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‘c' ‘w‘e "5' r"c'der "g "e' (21);" em). my :1 Yeliweger. Rdth Wright Penn and Billy 't; a" .x‘stabie ‘.‘.’()7"{ll‘ and dor'v'1ee'lr‘g Connolly :ldrng serious a la Mrs Brown) "‘:,f".<:-' at t"e best :“ ides. am: to Thomas Newr'wtn's Oscar friendly Flawless adaptation of a dark and disturbing tale :;(;r‘t.'\.es to csrson "e' daug“‘.er seen;- But the (WV never really gets over I _. '. .c":w‘r:.;s tl‘ougl‘ts wher‘ the teenage behg so worth»y it's about a girl ADAM grr". sis ner rr‘ the pen possonnng Into a young worrlart, see 7 (18) 93mm .... ../'r .‘e Oleander !5; a frlr" westtge and so fails to take root, Miles E relder) tter‘ ali ove' rt, fro!" the source hovel I Ser’tx:ted release from In I?) Sep.

Earlier this year, award-winning short filmmaker David Mackenzie released his debut feature, The Last Great Wilderness. While that film received mixed \ x ) reviews, this. his follow-up, undoubtedly establishes itself as a modern classic (’H'ME (’N E H

of Scottish cinema and Mackenzie as an accomplished director of singular NINE DEAD GAY GUYS . . (18) 83min .0. talent and vusron.

Working with great material - namely Alexander Trocchi’s 1954 novel about Insh lad Kenny has only been all Joe, 3 nihilistic drifter who seems only to find connection with the world I ondon for two days. but has already through seedy sexual encounters - Mackenzie remains loyal to the dark come across nrne dead gay guys.

existentialist spirit of the book. But he also succeeds in softening its machismo [Mpg Wllll hrs mate Byron. he to create a work of haunting beauty. Shot in seedy green and grey hues, the film discovers that you have to

opens on the Clyde where Joe (Ewan McGregor) is working on a barge owned supplement your giro with a few blow

by Ella (Tilda Swinton) and her husband Les (Peter Mullan). The men are in the Jobs on the side. While havrng sex \‘Jllll A queer Lock, Stock

process of dragging a young woman’s corpse from the water, an act done with Jeff (Steven Berkoff‘l. Kenny not only

particular care by Joe, thus hinting at his complicity in her demise. accidentally kills hrm but frnds out about an alleged stash of cash Ill the bed of a At a steady, meditative pace, Mackenzie gradually reveals the relationship wealthy gay orthodox Jew named Golders Green,

between Joe and the dead girl (Emily Mortimer), and in doing so, presents a A comedy cnme caper ensues. embracing every homosexual stereotype along

chilling portrait of a young man devoid of feeling and responsibilities. And while the way. from a butch dyke to a camp 8&M guy. Funny. (ltllfky and at tunes

the sex scenes are uniformly grubby - in bushes, under trucks, covered in outrageous, thrs us an easy going Lock. Stock-ster llllll Wllll cliched characters

custard and up against walls in side streets - the film is sorrowful rather than and some wonderfully ridiculous scenes. (Jane Hamilton)

sordid. I Selected release from Frr 79 Set).

Distinguished by the remarkable performances of its actors, most notably McGregor’s turn as the amoral anti-hero, and marred only by some stilted dialogue, Young Adam is an otherwise flawless and coherent adaptation of a dark and disturbing tale. (Catherine Bromley)

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Bruno lDillllCl Auteurll llkOS won‘en. A little too much. some would say. Bruno Is also a con‘munrst newsoaper Journalist who's got himself "110 a whole lotta trouble while in the midst of a mrd life (:rrSrs. There's hrs much put upon Wife Gaelle (Emmanuelle Devosl. hrs young grrlfrrend Nathalie ILudrvrne Sagnrer,. his mayor uncle (Jean Yanne) and a whole heap of mystery rn the form of Beatrice (Kristin Scott Thomas). a politician's daughte.r who IIVOS deep 'n the dark forests of Grenoble.

The director and SCKBCH‘NHTCF of th.s quaint slice of very French amour foolery rs Pascal Bonrtzer. the editor of Carvers (In Cinema from 1969—1985 and the scriptwriter o‘ cner-sheo arthouse gerr‘s like Nurt et Jom (1991;. La Belle Norseuse (1991) and Ma Sarson Preferee (1993. als starring Auteurll. Bonrt/er shifts hrs audience from one lxaautrquy devrsed set-up to the r‘ext with zeal. McGuffrns and silly Hitchcockran references are thrown ‘n. alonj with loads of really pretentious angsty rrrelodrarnatic dialogue that reveals Bruno's true colours. Funny. safe and above all. consummater acted. thrs is one you can drink .n and Clllll out to. (Paul Dale)

I GFT. Glasgow from Fn 79 Sec.

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traarwmts to to: the tar-c- o‘ léussa‘r‘ a Hussain fought the law and

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ltossar'l l madeddw “us brother

lav. l’dtna'rg Pcc'a'g Navae and Hussam on hrs : l/z'd rounds. 2 get to

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l\r.‘l'\‘tlftll‘7 to “ am e "e .7‘ class war. wherexer‘ you live.

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nxxie's't. "e renews rar‘s t"t'- I 65": Gasg. "'o't‘ Fr ’9 Sec:

arm: was: ~ :2 c t" F "moose. Jr‘txr’g" from Fr- :5 Get. Very French amour foolery

24 THE LIST 8-2: . '.