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THE CONSTANT WIFE King's Theatre, Edinburgh, Mon 6-Sat 11 Oct


Wicked observations of hypocrisy

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Seen at Dundee Rep. Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh, Thu 16 Oct

Scottish [)ance lheatre ar’trstrc d:'e::tor Janet Smrtlr‘s kr‘ack for conrmrssronrng people who think outside the box Hilf‘. produced sorrre interesting results over tne years, and this programme rs no exception. Along '.‘Jllll two new pieces. SUI 's autumn tour rs grvrng audiences a second look ; t t re earlier l’eter Darrell Award Winners. Victor ()urradas Self Oh.<;erv.'rt/orr Hit/rout Jot/genren.‘ and Beth Cassanr's r'yf', House rs Melt/rig challenge the company rn yen, different ways. But the dancers are now ‘.'.'ea'rng both like second skins.

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Annahelle Bonnery's Or [he f:dge played more to SIN ‘s exrstrng strengths A loose narratzve hased on two couples at a dinner part‘, opens the door to all manor of relationship issues. One woman puckers and preens rn the mrrror‘ as her partner warts rmpatrently to go out while acrr ss the stage. the other couple slot au'xkx'xar'rlk rnto each other's arms. desperatek ll\’|llg to bridge the gap. With manx, more nears of experience under hrs helt. Horta's relationship studx rs the more consummate. tuggrng at the heartstrrngs ‘.'.'here Bonnery's does not. But as ever. Smith's talented yotrng compam do all the works proud. rKelh,‘ Apterr

Doing the work proud

One year since the King‘s staged The Circle, another classic comedy of manners from the great British playwright and novellist, William Somerset Maugham, is on its way to Edinburgh. Like The Circle, The Constant Wife is a thoughtful and thought-provoking comic drama, but whereas the former play followed an unfaithful wife who leaves her husband, here the action involves a cuckholded wife deciding to stay with her husband but, crucially, on her terms.

Seen recently at the King‘s in Bill Kenwright's productions of The Ideal Husband and The Importance of Being Earnest, Liza Goddard plays Constance, the devoted wife who decides what’s good for the gander is just as good for the goose. Dashing Michael Praed of Robin Hood and Dynasty fame plays her dumbfounded husband, John, while Sara Crowe once again takes the role of the woman who comes between them. Having played the flirtatious Marie Louise in Edward Hall’s enormously

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successful West End production of '1 - -

The Constant Wife last year, Crowe TONIGHT

. . . THERE’S GOING rs proud to reprise the part in Mark To B Piper‘s touring production. ‘I enjoyed it a great deal last time and it‘s lovely touring because :1'~ 1" ~ 1’1 :"'. being in a different place every .1 ~ ' : . ~ ~ week keeps it fresh.‘ " .' 2' - .. '

Not that the play needs a change n " -- . of venue to keep its vibrancy. .- y ' ~ -‘ - Arguably the funniest and most _.- .' . intriguing of Somerset Maugham‘s ; : ' w; ' t." : pointed comedies, The Constant .- '. '~ ' r _= . :'- Wife breaks down barriers of time 1 -. :7 and is as wickedly observant of the ' ' hypocritical attitudes of today as " :a .r f. » when it first shocked audiences in 1- r' -4 r, t ' 1926. 'Everybody who comes to " -v ~ r r: r see this can relate to it in some r . ' ' . i v way or another.‘ explains Crowe. " .v m r w :r ’_' ‘Not that everyone‘s had an affair " :' :'~ raw ,r : orhadapartnerwho‘shadan ' 11".. "f affair, but the comments about " .4 ~- ' "' '. men and women and their attitudes wit. r .r. to people having affairs and also the difference between love and z w -- .. .r .r being in love - everyone can relate : '- r' .r 'r. r lit 1" to that on some level.‘ .r? w- "‘.:.-.I .rmi (Catherine Bromley) . t rm.‘ :r an i


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