Bed and breakfast man Frank Black

FRANK BLACK AND THE CATHOLICS Liquid Room, Edinburgh. Fri 26 Sep: Garage. Glasgow. Sun 28 Sep

A week may be a long time in politics but a day or two seems to be an eternity in the world of music. Without getting all Craig David on your arses. I spoke long distance to Frank Black on a Monday (he was cooking a veggie Mexican sausage at the time. but it still went quite smoothly). and at that point he wasn’t entirely sure whether the Pixies would ever get back together.

‘I have no news to report on that,‘ Black replied in a manner that suggested this perhaps wasn‘t the first time he‘d been asked. ‘Sometimes I think it will happen. other times I think it won‘t; it all depends on what side of the bed I get up on.‘

And then a report came forth from the US on a Thursday which indicated that Frank Black must have had a good night’s sleep, from which he emerged on the right side of the bed. Seems that the Boston band that made Nirvana possible (hey, well done) and created a niche for Smashing Pumpkins (oh, bad move) had confirmed they would be reforming for a tour next April, with plans with an album to follow.

For now, though, Frank Black has more immediate live sets to consider, as he takes his Catholics back on the road. And they’ll be armed with songs from his most autobiographical solo album to date. The title, Show Me Your Tears, is reckoned to be a reference to the advice given by his therapist as they discussed the breakdown of Black‘s marriage.

‘I would say that it‘s certainly the most personal or direct one so far. Even when I‘m unhappy, I like making records and if you suspect it‘s good then you feel good yourself because there‘s a sense of satisfaction even if I had other things going on in my life.‘

Titles such as ‘Horrible Day‘, ‘When Will Happiness Find Me Again’?‘ and ‘This Old Heartache' certainly indicate an outpouring of sorts. And despite the lyrical content, much of it is masked in the kind of jaunty rocking he's been known for throughout his career. But maybe his next record will be more morose. Depends on what happens when his alarm goes off that day, suppose. (Brian Donaldson)



Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow and RSAMD, Glasgow. Sat 20 Sep

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3 They’ve made it into the tabloids for a laugh. the hand had two 1th hrgh Statues; made of the two characters; that feature ()l‘ the front cover of Cast of 7hr>u.';.'zrrrl:;. and ehrrstened them Elle and Bo. Trekking around the lOfBTI‘Jétl (:rr(;ult wrth them. Elle and Bo got up to all sorts of shenanlgans, even gettrng moved on from hesrde the Mt after worrred motorists; reported alren ssrghtrngs. All of ‘.‘/ll|Cll got reported rn the M/rror's; dra'oolr<;a! 3am Grrls; column. See? We got there Ill the end.

They’re cheering up Although ne'rer morose In person (frontman Guy Garvey tn partrCular could have a decent stab at an alternatwe career as; a stand-up eomedranr. the band's; Mereuhy-nomrnated dehut. As/eep If) the Bank. was; a downbeat and melancholrr; affarr. Cast of Thousands maintains; the mood; feel. but IthClS an rnfeetrous optrmrtsm rnto proceedrngs.

5 They might do a daft cover version The hand lrke to knock out alternatlve versuonf; of some word and wonderful tunes The; dld "Somethrng tn the Arr' by ThunderClap Newman tor the I Love album. and they've also done a skrftle verSIOrt of DOSIIH‘,’ Chrld's ‘lndepehdent Woman' and a Crackrng rendrtlon of ‘Don't Stop Movrn" by S Club Worth the entrance money alone. we w0uld thOught. lDoug Johnstone) Elbow pl. y OMU. Glasgow, Thu 2 Oct.