The Front


DAVE CORSET, promoter with DF Concerts, '

searches through his ficketstubs and chooses his top five gigs from this year’s T on the Fringe.

1 Michael Franti Artistrrgally (mu duumnumemh.MKMAMIsHuflxxn live performer lior sheer poisrtrve étllll()f;[)ll(3r(? tltrs; \‘JItS; Ill() l)(3s;t (jig; ()t ill(3 lirrrrg;(:

2 Manu Chao So much energy over the space of two hours. it was unbelievable.

3 Polyphonic Spree Happy and ( lztr)t)yrrrt zi rr1()s;t lllltlE;Ll£t| \‘Jity/ vaotli

lllt} l)(::;t ztttt3r:;l1()x*/ r);trt\/ ()t 1’ ()ll llt(} quyr

4 Elbow A unique sound and top stand-up routine from Guy Garvey between songs.

5 Snow Patrol Best grg I've seen the band (to. They get better every WHOISOCHKNHHWL Ever wuuteo to look at the world through the eyes; ot {tlt ;t(lu|t liego euthusuist'? llere \ou go. Not only can you make u mrhr t ego \.er':;r()h of yourself with the Mrur Mixer hut you (iétll (theek out the l ego turot (torus. With (t motto ot ‘Hememherf People Suekl' zuuluhukeuhxl(huruunxnhesugm ham ', It won’t surprrse \.ou to hear that th :; srte It; riot surkttrouerl by the company (Ihrrs; Doyle's '.-.or|(l mrght seem at lrttle unrerro hut when you get rhto the eeusorerl setttroh exploring the world of rturle plastic to\:;. well. then rt gets; \ery (:reepy rorleerl

I n Spirited Away UGO l-ountarupztrk. ljrlrrthurgh

The show mus no go on

Down the years, musicians have come up with some absolutely startling excuses for cancelling shows. recording sessions or retail store openings. They're usually nothing more than an euphemism for ‘lack of

interest'. But can you match the doctor's note with those throwing the sickie?

Freak of Nature

Ozzy Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne

White Stripes

Peter Andre



Joe Strummer

Shaun Ryder

50 Cent


The crowd outside a San Francisco club was so frenzied that the performer couldn't even get in


Cancelled T in the Park after a car crash resulted in a really sore finger

Postponed a gig after eating too many bananas, resulting in severe six-pack strain


Pulled out of gigs in Hong Kong because of the Sars outbreak

Had to withdraw from a European tour because of food poisoning suffered at Elton John's pad

Pulled out of the Irish leg of Ozfest because it had been far too cold during the previous night’s performance in Leicestershire

Too inebriated, as per usual, to do a Channel 4

animation voiceover

Cancelled a tour because their partner's mum was in a Paris jail, proving conclusively that fighting the law is for losers

Cancelled an in— store appearance because they only had one hair dryer between them

Got arrested on the eve of his Just Outta Jail tour and had to pull all the shows


Dropped an entire European tour because a video shoot wasn't quite finished


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‘iz Set/V Oct 2 fl: THE LIST 5