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I Hot Hot Heat OMU. Glasgow. 4 Nov. Young and sprightly wonky-haired disco punk combo from Vancouver Island.


Jane’s Addiction Carling Academy. Glasgow. 5 Nov. Comeback of the year with Periy Farrell's legendary rock monsters fighting fit again with a new album Strays and renewed sense of purpose. Ready to blow the nu metal whiners out of the water.

I Electric Soft Parade Liquid Room, Edinburgh. 6 Nov. Eclectic and ingenious pop rock brilliance trom Brighton's most talented siblings.

I Grandaddy Carling Academy. Glasgow, 7 Nov. Idiosyncratic outSider pop from Califomia. The beardy lot are now absolutely cooking live.

I The Flaming Lips Carling Academy. Glasgow. 8 Nov: Usher Hall, Edinburgh. 9 Nov. SOLD OUT. Insane carnival of uplifting psychedelic pop madness. fronted by Captain Birds Eye. I Jay Farrar Queen's Hall. Edinburgh. 14 Nov: King Tut's. Glasgow, 15 Nov. Solo stint from ex-Uncle Tupelo trontman who started that alt.c0untry malarkey.

I The Coral Carling Academy. Glasgow. 17 Nov. Scouse teenage Iayabouts with surprisingly mature musical SOUlS and eclectic tastes.

I The Cooper Temple Clause OMU. Glasgow. 18 Nov. Young. British anti- establishment rock riot from musical magpie madmen with bad hair.

I Blondie Carling Academy. Glasgow, 19 Nov. Original NYC disco art-punks return to show the kids how it's done. >

20 THE LIST 8w;


he magic

Firey dervishes who will have your eyes shaking

in their sockets



BIFFY CLYRO have evolved into arguably Britain’s most promising young rock band. and it’s all been on their terms Kilmarnock style. Mark Robertson

he xinell. 'lihe lirxt thing that liitx )ou ix the xmell.

Someuhere hemeen \\L‘l dog and “Cl \\L‘L‘l\L‘lltl. lt’x

a muxt} odour that ix moxt eertainl} not the \ainglorioux lionk ol' i'oek‘n'roll. 'l‘he xeeond thing that xtrikex )ou ix that the \xallx are xhaking xhaking to the xound ol‘ Bill} (‘l_\ ro.

'l'hree minutex later I am eiirletl tip on a plaxtie garden ehair in a \\lndo\\le\\ ho\ ol‘ ahout I: h) It) led the kind of thing that hax politieal prixonei'x on the hlou er to .r\mnext_\ International in the ho\\elx ol- Kilmarnoek'x \'.\l(‘;\. Hut thix ix not xolitai‘) eonlinemeiit. thix ix a ea\ern ol‘ereath it}. I lind lll_\ xell' heing moxed. xoiiietimex literall) in} e} ex leel like tlie_\‘re xhaking in their xoeketx h_\ the ptmel‘ ol three _\oung men. ’l‘uin tier) der\ixhex lien and .lamex .lohnxton and long-tune lriend Simon .\'eil are pulling and hauling at the houndariex ot' their on n muxieal imaginationx. llllx xhitt} little ho\ \xith itx dixtinet odour a xeeiit unique to hand rehearxal roonix xeemingl} ix the hetl tor the germination and xuhxequent t'lotirixhing ol' one ol' Seotland‘x. na} Britain'x. linext _\oiing handx.

lx'ilmarnoek ix a eornei' ol Seotland that hax heen allou ed to e\ol\e relati\el_\ undixturhed. ltx ten elaimx to tame xeem oddl} to he xport-related: it ix the hirthplaee ol the .\lell\anne_\ hrothei'x hoth eoi‘nerxtonex ot' Seottixh xpoitx journalixin. 'l'here'x alxo a laetor) that produeex t'oothall xtripx l‘oi' e\port to .-\rgentina. and to top it all. it ix the origin Ul‘ \Utlle til' the C0tlltll'_\'\ liltc\l meat Ple\ the lWL‘tttl ttlltl llllllt‘l' Ulv lltL‘ lL‘l’l‘;tL‘C\. No“ the) litt\ L‘ ttlltllllCl‘ xurel‘ooted

e\port to eelehrate: and it ix rattling out ol' the \'.‘\l( '.r\.

I am not the onl_\ \ixitor to thix muxieal hideout. \Vhen \\ e xpeak. another meeting \\ ith a ioiii'nalixt lrom l.oiidon ix heing eonxeiied \\llll giiitarixt and \oealixt .\'eil on .'\'\ r heaeh to gi\ e the xx riter xoiiie kind ol inxight into “here the muxie eomex lrom. ‘l'hix ix hon Bill} ('|)ro like it: on their territor). on their termx.

'lt \\ax a eonxeioux thing to xta} here.‘ e\p|ainx \eil. a eharming maxx ol‘ heaming xinilex and jet-hlaek laeial l'tl//. ()l' their deeixion not to deeant permanentl} to (ilaxgim or London. he xa_\x: 'lt meant we didn’t get xtuek into an} partieular xeene. Bandx ean reall) xiiller it the} get lumped into xoiiiething and that'x dangerotix.‘

B) xta}ing in :\}i'x|iii'e and a\oiding the iiiagnetie drau til~ lllL' llltl\lL' \L‘L'llc\ lll L‘llllL‘l‘ lllg' \llllll’xL'. Bill} (‘l'\l't) ha\e xidextepped xe\era| pitlallx ol. the muxie induxtr}. ln xigning to extahlixhed indie lahel Beggarx Banquet the} lime l'ar leu er ot~ the tiex that hind man} ol' their etintemporariex to \“l: the demand lor inxtant. enormotix xueeexx or glohal marketing imperatnex. 'l‘lie} ha\e heen alloued to e\ol\e quite naturall} l'roin a gawk}. him-haeked roek piihexeent into a xtrutting tuent}xoinething replete with good teeth. xnapp} haireut and a line pair ol~ xneakerx.

The hand ha\ e had to \xork to get \xhere the) are htlt appear more than eontent to ha\ e paid their duex. ()therx hax e not heen xo l'oi'tunate.

‘You ean led a little hard done h} xometimexf xa_\x Neil. '.\l_\ Vitriol and .l.l72 are good e\amplex ol' handx \‘t ho