Festive Food


is a time for rituals: the exchange of gifts, kisses under the

mistletoe and peace and goodwill to all human beings. But not every tradition should be welcomed with open arms. There is also the inevitable family feud, the endless expense and that oh-so-promising meal out with your workmates/relatives that turns out to be something akin to your proverbial dog's dinner. Time to confess. Such disasters can generally be attribut- ed to nil foresight regarding the destination and even less consideration to actu- ally pre-booking the venue.

At school, those over-cooked turkey and stuffing assemblages were somehow acceptable (or at least expected). In the grown-up world, you would have thought that things might get better. It doesn't have to be this way. This is the year to break from tradition. Book early to get the Christmas meal you really want. Daunting? Laborious even? Fear not, because the following pages are packed full of excellent restaurants and bars to ensure that this year’s Christmas meal is set apart from all the rest.



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room for private hire call 0131 557 9997 for more info

licensed outside catering call 0131 557 9997 for more info

book early for Christmas

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