funny time. S xx I' 478 75

V I saw you working in (‘ockburn Ayalanehe. You: glass- es. Ilufly hair. West Ham 'I'-shitt. .\Ie: your biggest fan. Hope to see your ttlllsic collection soon. all of it. I. 47X 7()

V I saw you Hal/a (U I’Ianet ()ut. I-‘aney a swinging time in the bushes my wee monkey '.’ [71478 77

V I saw you /.a and I)aniela at the Basement. lst September. the 2 of u rather different btrt \ery special to me? (ionna miss u a lot? Alex xx I' 478 78

V I saw you inugriento L'lllls- ma? liating nachos in the Basement. But not recently? ('ome back to me. Do you want a show er'.’ ('astigador l' 478 7‘) V I saw you. Boo. mon petite chinichounetle. l' 478 8()

V I saw you Warren standing next to the Jolly (ireen (iiant. But we think you're cute the way you are. .\I(' & Shimnie.

["478 8|

V I saw you asleep at the Speigeltnet. underneath lots of jackets beside Sanjay from Iiastenders. I"re Very nice.

I' 478 83

VI saw you Placebo. (‘orn Iixchange. Dark. small hill per- fectly stunning in sily er. we exchanged several glances. Wish I had been brave enough to say hi. I' 478 83

V I saw you beautiful box office ladies working hard in the I‘ringe oftiee...hope you all had a great festixall l' 478 84

V I saw you with washing up bowl and metal airing rack on the 5 from Meadowbank l‘):3(l 24th Augttst. You're a darling. Are you ay'ailabIe'.’ l' 478 85

V I saw you in at the Bongo ('1th 22nd Aug. You: (ireen 'I‘shirt. fair hair. dancing with your (tall) sister'.’ Me: Dark hair. ftmky trouser. I's: Smiling at each other. Why did yott leave so early"? I' 478 86

V I saw you at liear-X at the (‘ameo and spent the rest of the I-‘ilm I‘estiyal hoping to see you agaiti. Yoti had cool shoes. a burger and the liestix'al Spirit. I'd like some more screen time. [7478 87

V I saw you frankly stunning bannaid with short dark hair at the Stand tlidinburghl on 'I’hursday night. You remem- bered what I was drinking... why'.’ I' 478 88

V I saw you Dr llandsome under the pyrotechnics and I held .Vou close. In a crowd of thou- sands. it seemed like we w ere the only ones there. We made a date for same place next year. Let's

just hope the fireworks continue between its until thenIT Bx

I. 478 S‘)

V I saw you wearing a green t-shin saying "kiss me i'm pol- ish". I'll giye you a kiss eyen if you're not polish? X. I. 478 90 V I saw you Marion fae Dundee on (‘alton Hill for The liestiyal I-‘ireworks. You adtnired my radio and offered me some wine. I wiin I'd accepted.

I' 478 ()1

V I saw you \y'aterstone‘s liast Iind 3rd Sept. customer orders: purple paisley. fair roots. glasses. wooden earrings. Me: tall. dark- ish. specs & nicksack. My hook was at (ieorge Street. tny courage at home. ('offee'.’

l' 478/()2

V I saw you sexy sadie. i saw you all through the festiyal. should hase asked for your num- ber the other day but was too shy taheml Would loy e _ ptrt that stud to good use? Any chance Simon toZ manlx I' 478 93

V I saw you "lena k. looking for new jobs on the intemet. and porn. while farting. ()h and your hair's a mess too ;i" I' 47894

V I saw you in .‘s‘th Morningside Batik of Scotland at lunchtime. Hopefully we'll be queuing together next time

I' 478 ()5

VI saw you Lisa liairy ('akes (a thtly‘lllSlIUUS in e(io. Was so good to see you again? Missed you so much! l‘lugs & Kisses xxx I' 47896

V I saw you playing Mary] (0 Bmtylushous. She jumped & you ran. you were fab I)J Bump! xx I' 47897

V I saw you Isla. beautiful scottish canadianlwe met in bert's bar on saturday. you gave me your number. i lost my phone! we can't leave it like this?! [2478 ()8

V I saw you were in Boots- on Princes St (Sat ()Ill Sept. pm).. the beautiful dark haired and hooded guy. (with a spiky blonde friend who held a camera) that I smiled at. or at least tried to.

l' 478 9‘)

V I saw you firefly. shining on the bridge. Your light shedding

bright. red shards on the Water of

I.eith. Shine on sweetnessx

L' 478 [00

V I saw you Victor Hugo Deli Marchmont. You gorgeous aussie lady "no worries". me big gee/er in hooded top and shuns buying bread. You float my boat. fancy getting together sometime‘.’

I' 478 ltll

V I saw you sexy blonde and foxy bninette... bean scene girls. both short hair.spotted going into

bloody marys,.. we lose you? smgle'.’let tts show you a good time??? I' 478 II):

VI saw you looking at notice- board in BM cafe at Itlpm on I‘riday Sep. I was with friends. wearing black 'I‘. Think it noticed tne too. Fancy a beer'.’

I' 478 I03

V I saw you (‘atching the 8: l4 from Ilay market eyery morning. You: girl fair hair. gray trousers. .\le: glasses. coffee. metro. Need a chance to ask you out. Are you coming back'.’ I' 478 104

V I saw you Big hot studd muffin. working in (‘()I)A in Princess Malll-‘aney sharing a bottle of bueky with over a bag of chi; s'.’ You know you love it. A xxx I' 478 I05

V I saw you Sey en gorgeotts girls in Yo Below. Iidinburgh. on Saturday night. Me: Your photographer. The question is - can I get copies of the photos'.’ ["478 106

VI saw you Welsh Rob! Masic is my aeroplane? Shame about the putrid smell so crack open a window. doll!

I' 478 107

V I saw you At Ii-Ruptor 139,03 tearing up the dance floor. I was your hairy. sweaty partner in crime. Iiyeryone was enjoying themselves and I ney'er got a chance to say thanks properly. l,',478/|()8

V I saw you shouting on the 5‘) bus. l-‘ri 5th. before you ran off to Vomit. (let in touch if you want me to make you feel bet- ter. Drink at The (‘analZ’

I' 478109

V I saw you in your leather trench coat. haying a fag. under the monkey tree in Blythswood Square on I 11092003. Is there room for two in there . . '.’ [If-178' I ll)


I Straight Single Female. 27. most of friends are either married or live out- with lidinburgh. Looking for similar women for fun. friend- ship and hopefully sortie good laughs. (Box number: P/478x’l)

I Male. 32 into food. music. philosophy. film. art and litera- ture. WIII‘M a female for good times and romance. Glasgow area. (Box number: P4782)


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