rnrddle and make two Kr// BI/rs. 'l've made |ong mowes before and l've n‘ade brg commztments. but thrs was hard because you couldn't depend on rt.' recalls Thurman. 'Everythrng would shrft and change and would defy the normal reason how normal frlms are made. Ouentrn's tavourrte thrng to do rs to defy thrngs lrke that.’

Normal rs certarnly not a word you rmmedrately assocrate wrth Tar'antrno. And normal rs not what audrences wrll be sayrng of Kr/r' Br/l. Based on a Character dreamed up by the pan ror by 'O and U' as Tarantrno vrews rtl. Uma plays the Brrde. an assassrn who has durt the krllrng rndustry and arms to settle down to rnarrred lrfe. Except her weddrng day rs up—er‘ded by her former colleagues and a bloodbath ensues. When she wakes up from a lengthy coma alter been shot rn the head. the Brrde rs so mrtted at hayrng her honeymoon plans scuppered that she sets out to track down those who OUjOCIOd to the nuptrals. She eres them out. one by one. through varrous homages to vrolent movre genres rspaghettr. samurar. kung tu for thr‘eel. The lrkes of Lucy l.ru. DaVrd Carradrne and Daryl Hannah don't know what's about to hrt them

There are brts of Bruce Lee rthe gravrty-defyrng scraps and that yellow tracksurt. n‘arnlyl. and a hrnt of Theatre of B/ood ta gruesome revenge moyre rn whrch Vrncent Prrce's

actor bumps off hrs (Il’ITrCf; one I); one H" a Shakespearean styree. but us all (turntessentza: ()uerrtrn. ‘A ot <:‘ drrect'r's start wth an rssae and then. t're storj. rs shaped around reckons Thurrr‘an 'Otrentr'Vs tqcr‘sc orrs"ess dowry"! ’lt. tr: reflect that, He goes .nto the ::r<:.’t'.r‘.e but" process even, one of hrs characters and he knows meqfnrng ancuf then. He knows years of finer: !I‘.(3§3 .n 'r‘t‘r<:(l=t)i<: (retarl. wrrtes rean‘s of passages and then Tl‘.’().‘.'f3 tal‘ out l' never seen anyti'rrng durte ‘rke rt. He‘s so r.r‘<‘<:r‘r.<:r‘hcrur' Urlconventror‘ar rs one apt descrrptron w Tarantrrrr rv; longer dubbed llolry\.'.'oed‘s 'en‘ant terrtble'. what l‘r"‘ ber'rg AU thrs year and allr. l oya. rs another Thurman's pregnancy v:th baby number two to Ethan Hawke tseparated now. trttle tatt:e tans, mean! that l.’ raritnt, "at: to drtch or strck wrtn nrs fer'trle len‘ale .ead lle opted tr; rut hrs pr‘oductron on hold and .‘.art to: tl‘erfi‘rl’1tf‘rtmr; For Thurrrtan, g'vrng brrtl‘ may haze tree" a" ordeal But dexeroprng a taste for a drr'terent km: 3" a”. 0" TM" she had to perforn: rn Henr; arvt.‘ Jane s anctne'. learn two styles of sword frghtrrrg. {no st. es knrte throv/rng. rare ‘.'.'ork. fror‘! t'lrps. back ‘1 cs. . lhau to do rt.‘ Road rage Matrosr

types bran/arr.

Kill Bill is released on 17 Oct.

Maybe real real life then?

Yes, that might be a bit rich for anyone’s

blood. How big are you on true stories about lame horses? It’s better than it sounds on paper, honest. Spiderman’s riding the horse.

Seabiscuit r wan Ross. USA» Jrer‘fBrrdges. Tobe, 'Jag'uxre. C'rrrs (Soon-r Makrng films about horse racrng should r: ea'g. be Wade a" executable offence but here rs one that SMptLe’l .rnrrer Tt‘r; mre and rs acttraln, prett, good. l.'.’."re" a naft-blnr: ex prrzet'rghter llv‘lagurreu tean‘s up mustang breaker Cooper. ar‘d ar‘ .rroersrzed nurse. happen at the ‘rnsttng lrne, Based c" trie 1'..e sir)", o‘ the beast that won the Horse o" the Year r‘ 19158. t'1-s s we stOn, frOn‘ depressrcn-era USA1'2at doe;er name "01;". trarns. hobos a to \‘Jood; Quince cams. Ox. '-1 Na.

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Some good old-fashioned sex, drugs and . . . more

, ' V THE LIST 17