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On a recent Sunday. two friends and I went to the Lost Sock Diner for a lazy 2pm breakfast. It was busy and no free tables were apparent. After waiting self-consciously and unacknowledged at the entrance. we spied a table With a clearly Visible 'reserved' Sign. Hungry and hungover, we elected to rest at this table until directed elsewhere. We studied the menu. and a kindly gentleman took Our order. No mention of the reserved sign was made. so we relaxed.

Our peace was then shattered by the arrival of a woman whose glowering stare would probably be handy for roasting chicken when the oven breaks down. We were shouted at. admonished. insulted and then asked to leave. all because we had dared sit at a table with a 'reserved' Sign placed upon it. All very Surreal. She reacted as if we had arrived. wearing balaclavas. with petrol canisters and burning torches tucked neatly under our arms. Alister Edinburgh


Re: Answer machine (477) Why do people spend so much time having a go at Chris Eubank’? Even in a Q&A. you'd think that it would be easy to avoid being sneering about one of our finest ever sportsman. But. oh no. You had to goad him with y0ur final question. which clearly could only be answered with a long. rambling, homespun phiIOSOphical reply. Shame on you.



HOPE SEAN PAUL Sean Paul is clearly the busiest man in modern music. Not content with sticking to his ladies like 'Glue' and getting breathless with the lovely Blu Cantrell (have you seen that website?) he's now ruining the new Beyonce single (not that

2 THE LIST 18 Sop—2 Oct 2003


React, The List,

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there was a great deal to spOil. mind) With his raVings. All I can say to the man is: Take a break. Sean. You deserve one. No really. you do. Please.

Syd Mac


DEAD AS A DIDO? Re: Awards do come easy to me (477)

Why is it that people have to be so down on the dwine Dido? ln yOur piece on award- Winners you claim that she has created a lifetime of tedious songs. As if this wasn't codswallop en0ugh. you go on to cite her new tune. 'White Flag'. as further eVidence of her tedium. Well, I may be mistaken, but this song is far and away the most tender. beautiful thing to have appeared in the charts for a very long while. And the Video is so lovely. With that big man from Buffy.



DRIVING YOU CRAZY What is wrong With Glasgow's bus drivers? If you don't know exactly what route their bus takes and exactly how much it costs. they treat y0u like you're covered in faeces and want a big hug. Bus drivers in Edinburgh and London have to deal with a lot more people who don't know where they're gomg. yet most of them manage to not treat Visitors in this way.

Pretty much everyone else in Glasgow is madly friendly (sometimes too friendly) and welcoming. and I actually feel quite proud when showmg my visitors around. but it's totally embarrassing how badly the city is let down by so many of the blokes behind the wheel. Get a grip, guys.

Though to be fair. I really should add that there have been one or two drivers who were perfectly courteous. Funnin enough. they were women.

Alex McDonald via email


Re: Tomb Raider review (476)

Don't you people get it? I don‘t Just mean The List. but almost every reviewer who pr(->Sumably used their press screening of the latest Lara Croft mowe to catch up on a bit of kip. Angelina Jolie is the finest female action hero since Diana Rigg. yet all you want to do is run her down. Still, I can laugh as the ioke is on you guys. because Angelina and Lara Will be around for some time to come.


Via email


Re: Will & Grace (477) Does anyone really care anymore about Jason Pierce and Spiritualized? Their last two albums have sounded exactly the same. and neither is as good as the one that came before that. Give it up. Jase.

John F




time? Angela Havel Edinburgh

Now. normal/y we COii/dn 't condone such gratwtous baiting of our rewewers. but when it's done in such a chic. almost nouve/le vague kind of way then we can Only feel Our correspondent '3 pain. Sa/ut. ma Cherie. Have some drink.

Re: Vendredi Soir review (476)

When French films are good. they're great but when they‘re not. they can be pretentious crap. Claire Denis' latest flllll, Vendredi SOII'. is an example of the latter With its sparse dialogue. claustrophobic settings and dearth of narrative. Is this the impressive film your rewewer described as being poetic and romantic. one set in a traffic Jam in do‘i‘intown Paris during a transpon strike? Had he his hand well up his bottom at the


Re: The Wonder Stuff (477) Hauing recently riiiii‘hasi- t a ticket for a surprise inoxie during the t di'tbtirgh Internationa lrlin l estua. it )K,| got it for ilt’i'i'. trut that's llaie.

the pointi .'.h:iin is 'e.i|i, {Ilfl‘i‘iI

at nine-year old girls. was less

than lill()l(?T3?it7(ii17 seeatltrew page feature in The l .s.’ on the apparently rexolulionar‘, Spirited Away Yes. | knoy. the critics are going absolutely bonkers for this f)\.'(}l‘.'.’l()llf_illi. crude and largely incorni)i‘ehensible ()Ifilif. but who really cares What they think? That said. though the feature you produced looked really good.


wa email


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