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Citizens‘ Theatre. Glasgow. Fri 19-Sat 11 Oct (not Sat 20)

The last time Greg Hicks was in Scotland he was to play a smaller role. then suddenly found at the centre of a junior crime wave. He was playing in Barrhead earlier this year in the R305 because we'd been up the night before martial arts-themed Coriolanus and the temptation of laying hands on all those lovely samurai swords was too great for one gang of neds to resist. ‘They were caught on CCTV camera carrying arm-loads of samurai swords.‘ laughs Hicks. ‘We got them back. but they must haven‘t got any minutes!" We just went mad for have had a great time for three or four days.‘

Hicks played the lead role in that production. garnering a set of reviews to die for: ‘He is by far else in the world.‘ the most thrilling Coriolanus I've ever seen.‘ said one critic. He‘s set to extend his relationship with developed on several return visits to Glasgow. the RSC for another three years. next taking on the part of Macbeth. But first. he‘s recharging his conspirator whose loyalty is torn between his artistic batteries in Venice Preserved. director Philip Prowse‘s swan song production at the Citz. 17th century tragedy. By coincidence it‘s opening ‘When I come up here I always feel provoked and the same weekend as Julius Caesar at challenged,‘ says Hicks, one morning before rehearsals. ‘Philip will not let me get away with indulgences that I might allow myself down south. It's like a constant deconstruction of myself as an actor.‘

It was here in 1990 that Hicks made his Glasgow debut in Pirandello’s Enrico IV, filling in jetsam, whereas Shakespeare is more at the eleventh hour for Richard Harris who‘d

himself top of the bill. ‘I had a terrible hangover

discussing what we were going to do if the whole thing fell apart.‘ he says. ‘Philip sat me down and said: “Do you want to play this part or don‘t you?" I said: “Do I want to play this part? Christ. can you give me five minutes?" He said: “No. you

ten days and Philip gave me an experience as a performer that I would never have got anywhere

It cemented a relationship with Prowse that has Now he's back to play the part of Jaffeir. a wife and his comrade in arms. in Thomas Otway‘s Edinburgh‘s Royal Lyceum (see preview). It‘ll be a great chance to compare the two treatments of political rebellion. ‘Philip Prowse‘s preference wouldn‘t be to do Shakespeare, it would be to do Webster or this play.‘ says Hicks. ‘These plays are

immediately credible as human flotsam and

metaphysical. They‘re political. urban. down-to-

Greg Hicks: No indulgences pulled out unexpectedly. Hicks had been lined up earth. bloody, sexy and ugly.‘ (Mark Fisher)

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