A guardian of vintage style

The fuchsia frontage of Arkangel, a small. independent boutique in Edinburgh's West End, hints at the kind of goodies available inside. Stocking unashamedly feminine clothing and accessories. Arkangel is strictly for sophisticated ladies.

Selling unusual, chic and elegant clothing influenced by 19305, 19405 and 19505 fashion, the shop was set up in May last year by Janey Dalrymple and Lulu Benson. Both are passionate about fashion and vintage clothing and want to bring a slice of Notting Hill to Scotland.

Benson and Dalrymple offer personal consultations for customers seeking advice, recommendations for a new look, or help selecting a special gift. As fashion glossies point to vintage as one of autumn/winter's key looks, Arkangel is a great place to find something quirky, exclusive and sassy for an important occasion.

Lace and silk evening dresses, 19505- inspired floral frocks, embroidered coats and antique lace blouses feature in the stock, which is mix of exclusive designer labels and vintage fashion. British, French and Danish labels are available, such as Marilyn Moore, Megan Park, Marian Foale, Ventilo, Antoine et Lili, Stella Cadente Anonymous, Bruuns Bazaar, Rutzou Harrison and Ginko.

There’s also a selection of vintage pieces of clothing and glamorous costume jewellery that has been hand-picked by Dalrymple and Benson. The time is now to become a vintage vixen. (Carolyn Rae)

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I CONGRATULATIONS once again to Jonathan Saunders for out- printing the opposmon with his bold geometric blocks at this year‘s London Fashion Week. The 25-year-old from Burnside can take heart that his daring shades shone like brightly- coloured beacons amid a sea of floaty pastels in the spring/Summer 2004 collections. Even more exciting is that the Glasgow School of Art textiles graduate has branched Out into menswear. Could Saunders be the catalyst for more adventurous deSIQns within the tight remit of the menswear market?

I HIGH STREET jewellery store H Samuel - which brought you the oh- so-not desirable imitation Lord of the Rings ring (available in gold and silver, no less) - is jumping on the SJP bandwagon with its reproduction bracelet. Ms Parker sported a stunning


Glasgow based T shirt COmpany Ttyrsted Generation. are now axailahie to Din. on its website. This is the comparin fourth autumn Winter 2003 collection and it includes shirts tOr men and three new silhouettes -- featuring wide waistbands and angel-Wing sleeves fOr women. The new collection is inspired by the ‘Northern SOuI' scene of the 70s and 80s. and is dominated by black and white, Prices range from $30—$50. For mere informatIOn go to \wvw


I THE 803 MIGHT well be back in vogue, but thank fashion leaders that block-colour lipstick isn’t being trowelled onto a pair of smackers near you. Glosses are still the order of the day and the latest offerings from Not Soap Radio will have you licking your lips. Priced at £8, and available exclusively at Harvey Nichols, each variety is infused with a natural extract, such as shamrock for luck, St John’s Wort for balance and bergamot for optimism. For more information call 0131 524 8388.

I STREETWEAR website oki-ni is brimming With new desrgns for the coming autumnal season. Levis Re-worked features denim togs With a strong asymmetrical element.

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