Recreating a slice of Manhattan in the New Town

Aherya posh enough?

Exclusive new club hits on Edinburgh’s elite. Words: Ruth Hedges

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haven't heard ahout it? An enzeiope hasn't

dropped though your letter hox ‘.'.'llll a ke', to the Ill (:rowd',2 Mlltlllllt, not one of the chosen few. then. f dtnhur‘gh's first 'modern style' private memhers' <:lul> opens at the end of ()r:toher. opening its arms to the <;ity's movers and shakers ehosen h‘,’ the rltsr:ernrng nose of rtlut) tounder (Elyn Partridge. Deserihing himself as a ‘serial entrepreneur' he prexrously owned a <:harn of hreweries in Asia. 'lt's more a state of mind than a (late of hirth,' he says on the eriteria of mernhershtp. lhel lallion rmeaning rascal Ill S<:ots dialect) wants go getters. the doing people who make things happen and who wltm fellox‘.’ shakers.

Situated next to Club E go on l’t<:ardy Place. the

f|V(?‘Si()l‘(}\,’ (‘ieorgian town house will i)l()‘.|(l(3 a haven of comfort away from the 'rnaddrrxg erowd'. featuring private dining spa<:es, a (:Iuh rooni. Manhattan style (:o<:ktail har, (:hill out room with a (:ushioned. fattrie swathed North Allltiétl‘. feel. a

I\‘ he ’3 —- ‘_‘Q

lt‘i}.'tll>(?lf;. ineludir‘g Susannah Beaurr‘tyrt, r:_-,~.,-r '4; ,.; twrfnmv

spa, and hedroorns V.’ll|(2ll Partridge deserihes as 'sexy, classy and stylish with hathtuhs hig enough for three".

Certainly sounds (1|; ssy. (tlyn. the space has, howewr. heen art gallery Martin l lunt ef lartan Slk Plr‘. ltl«"‘.:"} i a,. "lt-

designed by Sam Booth the person hehind the l ighthouse in n‘edia |a\.'.{.er_ Alison. (lratg, tt‘e :w .arrraste' a"'l < lain!" Glasgow and [ dinhurgh's Rogues Restaurant and so can hoast fvla:7[)<:'tal<t of (lrrn‘son (log. at L“ the ..:..n<;-m'. tr tr-i‘t'a. genuine design (:lout. men‘t:er. llte, haw,- ai t2een mutt-:2 1': 't'ra.'. a: a 22'. ~' rm»; Now, it's always niee to feel knox'rn. and ‘.'.rhat's a clot) if your the; ‘.'.ouid like to nonwnate, Hat 'f ttw ".’5' Mann": 1th“: rd" assets and talents aren't ‘.‘."I(l(}l‘,’ appreciated“? As a riien‘her. then. yet and j.r>-.. are teehrtg et’. out the r:(t_ :"l “4- .tt-rl' atw a" your sWIpe<:ard WI” flash up all your vrtal statisttrx‘ on a he made ht. visiting '.'.".'.~.'..t‘alldecider/x", l‘.lr""l,t'."rllli w sfs sophisticated computer systen‘. so the hostess waiting at the Eltfrf: a year with a 3‘15)? to'rt'tlg ‘er- or 2177')" if got; it w". thin: t': door can smile in recognition of your mighty plaudits and ask the l H postcode. l? ,oav nan‘e's 't( it (11‘: 3.3"

I Ihe/ lat/roe ormns em) a" (lit lt: f.'7:.‘ :‘.,.' . s.’

A fresher approach

Paisley’s scholars have hung around long enough for a proper student union building. Well, now it’s here. \r’v'ords: Jane Hamilton

fter one and a half years of r:<>rtsl'u<‘t on an': delays, Y'ti' llnw-wt. ;‘ llatsw.

right questions. In time. of course. you'll Just he "known'. Irwitations have been sent out to a potential 100 eore founder

Everything 3 student union should be

new student union !s f'!‘;tll\. set for tr;;.;!nt:-ss [Jew/ya: t tr. (tlasttr. a'w't t:-

l’age and Park. the purpose tttmt urmn l‘as ': ts? a tufar a" flair lt's a" IMMUESllttOlll the Student Assoerat an lfl. Kht'l‘ to 'v‘ake it use rt Net ml. the w : union too far fron‘ llunter Street, :t ‘.'.as ars~ a'”t-,-' use 2 a" 1 llsri'l ' tffe'ttvtri l'lr- new tttrtlding, mil: its glass frontage hr te "‘ sound a"'t t.<t' ttrz'; it"t (tapattrty already has exerythrng that a anion and 3:. statenfs new;

Most of the (tornpettrtg hats and rtlu'ps are 't for: ‘%tl"Tlt."lfl‘l‘/; "firm-T r, .t "7‘: .its'te'tf Assotfratton is determined to glue tlien‘ a 'Ll'l fr,» Their rr‘nr‘e,. ".'.'e t' as r'x.';" as can to (tater for as n‘an‘. people as 'iar‘f sa,s .larv‘ (: (Jr 'r,t:tt, tin-Wter‘t. (tomnterrtial senittes.

The olftrtial opening is Mer‘zla. 2‘1" Septen‘rw when the ‘resnern .-’: them is a 53:10 capacity zen-tie te' Ette nxrsr‘ and 't'sU a ’T,l;t:' ya‘w a" :a "are 'r,ar wrth pool tables. plasrr‘a screen le artrt ht tea" s rand surfer game rm; E “cu/tr: a safer sex party. a srt'naoid'tsce."on‘ part... a minions: ’>l“‘,~’l. fw'v‘ tne Runner": Obadiah Sl(?[)i7t‘:lt‘.'.’0llt? and a See-arise. :; riSafa'tt.-1()’:fr,:,e'

s well as offering ; ll things "vat via ‘1 v’...::e"fs "LtrU'l’; a' tritportant part of the new a"..~:vrst. ’taa'te' :' Pa 3.2:. " f'te 621.”,

the new unron huildrrtg. the .l"'.-."f;".‘.. Y'W'fla‘.“ a" 1’: afs Hts-e" r2: " are a‘ rt".

of th:s her. area which “. ‘5: "or-nit l r T'W» " rp- ' T“

4 THE LIST 1580b .‘ (‘3'.

Not like Robson Green at all

I Spare a thought for poor Britney. Her new record. out in November, is apparently all a subconscious reaction to her lack of shagging. She insists that it'll be both sensual and sexual, despite the fact that. and we quote: “I'm not genna come out on this record and show my crotch or anythrng.‘ A mighty shame for many. we reckon Still, there's always Meg Ryan. who seems hellhent on shattering her reputation for rnovres of the applepre-and— vomit variety. as she gets buffed up in Jane Campion's forthcoming erotic thriller In the Cut. She plays a spinster teacher attracted to a cop who hurt 3 serial killers . . . Tom Cruise IS being lined up to play the first American pilot who died fighting Nazis in the Second World War. There Wlll be fighter planes aplenty but can he make anything cooler or more camp than Top Gun? . . Marginally cooler than all that IS James Nesbltt. who is releasrng a cover of the Dean Martin class:c ‘Little Ole Wine Drinker Me'. Despite wrne companies circling to Sign advert deals. Nesbitt claims he's definitely not doing ‘a Robson and Jerome'. Perish the thought.