Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, Fri 10 Oct; Penicuik Folk Festival, Sat 11 Oct Glasgow's Arches, Mon 20 Oct

He guested on the Rolling Stones' Voodoo Lounge and Keith Richards' ‘Wingless Angels'. He was, in fact, onstage with the Stones last November in California. He's Ireland’s Frankie Gavin, playing a fiddle. Well, some of the time. ‘Actually, on Keith's album, which we recorded out in his place in Jamaica. I played mostly accordion,’ he says.

But Gavin’s musical prowess is legendary: as a teenager he won the all-Ireland title on fiddle and flute - on the same day - and has since collaborated with some

From Keith to Keane, they all love him

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heavy-duty musos, including

Yehudi Menuhin and Stephane Grappelli. And the Smithsonian Institute has ent'xisaziw‘ "x , .-

invited him to play and record on the Stradivarius and Guarnaerius collection

owned by maestro Fritz Kreisler. For 30 years, from its inception in 705 Galway, he fronted the seminal Irish folk band De Dannan, bringing singers like Dolores Keane and Mary Black to audiences around the world. And he still finds time for


major projects such his Choctaw Symphony, in five movements and including

native instruments, which honours the Indian tribe that collected money to send

to Ireland during the Great Famine.

Yet for someone whose cheekin complex settings of Queen (‘Hibernian Rhapsody'), the Beatles (“Hey Jude’) and Handel (‘The Entry of the Queen of Sheba into Galway’) are often on the airwaves, Gavin's musical centre of gravity goes back to a purer time, and the first recordings of Irish music in the America of early last century, the old 785 of Michael Coleman, the Flanagan Brothers, John McKenna and Joe Derrane.

‘My heart is very much in the old traditional music of the 19205,‘ he says. ‘If someone were to ask me what are my deepest feelings in traditional music I would have to say that is where they lie, in that era.’ (Norman Chalmers)


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