th September. sorry no stit- dents. sharing 3 feritales. £175 + ("l‘ + bills. 'l'el: 0131 327 8130. I Bright single room available. fully furnished «k all rttod cons. l’arking. buses to city centre 6; all universities. Suit it s fcrttale student. £200 11cm + bills. 'l‘el 0131 620 2278 I Double room available in flat. sharing vvtth l mature smoking rttale student. All ittod colts artd itt great location. for itott student. £220 pertt + bills + ('1. Tel :0131 478 2212 I Large room to let in

rtevv islt house. not central. shar-

ittg vvith _ others. All mod cons.

(i('ll. cable TV ck internet. ovvn parking space. .\'o l)SS. stit- dents or smokers. £220 pcrtt + bills. Tel: 0131 620 3889

I Exceptionally large dottble roortt iii 2 bedroortt flat irt llayrrtarket. l)alry area.


vvottld suit it s. professional. gay friendly £3‘15pent tttclttd tng btlls l'cl 0776.1 178 918

I Large single room 111 (irasstttarket arca flat. vvottld suit tidy n s. to share vvrtlt pro fcssiottal rttalc £ 31 10 P\ ttt including (‘1 1 bills l'el 07742 3133070131550:":zraavt of 01 31 228.1653 tevetttngf

I Double room 111 l‘llg'lll. spacious l'vt‘ friendly flat in (iorgrc. n s preferred £250 pcttt + bills l'el 0790.5 1-1" 552 or 0131 443 3543 lavettings

I N/S required for large double roortt flat is close to 'l‘L‘llHlvl(.(1llL"L'L' at (ilv‘clttlalc l’ark £250 pcrtt tel 11131 476 (1033

I Double room available tit modern spacious flat. n s. vvottld suit young professional. private parking available. avail able frortt 30th September. £310 pent 1 ("1' + bills. tel: 07905 424 343

I Room to let to share vv itlt 1 other young professional lctltalc. .\dcqttale tltHll‘lL‘ llk'tl room in city centre tteat' titttver stty. l'rtendly flat vvttli all tttod cons attd shared garden. .\vat|able lst of November to professionals only. £275 1 bills f + tlc‘ptlsll. liv'l (ll 31 002 1175-1 or 07947 302 007.

I Room in shared it s flat. (ir‘anton area, £190 4 ("1' 1 hills. tel; 07729 1126 too.

I Spacious double bed- room in tlte lteart til Stockbridge. looktllg 101‘ l gotttl ovvitct'. \Vottltl prclct' \vcll-bal anced «k fricttdly pct‘sotl lo eorttpcte vv ttlt the 2 other I’llt)lll\.£:§(1fl”ll\‘f(vl.vlik'li 07813 175434.

I Professionally deco- rated double room in fttlly furnished flat. n s. stirt rttature. easy goirtg. tidy fetitale to share vvrtlt 1 other ferttale student. all tttod cons irteludtng cable tv. available intrttediately. £205 11cm no bills. 'l‘el: 0790 312 0987.

I Double bedroom to let off London Road to share vvrlh 2 others. (1(‘11 + W.\1. £210 pent + bills. 'l'elj 01 3| 661 (1007.

I Professional female.

it s. vvanted to share 2 bedroorit fitlly furnished. modcrrt flat irt ('anttonnttlls. £325 pctit iitclud 111g (“l'.'1‘e|; 1177801100 237.

I Double room in refur- btsltcd flat. oak floors. povv er shovv er. broadband etc. vvottld suit n s professional. £300 peitt including ("l~ + Bills. 'l'el; 0131 008 3002 or 07811 200 200.

I Marchmont,Thirlestane Road - 2 bedroortts rrt lovely brigltt shared all rttod con flat. Would stiit it s professional Available novv. Bedroortt 1 £249 pent including ("1. Bedroom 2 £349 pcin ittclttdittg ("1. Tel: 0196 867 7127.

I Sociable easy-going young professional required to share flat. single roorrt (i('ll. all rttod eons. vvottld siiit profes- s1t)llill.x\\£lllifhlc lst ()ctober. £224 pcttt + deposit. 0131 667 2711.

I Attractive room in .\1iisslebrugh flat by the sea to share vv ith ovvner (‘6; cat. park-

' ‘1 801/ -.'/ Uh? W/J'i THE LIST 123