doiiiinatex m portraying her characters Journey form repression to liberation. .S'r'lr'r Ier/ I'e/euye,

Tadpole t 15) O... i(iary \\ inick. l'SA. 2002) 73mm. Hit of this year's Sutidance l‘t‘fllhll. this is a smart and unexpectedly endearing comedy A tale of iiiixdiicctcd lust iii w hich ()scar is hopelessly in love with liix step-mother lSigoiirney Weaver). yet seduced by her bext friend lllehe Neuworth) (amen. Edinburgh.

Take Care at my Cat 1 I5) 000. llae-liun Jeong. Korea, 2002) Lee Yo-woii. ()k Ji-youtig. Bac l)oo-iia ll2miii .-\ii assured arid endearing ensemble diaiiia debut from Jae-eiiii Set in the port city of liichon. itx characters are a group of young women from a variety of backgrounds, who are attempting to make the awkward transition from school to adult life and who are taking it in turns to look alter a stray cat. Rather thaii concentrating on the romantic attachments and dilemmas of the girlx. the liliii explores their sliiltiiig friendships with one another. their prolexxlonal axpirationx and uncertaintch and their troubled hoiiic-livex. A gciici'oiix. wistful and impressively acted lilm. (ti-l. (ilmgmi.

Tears oi the Sun l 15) 00

lAntoine i-‘uqua. l'S. 2003) Bruce Willis. Monica BCllllL‘l. l lem. When the democratic government of Nigeria collapxex and the country is taken over by a ruthless military dictator. [.1 A K Waters (Willis). a fiercely loyal and hardened veteran is dispatched on a routine itiixxioii to retrieve a Doctors Without Borders physician. Dr Lena Kendricks liielluct). 'l’hat other shameless piece of propaganda. lilaek Haul. [hm-n. ends on a quote aimed at geeiiig up the public support for the War on Terror. This travesty could be the epilogue of Rumsfeldian denial. Like the Iraqi xilos and bunkers before the war. there is nothing to see here. General release.

Terminator 3: Rise oi the Machines l l2A) 0.. tJoiiathan Mostow. 1S. 2003) Arnold Schwarzenegger. Nick Stalil. ('laire Danes. Kristanna l.oken. David Andrew s. IOXmin. After a l2-y'ear hiatus. Arnold Schwar/cnegger's back doing what he does best: playing a robot that smashes lots of people and tliitigs. 'I'J’ liax :1 dated feel. reminiscent of pre-(‘(il l‘)t<0s action movies. New director. Jonathan Mostow (I'- 57/ ). fails to breathe life into 'l'a’. lie handles the action respectany enough. but perhaps the absence of '1’] and '12s maniacal visionary. James ('ameron. has resulted iii a less ambitious actioiier. (fettel‘rtl release.

This is Not a Love Song l 15)

0.. (Billie liltringham. l'lx'. 2002) (Hum). Bad people trying to mend their nefarioux ways but being unable to do so through misfortune or genetics is among the oldest ones in the book. But. as Tim is Not a Love Song is shot on radical DV. that makes this weary game of cat and mouse somehow ‘original'. l‘TlItl/irtll.\(’. Iz‘dinhiirg/i. Underworld 1 l5) ll.en Wixeiiian. l'S/(ieriiiany/llungary/l'K. 2003) Kate Beckinsale. Scott Speediiian. Michael Sheen. 12 l min. Apparently. ('ndenmrld was first pitched to the money men as ‘Runieo and Juliet for vampires and werewolves'. linglish rose Beckinxale straps on the leather to play vampire warrior Selene. who does battle with werewolf boards in a twilight (iothic world in which the two monster races wage war for supremacy. But when Selene meets Michael (Speediiian). a pacifist werewolf who longs for the end of hostilities. she gets to make love. not war. Think Buflv meets The Matrix. (ieneral releaxe.

Van Gogh ( l2) 00.. (Maurice Pialat. France. lWl ) Jacques l)utronc. Alexandra l.ondoii. Gerard Sety. 185mm. Less an art history than a look at a painter in his times. this the best of the Van (iogh cinema treatments lets us .sit back arid watch an entirely convincing l)utronc go about his daily life. A kind of 19th century cinema- verité. it is an altogether remarkable movie experience. ('(24. Glasgow.

0 Vertigo li’(i) ooooo l.-\lltetl Hitchcock. IS. 1958) James Stewart. Kim Novak. Barbara Bel (ieddex IZSmm Detectixc Stewart. a man afraid of heights. falls in It)\ c with a woman who apparently commits xuicide When he meets her double. he becomcx Uhxexxed \\ tilt the possibility that she ix still alive lixtraorditiary plotting in this undervalued Hitchcock study of romantic mania. with Stewart memorably cast against type as the distinctly oii-thcscdgc cop 'l he Bernard llerriiiaiin xcorc is xitiiultaiicouxly lush and disturbing I'ilin/toioe. lit/llllllll'flli

Whale Rider 1 l’( i) ... l.\'1ko('ati\. New '/.calaiid. 2003) Keisha ('astle-llughcx llll mm. In a xiiiall New Zealand coastal

\ illage. the Maori peoples claim descent from l’aikca. the Whale Rider. a pseudo mythic male elder who wax one w ill) the barnacled heaxlx. 'lilie hittiitlllllt' Ix xttppoxetl to lead to Koro. now an old man who is worrying that liix soii l’oroiirangi has only gi\eti liitii a granddaughter. l’ai. who cannot carry on the dynasty Keisha (‘astle-ilughcs tax the chosen one Pan and the rest of the cast are delightful. while ('aro makes maximum iixe of her low budget and amateur crew by working within the confines of a real east coast Maori rexerxation area. 'l‘ouching and intelligent naturalistic drama for older kids and adults. thix hax enthralled audieiicex .it liliii lextiyalx across the world. Ito/niniun. lidin/naje/i.

White Oleander l 1390 000 ll’elet' Ktixltilnxky. ['S. 2003) Michelle l’feiflet‘. Alison l.ohmaii. Renee Xellwegcr. l liliillli. Kosmiiisky 's film. adapted from Janet Fitch‘s novel by Mary Agnes l)oiiogliue. begins with l.ox Aiigclex teenager Astrid (l.ohmaii) recounting her troubled relationship with her mother lngi‘id ll’fciffer). Imprisoned for life for murdering her boyfriend. lngrid. a doiiianeeriiig mother at the best of times. continues to poison her daughter with \‘CilUiilOliS llitilighlS from within the peiiii. li'litte ()leander is a film with prestige written all over it. but it ney er really gets over being so worthy and so fails to bloom. See review. Slimi'eaxe ('inenia. l’aix/ei. I’atxlev.

Wild Bees ltbc) tBohdan Slama. ('lcch Republic. 200! ) 94min. llawdy and eccentric romance set in a Moravian village whose spirit has been xapped by 40 years of communism. Then the lov e between simpleiiiinded Kaia and popular llo/ka comes to a head at the lireman’x ball. Film/rouse. lidin/mrgli.

Winged Migration tt') .0.

lJacques l’erriii. France. 200i ) ()ts’miii. Impressive looking documentary that follows a group of birds migratory patterns throughout the course of a year. The birdx' cross seven continents and 40 countries. One for twitchers and amateur surveillance CL uipment fans. Selected I'eleaxe. 5 Young Adam t 18) .000 il)avitl Macken/ic. l'K. 2003) liwan Mc(iregor. Emily“ Mortimer. Tilda Swinton. l’eter Mullan. 93min. Macken/ie remains loyal to the dark. existentialist spirit of Alexander 'l'rocchi's l95~i novel about Joe. :1 nihilistic driller who xeetiix only to lind connection with the world through slca/y sexual encounters. Shot in seedy green and grey hues. the film opens on the (‘lyde where Joe lMc(iregor) is working on a barge owned by lilla (Swinton) and her husband Les (Mullaii ). The men are iii the process of dragging a corpse of a young woman from the water. an act done with particular care by Joe. thus hinting at his complicity in her demise. A flawless and coherent adaptation of a dark and disturbing tale arid a work of haunting beauty. See review. Selected release.

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Films are listed by city, then alphabetically by cinema. Film Listings compiled by Henry Northmore

Bombay Cinema: Glasgow

5 l.orne Street. Ibi'o\. lllJl 41" 0‘22 (5 1L3 £4 ).

1m- this loi'tiiiglit's pt‘ograiiiiiie times. please contact the citieiiia on lll-il -l l” 0‘22 or w w w boiiilxiycmenia com toi details.

CCA: Glasgow

350 Saiicliiehall Street. lll-il 352 4000 {419350) THURSDAY 78 Si l)

CIMSllX) 0.15. TakeCareofmyCatil5i .x.15


Gerryil5) 3.00_ s30 s00


The Railway Children ll’( ‘0 12.15. The Adventures of Robin Hood it) 3.15.

TUESDAY 21% Sill)

Gerryi15) 015. Death in Veniceil5i s30.

WEDNESDAY 24 SW Death in Venice l 15) 0.00.

Gerryi15) 8.30.

THURSDAY 9:”) SFP Gerry l 15) sot).


Ghost in the Shell l 15) (i, I 5. Dogma (15) 3.00.


Ghost in the Shell t 15) 3.00. s00. Dogmail5) 5.00.

SUNDAY 28 SEP Theleopardi15)12.15. Van Gogh l 12) 3.45.


The Leopard l 15) 4.30. Van Gogh l 12) 3.00.


Hoover Street Revivali15i (l. I 5. SolarisrlZAi 8.15.

Glasgow Film Theatre

l2 Rose Street. 0H| 332 .S’I2S. ('al’e/bar. All performances bookable. [l)l. llil. liveiiings: £4.00 M350). Matinees: £3.90 @250). Wed lbcfore 5pm): £3.90 0.2). (ii-'l‘ savers: £19501£l4iliveticketxlor the price of 4 lvalid for three months).


1. Winged Migration 11') 2.30. 4.30. 6.30. 8.45.

2. My Name isJoe l 15) 1.00. Goodbye Lenin! l l5) 3.30. 8.30. Charlie: The Ute and Art of Charles Chaplin ll’(i) ().00.


1. Raising Victor Vargas l 15) 1.00. 3.00. 5.00. 7.00. 0.00.

2. Crimson Gold i 12.-\) 1.30. 3.30. 8.45.

Petites Coupuresil5) 6.45.


1. Raising Victor Vargas l 15) 1.00. 3.00. 5.00. 7.00. 9.00.

2. Petites Coupuresrl5i 1.30. 8.45. Crimson GoldiIZA) 3.30. ().45.

listings Film

Young Adam Rising star David Mackenzie adapts cult Scottish beat writer Alexander 'l'rocchi's novel about a loveless yoong man's seedy sex life on the canals between 1950s Glasgow and Edinburgh. Ewan McGregor. Emily Mortimer, Tilda Swinton and Peter Mullan do their talented director proud. See revrew. General release.

Crimson Gold Abbas Kiarostami (Ten) and Jafar Panahi (The White Balloon) team up fOr this film set in modern day Tehran that begins with a bungled heist and moves on to tell the tale of a man at a crossroads in his life. See review. GFT. Glasgow.

Belleville Rendez-Vous Frenchman Sylvain Chomet's gloriously imaginative. wildly eccentric. cute as a button animated adventure about a boy who wants to win the Tour de France. his scarily devoted grandmother and the French Mafia. A real treat. Selected


Spirited Away Superb anime about a little girl who finds herself in the spirit world. from Japan's globally renowned Studio Ghibli. Selected release.

Cypher James Bond meets Franz Kafka. or Noah by Northwest rewritten by Philip K Dick. Whatever. Vincenzo Natali's science fiction tale of industrial espionage is a cult classic in the making. Selected


The Italian Job ‘Ang on a minute. lads. I've got a great idea. Let 's remake that great Michael Caine heist film. ditching the cheeky Cockney comedy and souping up the Mini Cooper car chase. Who knows. it might even be good.‘ See review. General release.

Widescreen films season Lawence of Arabia. Sparticus. Vertigo. The Leopard. The Haunting. Once Upon a Time in the West and many more delights. Beats telly. Fi/mhouse, Edinburgh.

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