and finally,

(lrstr'ust that lerl to (Zastro going; to the Sowets for

support anrl. ultrnratel, the Cub; n rmssrle cr s:s. He talks about a book he read recently. Dec/assu‘rerr Docurrrehts. which (letarls Oberatron Northx'seoris the rnxasron r;‘ ()uba by all liltn’itif; r:oss:ole. iter‘, terrorzst élctror‘. (:ohsrrlererl by Osan‘a brn l arlen was rn that terrortf sags Stone, 'lt rs rnt belret thrs concept of hrrackrnt; aerop’anes was starteo back rn the 1060:; against ()uba.'

Stone also talks about the Republicans, concern about the 900-1 electron and ltow that plays rnto the Castro story. ‘Next surnrher there's going to be attentrcn to getting electerl agarn and i lorrtla bTays a K03 role; the antr-(Zastro lobl)‘, In F lorrtla rs a «e. rrolrtrr‘ai orgarnsatron ()uban America" beoble are '.er\ r'rxolwerl Bush. Castro went Into some (letarl as to what he saw as the An‘errcan provocation ot Cub; He nan‘es three senior \"Jhrte House oftrcrals as the major rnstruators of the new Bush policy against (Iuba. fermenting; what he calls



hrJacKrng anrl (lrss'oenfs. Hij- as ;:::«:r.'_ (Zaca berngr attacker} rn the sane Desinte hrs best efforts. Stone lrtes"'t f" ‘f poss=ble to tell The f'uft‘ ‘r‘ the r:;.r'r"‘-f t)“, t'rg: cirr"ate. 'lc take on the ter'nr st s t..a‘.:<,r‘ at": ,t really, n‘eans would be a ilti't} rear: to :rn. lrw: An‘errcan ‘.l(}‘.‘." of thrs '.'.ar <;r‘. fer'o'rs'r‘ 1:; s" rn‘n‘ature l".e An‘encans ."axe sitter: a.'.a‘. because of the ;ssue c‘ cause ar‘rl e‘lertt: the 'l’ want to know the cause Arnolu 8::"'.'.;l'£(?"t::;itr3' '.‘.‘li)(?f§ out the had guys. but whr: are tw- barl r;;..s ‘ihetr n‘a\, wen. well be rns:<le our (rener'r'necf As :one as they externairse ahu ite'r”>rrrs<: the »::"e"‘. rt's govt; to .)e a continuatler‘ of a ‘t/etr‘a'r‘ I'Ii’l syt‘tlronie. We have to trx our ccm‘t". .'.rthrh Reconstrtrctrno An‘er'ca. net Irarr 3".th 'f

be a better (2X;itt‘t:l<? to the worzrl :‘ we :l ti sa.’

Comandante is released on 10 Oct. See review, page 26.

Alien: The Director's Cut

«Hotel. Scott. t/Kr Torn Skerrrtf. S/goarmn l'./’ear.’e' It ‘.'.'as going; to happen sooner or later: the big hearlezl Geordie mth a reactronah. streak as li‘.(}£il‘. as a Rebubtrcan Part1. frnger buffet was alx'xar, s

} gerr‘o to hate to return to what was probably. hrs tinest tlrrectcr:al hear. For that; behalf. restored special edition. Scott has re-cut the trlrr‘, rncorooratrng nexer-hetorr‘: seen t'ootagw. ls rt germ; to be any good .‘ Aln‘ost oetrnrtely, The orrgrnal Is a sen‘rnal p:ece of sci-tr schlock the career of Srgournet, \‘t'eaxe". whose character RiplO} became one of the genres l“:)Si enourrng Icons. You ma, haxe orcketl this he on DVD tron‘ the tates a'ready. but do \. Ourselt a taxour and go see rt on the brg; sereen. [Out 3‘: Oct

"error that launcheo

Yes, actually that was a bit cheeky now you mention it, sorry. Only new movies from now on, promise. What about something altogether more scary and real? A lumbering, hairy, cigar-chomping military dictator in a jaunty hat hanging out with, gasp! . . . Oliver Stone?

But realistically, all you need

is love isn’t

it? Like maybe the love between a man and his petrol pump attendant?

The Lea ue of Extraor inary Gentlemen

w, - r > I ( I!" r. I), 4 .I r F ):l ."a-. "t. .O'- f".:'..’" ‘H ; , {O N r: v n rm- :1 " '()" H o : till‘ it ' t . ' t i w: \I' '." '1. T'

' '1'} "I ’rlft‘i': .' tl'" " r" 1' '.' 1 L1 v, ":7 ‘) r‘.‘.' 71 , I 7‘ 'I, :1), ‘I’

f"t'- t [I r :'

:»,'.' r °r~,« '1 r :r

Or what about another film centring on a not so dissimilar, unintelligible, beardy,

six-foot plus septuagenarian?