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I Attractive double room in \lorrillig»rde llal. »h.rrlrig \-.rlh iothei» large »il llll_‘.' room. dining klteherl .\ 2 hathrooiii» t. illll pt in leI

H "l' ‘52 5215.

I Beautiful spacious double liltllll Ill quiet llat Still n » \Hll\ltlt'l.llk' per»ori lo »hare \‘.llll 2 other» L2 ‘ll Pelll (‘l lilll» “I ll (l5lll

I 2 double Rooms in hullga hm lll (‘or»rorplririe area Sharing \‘.llll 1 other (larderi. parking. In my rooili & dining room Siill \'/» prole»»ion.r| \\.ii|ah|e no“ Hill) «('I 6 Ilill» l'el “MUSon ‘7) I Big double room in ma» »i\e South ('leil» Slleel llal. See ll lo helie\e ll Sharing Hill] 2 ;'ii}». »ull IS 25 _\i old, 0 iliolli» let {255 peril ("I o; hill». 'Ieli ll“)(i.\ 5' {ll .SSF‘

I Bright double ensuite iooni .i\ail.ihle ln iiiultr lingual ll.ll ltl \llalt' \\Ill| lll'lt'lltll) girl» l'ree parking. »iiit n/» ea»)gollig [it'lvtll L' illi) peiii. llli hill», Iel, ll‘fllfi 501003,

I Bright double room. eii»uile. a\.ii|.ihle liild ()eloher'. »h.irilig \‘.llll l lerliale (\ eat. Separate klteheri .\ lounge.

9. i ;ll peril depo»it. 'l'el: HTS,“ {5“l5l

I Large single room. a\.iil.ihle lion. in »iiiiri}. \\ ell

pre»erited l’oluorlh tlal “oiild »uit ll » telltale po»tglad »luderil or plote»»ional to »llare \xrth olie other 12-h) peril ~ hill»

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I Bright sunny single room Ill l.eitli llat. \xoodell lllitll\. (i( i\ \'.ll‘lt' l \ Sllll lelnale. »|l.irilig \xrlh 2 olliel lelirale» t\ tat L25“ ptin lel HI il 551.11%

I Central Royal Mile tlou hle room in »paeioii» 5rd llool llat. to »h.ile l ollier. ll ». roorri quiet and hilglit \xrth great \ ieu» t2.\5 peril plrr» (‘l and hill». 'Iel HM‘N (15‘5"1

I Double room available on \\ ell ple»ellted llL'\\ dexelop lneiit oil I erlh \\.lll» Sharing \\llll 1 male. ii » l; Will peiii. lio hill» 'lel. ll“.\ll ~15" S-H.

I Double room in hl'lghl l’oluoi‘lh llat »har'lllg \\llll l leiliale. Still ea») going. ll'rendl}. ii/» lerllale »tudenl. .'\\;lll.'ll‘lt' lltm. {2S0 pein ’l'el: lll 3| ilh xoxl

I Double room in eerill'al l’ohxorlh llal. »uil )oung prole» » ll‘ee parking. L225 peril + ("l t hill» ’lel: lll.‘~| 337013" I Double room in elegant. »paeiou» (ieol‘glan llal oll l.eilh “alk. Share with l po»l grad, ll/\ required. ga} lr'ielidl}. L215 peril + hill» -+- depo»it. ‘l‘el;

()1 il lo" 3575

I Double room in lliodel'n llal »hal‘ing \th 1 other. ('o») H.“ \‘ltNk' ltl L‘L‘llll'c. all lltlltl eon» l’hoiie alter ‘llh ()elohel'. Lilli) +- hill» id: “"280 2-1." .154 I Double room in llltltlt'l'li. 2 hedrooiil llal. »hai'iiig “llll l other. ell») llal. elo»e lo eeltlr‘e. Stilt llielidl} po»t gi‘ad/lliatul‘e »tudent, a\allah|e ()etohel‘. Bill) peril. Tel: (1773‘) 2-1" -l5-l

I Double room in He“ hou»e. »haring \xrth 2 other». all illod eon». (i('ll. lnlernel & eahle l'\'. garden» .\ parking ('lo»e to Roin irililillal‘) \o »ludellt». USS oi »liloker'». £22“ l‘erll v hill» 'lel ill 5I li2ll1SS‘) I Double room in »p.ielou» |.elth touil hoii»e -l liioiilli» rnrn- irirunl let. £2Sll peril + depmlt, lL-l‘ ll"".l.\ till SIS exelling»

I Double room in »p.i eiori». ll'ieiidl} (‘orneh Bank llal. »haririg \xrth 2 other» Stiit )oung pl'ole»»lonal. £2l5 + ("l + hill». 'lel. Hill 332 2Sll2.

I Double room to lel Ill 3 hedi'ooili Hrunt»l'ield tlal. Stilt nl» prole»»ronal. .\\ar|ahle no“. [2'5 perri + ("l' + hill», lel: l)l_§| 22*) ‘sll25

I Doouble room, suit _\oiilig pl'ole»»lonal in light. »iirlli} ground llool' llat to »|iar'e \\ illi | other. (iood hii» r'oiite». »ale parking. £250 peril + hill» + (“l2 lel: (PH)? 52” 22]

I East New Town elo»e lo l.elth Walk. 3 douhle hedi‘rxilii» in »unn_\. r‘eeentl} decorated ground lloor llal \\ ilh »iltlng r‘oolli/ krteheii. hallil'ooni u illi »ho\\er'. (i( 'l l. L2H) peril pp. -l »hal'ing. l’role»»ional» Hill}. .'\\;lllill‘lt‘ ()etohel'. 'l'el: (ll 3| 22H JSIT

I Large double room. mm hathr‘ooiri in lillilihllt‘ lieu llat oppo»ile ()eeaii lel'llillial. Suit n/» pl'tllt‘\\lttll;ll. £350 peril + depo»ll. Tel: “7780 337 390, I Easter Road, room in hr'ighl »hal‘ed ell} l‘lat. a\ai|ahle rirm. .\'o l)SS. .\'on—»inoking l'lat. all hill» ineluded. £285 peril. lel: (ll3l (lot) 4057

I Flat mate wanted for rliodei‘ii l‘lat »harlng \xilh l rnale. lia»ler Road. £250 peril +

Flatshare Hotline 09070 201 610

HOW to placa‘Flatshare advert

The List Flatshare service is for people offering a room to rent in a shared flat and is a reli- able and successful way of finding a new flatmate. It is simple to use and here’s what to do.

When you telephone the Hotline you will be asked for

1. Your name. address. postcode and daytime number, including dialling code

2. Up to 30 words of description about the room. rent and type of person sought

3. A contact number for would-be-flatmates to ring

The List magazine comes out fortnightly on a Thursday and weekly during the festival. Your Flatshare advert will appear in the next available magazine and will be included for one

issue only. Subsequent insertions must be telephoned in again. The deadline for flatshare is 12pm on the Thursday before publication.

Each telephone call will be charged at 75p per minute and should last about 3 minutes.

Calls from non-BT and mobile phones may cost more. If you need help or are concerned about anything. please call our Helpline on 0870-121-


Please note that Flatshare is only for people seeking a flatmate. If you wish to place any other kind of accommodation advert, such as Rooms Wanted, Property to Let or Property Wanted, you should use the booking form in the back of this magazine.

If you are unable to get through please ensure that your phoneline is not barred from Premium Rate numbers. In the event of barring please contact your service provider or telecom company or use another phone.

Only those looking for a flatshare should be using this service and as an advertiser you are advised not to give out personal details when recieving enquiries about your

flat. Always ensure you have someone with you when showing people your property.

124 THE LIST .‘ "1 3.".

(“I re! NUS.» mu :5:

I Flatmate wanted for plea»alll »irigle room it] peaee till 2 hedr'oorli llat oll l.eith \Valk. h_\ l’llr‘lg park (}(‘H & wooden floor». Vegetarian. ll » preler'red. £245 peril ~ (‘I. 'lel:(ll31 555 (92‘)

I Friendly flatmates wanted lol hright. »paeiou» \\'e»t land Hal. 2 room» and ahle. large dorihle rooili. ’4 till) lk‘iii + ("I~ * hill» l)oilhle ho\ l'ttttlll \\llli »k_\ light. (225 pelii + + l‘lll». (l~~.\'(i Illll (MS

I Friendly housemate wanted lor' douhle hedrooln. n/». »haring \\llll iliale. 25 (iarden & all illod eon». L2H) ll'tri + (“l + hill». 'l'el: ill 3! 445 539‘)

I Huge old comfy lalnil} hoii»e rk garden in eeritr‘al lidilihirr‘gh. Mature leiliale l‘latinale \xanled. pei'hap» \\ ilh llill\lc;tl llllL‘l'C»l. l/2 l‘lHHll» a\al|ah|e. (i('l|. all liiod eon». 'l‘eI: (ll.‘~| 554 7005'

I Large attractive room iii ell} eerltr'e llal. Still _\oulig. ea»} going prole»»lon- al. to »hai'e \\ ilh 2 leniale» «k 2 eat» .-\l| illod eoli». £225 peril + ("l' + hill». 'l'el: ()lfil 55h 5M4 I Large dou- ble room mailahle l'oolli. contain» douth tk \lltgle hed. Sharing hr'lghl. eleaii llal urth n/» l’l'lendl} eouple. £200 peril + ("I' + hill». Tel: 0| 3| 22‘) (l7ll-l

I Large double room in eool l‘lal. Still ea») going. ri/». pr'ole»»ioiial £275 peril + hill». Tel: 0777‘) 73504-1

I Large double room. en»uite in »lurining. liL‘\\ I) lur- nl»hed in .\'e\\ 'l'oun llal. Sharing “hit 2 ll'lt‘lldl}. }oung «k xoelahle pl'ltlL'\\ltill;ll\. l'lal lilu»t he »een. £330 pern + hill». 'l‘el: (l77l5 .520 55‘)

I Lovely double room in l)iek»on Street. 2nd floor. l)(i. »eeuril} elllr'ariee. (1(‘ll. Still )(lllllg pl'ol’e»»lona|. £20” peril. .lAL'lI ()7707 5‘80 5H)

I Large room available in »paeiori» & ll‘lL'lltll} .\'e\\ 'l‘oun flat to »h.ire \\ ilh 4 pro- l'e»»rorial». £295 perii + hill» Tel: 0131 538 335-1 exenirig» I Large room in central l’lat. Belgraw (‘r'e»eent. Still 11/» pr‘ole»»ional. »llariiig with 1 other. no eorrple» £340 peril + hill». Tel: (17802 795 020

I Large, colourful and heatililull} deeol‘ated top floor flat on lia»ter Road. 2 doiihle hedr'oorli». huge lounge and »eperate kileheri/dining rooni, ()uallt} lurniture and »arided lloor» throughout. .\lri»t he

\ re“ edl \Votlld \llll pl'ole»»lolt- al»/po»t-grad »tudenl». .v\\ai|ahle irnrnedlatel}. £535 peril + hill». Tel: “7760353353

I Single room available lll Imel} Tollerm» llal. »hared lixing roorn oxerlooldng the meadow». »h;iring “ilh one other female. Would »urt po»l graduate/lllalirre per»oil. n/» \egetarian onl). £250 pern + ("I‘ + hill». Tel: 0131 228 9267 I Large room to rent in hou»e \xlth »tunnillg \ieu» to South Bridge. Walking dl»tanee

ririi\er»rl} Share \\llll oxxrrer o | other Stilt non »rliol.rrig leriiale L285 peril ' hill» lel o] 11 rm.» 1"|»

I Large room. lirillit»lieltl. »h.irlng \\llll 2 laid hatk. outgoing lelnale» \\.iil.ihle no“ 1215 l\lll » hill» . (‘l lellll1l2.‘\ \lll I Morningside double room in huge llat \iirt lllk'llt l_\ prole»»ion.d to draw \xrth 1 other L2H“ ptrli ~ hill» . (’l [cl ll".\ri| “Howl:

I Professional female wanted. \ll‘lll‘lk' ll‘illll .i\.ill ahle in .illiaeloe \k'llllJl ha»e lilent llal (iarden. ( l( "II. all illod eon» .t\.tll.ll‘lt' l»l ()etohet L :25 [MIN ' l‘lll» lt'l HI ‘I ~15S 2ll-ll e\eliillg»

I Room available in lalz'e »h.iled hou»e ill I iheltoll .rlea ()uret. pli\.ile garden .\ garage L2llllptrn o (‘l o hill» lel

(ll ‘sl (ml WV»

I Short term let. lroni llim until end ( )Ll. \ev.ha\en lo\e|_\ hr'ighl doiihle ioorn. »e.r \ lt'\\ ». Ill iliiii» to eeiitie Sharing \xlllt l lix» prole»» LS5 pu. no hill» 'l'eI: ill ‘I 555 5‘lll‘l

I Boom available off I erlli \Valk lol lehahle. \xoikirig. n » L2hll peril all inehi»i\e » depo»ri 'l'el. “5‘th h ll (i2 * e\eriln_:'»

I Room in bright »illiri§ llal oil llolltrood Road \riil Pl'ole»»lorial lernale. ll/\ tilll pern. 'l'el‘ (ll il 55" Us

I Room to let lol (i lrlorilh». »hai'iiig \Hlll l other. I5 rnrriirte htl» ride to eil} eeiitre \lil»l he laid hael» & »oetahle

L521) pelli

'l‘el' (WW HI 15"

IROOI’I‘I t0 let to »liale “uh I lerliale }oiilig prole»»rorial l)ouhle l'oorri lll L H} eelitle near l'ni, l'r'iendl} llal urth all illod eon» arid »hed & garden L255 pern + hill» + ("l + depo»it l’r'ole»»ional» onl} ’lel H] il (ifi2 0555-1

I Short let room .l\;lll.ll\lt' ln 2 hedrooln llat. l'lllll12 week» 3 month». ii/» prelelred U5 pm. no hill». 'l'el: “I 5| Will 105‘)

I Single room ili .iltiatme Stoekhrldge llal Stilt outgoing prole»»lona| lerliale. s\\;lll;ll‘l’.' ()elohel. no l)SS L255 peril o hill». 'lel: lll ll Hi ll‘lll e\ellrrig» I Min/double room .r‘-.ill ahle iii eelitr'al . lllll_\ lrillil»hed \llth \\'.\l. 'l‘V. \ ideo Cl\ \o hill» L-llltl5 pv. pp 'lel ltl ll (15“ 5555

I Big Double Room In ()lliet .-\rid Spaerou» Morning »ide l'lal. l'llll} \lodel'rirwd. Sarided l'loor‘». l.arge Sunn} l.l\lrig Roorli . Sharing \Vrlll ()ne ()ther'. Surt li » Young l’role»»rorial. l; Wt l’ern l’hr» ("I l’lll» Bill». 'lL'lj ll—‘hl2 55(tlllfl I Young professional urban lo\ required tor lurlk} deli \Hlll all illod eon» Bright »ingle room to »hare “uh I lo\ A; l \i\en, £250 peril + ("I + hill». ’I'el: “"50 22‘) 24“

I Short term let. lrorll liou. until end (let. .\'e\lha\en. l.o\el_\ hl'lglil dotthle l‘oolll. \L'a \ reu» 10 min» to eentre Sharing \Hlli l n/» prole»»ional, £35 p“. [to hlll». 'l‘el: lll5l 555 590‘).