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Glasgow Film Theatre is one of the Ull's most critically and commercially successful independent. specialist cinemas with around 450 movies shown at its two screens each year. the cinema plays a major role in the cultural life of the city and beyond by providing a programme of film, video and television. most of which would not otherwise be available. The programme is international in scope and offers new and innovative film and video alongside more familiar worlr. this rich line-up, combined with the cinema’s modernist European building, post-art deco interior and quality of service, add to the overall Off experience.

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lo celebrate a great autumn line-up of top films, Ster Century Cinemas, Ocean terminal, Edinburgh is offering list readers the chance to buy one cinema ticket and get the second for FREE.

Vouchers are valid for any film at any time over the next two weeks, so whether you fancy snuggling up to something romantic, going on a flight of fantasy or testing your nerves with nail-biting action, do so at Ster Century Cinemas, Ocean terminal, Edinburgh, where all the latest films come alive on the biggest screens. .

Off is delighted to offer all readers of The list the opportunity to visit Off and get two tickets for the price of one. available on the entire programme between 2-16 October.


Please present this voucher at the box office, Please present this voucher at the box office, ._ I i l,“ )_ and on the purchase of one ticket, you will and on the purchase of one full price ticket, you (' , “N , l , . r Y received one free ticket to the same film. will receive one free ticket to the same film.

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