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Martin Boyce‘s work may have to find a new home in the future

Losing heirlramway

Glasgow prides itself on being a centre of visual arts excellence. So why is one of its key players being sold down the river? Words: Helen Monaghan

he recent news that Glasgow's 'l‘raiiiw‘ay arts centre is to become the

future home of Scottish Ballet sent shockwavcs throughout the \isual

arts community. And rightly so. Just three years alter 'l'ramway received £35m for major refurbisluncnt. Scottish Ballet is seeking extra Lottery funding to transform 'l'ramw'ay 2 - the famed. large-scale exhibition space into rehearsal studios. It plans to turn this most public of spaces into a priyate one.

In a statement. the dance company announced that it was ‘wot'king in close co-ojm'ation with (ilttsgow' (‘ity (‘ouncil and the Scottiin :\l1s (‘ouncil to linalise an agreement'. But why have they chosen 'l‘ramway and why does (ilasgow ('ity (‘ouncil appear to be happy to lose one ol‘ its main visual arts venues'.’

The fact that the council is in dialogue with Scottish Ballet suggests that all is not well at 'l‘ramw‘ay. lts non city—centre location may account for poor attendance figures. btit it also suffers from a lack of investment. marketing and direction. Increased

financial support and the appointment of an overall artistic director would go some way to addressing the situation.

(ilasgow' prides itself on its internationally recognised. thriving visual arts scene. of which 'l‘ramw'ay is a major player. The exhibition space. with its unique l()3(l metre-square area. complete with tram lines and pillars. is well known on the international scene. In historical terms. it premiered Douglas (iordon's 24 Hour I’syr'llr). gave debut solos to (‘hristine Borland and Roderick Buchanan and has attracted high profile international curators.

The acclaimed New York-based curator and art critic. ()kwui linwesoi' brought the international group show .llr'rror's lit/gr to (ilasgow. Marlin Boyce's recent solo show will be shown at the Lyon Biennale. And every year it stages the MFA degree show in partnership with (ilasgow School of .-\l'l. The work of up-and-coming artists is shown in the project room lthis year‘s Beck's l‘utures nominee David Sherry showed Stile/Ill): here) and it consistently commissions artists to produce new work. .-\ll on a budget ol‘ under £l()(l.l)l)().

So where does this leave the visual arts'.’ .-\nd if the proposal is accepted. where does Tramway go‘.’ Scottish Ballet may well need to mme out of its ‘dilapidated' base in West Princes Street bill to oust one artl‘orm to liouse another is ludicrous. The Scottish Arts (‘ouncil and (ililsgtiw (‘ity (‘ouncil have reminded us that this is not yet a ‘done deal‘ and we have to wait until January to learn Tramway's l'uture. Let's hope 'l‘ramw'ay can continue to uphold its reputation and not simply be remembered as a venue that Used to.


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