So. you think you can tell your Costellos from your Christinas? Can you separate the Donnas from the Darkness? Why not try our heavily researched test, based on some of the acts appearing in these parts during the next few months. A wonderful prize awaits the winner. And some not bad stuff has been wrapped up for the bitter losers. OUizmaster: Brian Donaldson

1 What is an Arab Strap? a) a discipline dished out in Baghdad primary schools; bi an implement used to aid sexual longevity; ci a room in which captured Bobs are held prisoner?

2 Which Welsh band have recently taken to dressing up as yetis?

3 Who cycle on a Monday. perform gymnastics on a Tuesday. attend Bridge Club on a Wednesday and do archery on a Thursday? Clue: it's not Craig “Proper 80' DaVid.

4 Who has recently recorded a ‘steamy’ cover of Baccara’s 70s disco number ‘Yes Sir I Can Boogie’? 5 How many of the Donnas quartet were actually born With the forename Donna?

6 Have a listen to the verse of Athlete’s ‘El Salvador’. Which song by which tie-wearing, mall-bothering Canadian punk princess (who’s never heard of Sid Vicious, incidentally) does it really, really sound like?

7 Who performed at Hampden Park just before the kick-off of the UEFA Champions League Final in 2002?

8 Which band were quoted three years ago as insisting that ‘God is love’ but now deny being in the Christian rock camp? 9 Which speccy Scouse Singer/songwriter do the Coral refer to as their seventh member?

10 Which dead director did Mogwai name a tune after: a) Alfred Hitchcock; b) Stanley Kubrick; c) Billy Wilder

1 1 Which controverSial referee did Mogwai name a tune after: a) Tom 'Tiny' Wharton; b) PierIUigi Collina c) Hugh Dallas

12 Elvis Presley, Shirley Bassey and R Kelly share a birthday with another singer, but who can it be?

13 Whose debut album cover had a picture of two disabled women kissmg?

14 Chris Martin said they were an inspiration during the recording of the Mercury-losing A Rush of Blood to the Head. And 0 actually awarded them its Inspiration Award last year. They’re embarking on their 25th anniversary tour. Who are they?

15 What relation is Damien Rice to Tim Rice? 16 What relation is Elvis Costello to Lou Costello? 1 7 Dave Grohl slaps the skins on which murderous comeback combo's latest album?

18 What is the biggest mistake people make about the Thrills: a) they’re American; b) they’re the Kills; c) they’re any good

19 Messrs Lytle. GarCia. Burtch. Fairchild and Dryden: which family name does that little lot come under?

20 Which 803 electro-pop legends began life as Meatwhistle and soon after admitted to emitting Musical Vomit?


All entries will go into prize hat to win:

lst Prize Two tickets to see Radiohead at the PM Arena. Aberdeen on Monday 1 December. The prize also includes two first class train tickets to Aberdeen courtesy of GNER and a night's accommodation at the lovely Grampian hotel.

The Grampian

2nd Prize 8 W s A pair of tickets to one of the following: Agggesree" . j ' Basement Jaxx. Craig David. Elbow. Ozzy '

01224 589 101 Osbourne or the Mavericks. www.countrytown.co.uk

Send your answers to ‘MUSlC QUIZ 2003’ to promotionselist.co.uk or on a postcard to The List, 14 High St, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE. Deadline for entries is 29 September 2003. Please include a daytime telephone number and address.


Tickets for all these gigs are available from www.gigsinscotland.com or by calling Ticketmaster on 0870 169 0100.

www.gner.co.uk G N E R

08457 225225

18 THE LIST 18 Sep—2 Oct 2003


Fierce emo rock triple bill from Wales. Long Island and London respectively.

I Ooldfrapp Carling Academy. Glasgow. 23 Oct. From ice cool trip hop to feisty electro-sleaze. a blistering experience awaits.


Super Furry Anlrnals Carling Academy. Glasgow. 24 Oct. The subversive Welsh psychedelic pop geniuses don the yeti costumes and head out on the road to promote their finest record yet. the awsome Phantom Power.

I Ozzy Osbourne SECC. Glasgow. 24 Oct. See the telly institution where he's most at home: on stage. rocking.

I Marlah Carey SECC. Glasgow. 25 Oct. Vocal acrobatics and sugar sweet pop from diva on the comeback trail. See feature. I Hundred Reasons Garage. Glasgow. 25 Oct. Ballistic. ferocious nu-metal from Britain's leading exponents. fronted by Wurzel Gummidge.

I The Maverlcks Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow. 26 Oct. Feelgood Latino Americana from Raul Malo's pop supremos.

I Christina Agullera SECC. Glasgow. 28 Oct. SOLD OUT. She's dirrty. Check out the Evil Britney up close. See feature.

I Michael Glra and Devendra Barnhart King Tut's, Glasgow. 29 Oct. Dark and brooding Americana from the former Swans man and his protege.

I Vocal Baobab Arches. Glasgow. 30 Oct. Cuban- based roots group deliver Caribbean sounds.

I Handsome Family Queen's Hall. Edinburgh. 3 Nov. Hilariously morose and morbid ocuntry tunes from deadpan American duo.

I Oh Susanna Liquid Room, Edinburgh. 2 Nov; Arches. Glasgow. 3 Nov. Soft and dreamy Americana with depth and passion from Canadian Suzie Ungerleider. D